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Prabhu's POV

"Wake up birthday baby!"

My vixen woke me up with a bright smile.

I smiled and pulled her to a hug which she returned happily. I did my morning exercises, freshened up and went to the living room. Vidhu came from the kitchen with a cup of coffee. My parents, Janu's parents and my Thatha called me to wish and bless me. We got ready and went to the temple. They prepared delicious 'Adai dosai' for breakfast. And I took the same for lunch as it was my favourite.

I silently watched Janu searching for the bike key. I added a keychain to it and kept it in the key stand.

"Where did you keep the bike key, mama?"

She asked me in a hurry.

"Hey, have you checked the key stand?"

I told her while fixing my shirt. I mentally started counting one... two... thr...

The door burst open and she showed the key to me. I innocently nodded my head 'What'. She raised her eyebrow and pulled my collar to smash her lips on mine... Mmm... If I would get a kiss for small presents, then I would daily give them to her. It was a small key chain with the words 'Drive safe beautiful. I need you here with me'. I saw them in the nearby shop and Janu face flashed before me. So I bought it as she would be using the bike from today.

"Thank you soooooooo much, mama. This is very beautiful."

She pulled away panting. I traced her swollen lower lip with my thumb and nodded. My beautiful vixen!

"Janu, it's getting late. Please continue your romance in the evening. Now hurry up!"

Vidhu's annoyed words brought us back to the reality and she waved her hands rushed out. I too started to the office in a few minutes.

Combined POV / Both of their view

(A/N: Coz it would help us to skip Janu's view in another chapter.)

Prabhu can't concentrate on his work as his mind was revolving around his vixen. He wanted to go home early but he couldn't even type a single letter. His hand sub-consciously touched the chain that his vixen presented and he smiled like a crazy man. He didn't even notice his colleague's staring at him, few with understanding and other in confusion.

Janu dropped Vidhu and went home. She just has to relax. She needs to make the arrangement before he comes and she has a lot of time for that. She googled to get few tips for the night but it made her blush hard and few facts horrified her. So she shut her laptop and decided to groom herself. She finished her face mask, waxing and other things by afternoon. Then she prepared her dresses and matching accessories and also the dress she wants him to wear. After sitting and rehearsing everything in her mind, she called Akash to check whether he remembers the help she asked. And he promised to do as she requested. She happily went to prepare things for their dinner.

~ Time: 6.15 PM ~

Prabhu was cursing Akash for making him stay late on his birthday as his curiosity for his vixen's surprise reached its peak and he couldn't wait anymore. But Akash needs to submit this report by tomorrow and he couldn't complete it as he would be arriving only by tomorrow.

Janu arranged their room and locked it from outside. She already took his spare key for their room in morning precautiously. She knew he would be coming anytime soon. She asked Akash to delay his arrival to avoid him using the room so her plan would work out perfectly.

Finally, Prabhu finished his work and drove back home. He knocked on the door waiting for his vixen. She took a few deep breaths and sent a quick prayer to God before opening the door with a bright smile that matched with her bright green anarkali. He stood there mesmerised on seeing his very beautiful vixen. She opened the door wide with a mental pat on his reaction as her hard work didn't go unnoticed. He walked inside but stood there to admire her. She came near him and planted a small kiss on his cheeks.

"You look so beautiful, darling!"

He said spellbound. She smiled with a blush and told him

"Use the guest room, mama. There seems some blockage in our bathroom. I have kept you some dresses there. Hurry up! I have cooked all your favourite dishes. Let's eat it while they are hot."

His mind commented that she is hot too but he controlled his tongue to slip the comment past his lips and did as she said. He found a black shirt and blue jeans on the bed with inner garments. He took a quick shower and threw the dresses, and quickly fixed himself before going out. She was feeding Twinkle and smiled on seeing his handsome figure.

'Black looks so good on him' She mentally commented and lead him to the dining table. He found her made his favourite Kuzhi paniyaram, Ragi idiyappam and Aval upma with coconut chutney and onion chutney.

There is pitcher full of iced watermelon juice. She cooked light food as she didn't want to take any risk with heavy food.

"Let's eat, handsome"

She said and made him sit.

He chuckled at the mention of 'handsome'. She sat next to him and fed him. He felt so emotional from so much of care he was receiving from her. He made sure to make her eat while feeding him. On the other hand, her mind was putting so many images that she didn't want to think at the moment but her anticipation was growing inside her. She touched him more at every possible moment and he enjoyed that with an internal smile.

After dinner, she did dishes while he waited in the living room. She found him deep in his thoughts. So she sat next to him and nudged his shoulder with hers. He turned towards her with a loving smile.

"Thank you very much, darling. I am feeling so happy. You made this birthday so special."

He said genuinely but Janu's corrupted mind sighed at the thought of what would be his reaction on seeing her ultimate gift. She leaned and pecked his lips with a dreamy smile.

"Wait here! I will be back, mama."

She said in a calm tone and went to the guest room. He started losing patience after ten minutes. His phone let out a 'ping' notifying he had some message. He pulled his mobile with little annoyance and found a message from his vixen

'Check the dining table. Our room key would be there in the fruit basket. Go and wait there. I will be there in a few minutes.'

He was so confused why their room was locked and why she kept the key there and above all what the hell she was doing alone in that damn room. But he complied with her.

He went to the kitchen and found the key along with a note saying '

at their fusion with lust yet gritting her teeth and tears are flowing. She didn't want to stop him.

He leaned forward and slowly kissed her tears and planted a sweet kiss on her lips. She immediately responded to him to divert her mind from the sharp pain in her lower region. When he noticed her body relaxing and after confirming her full attention was on their kiss, he made one forceful thrust and entered halfway into her. She yelped in pain and gripped his shoulders tightly also accidentally bit his lip in the sudden pain. He stayed still to make her adjust to his size and to the pain of losing her innocence subsidize.

She nibbled his bleeding lips with a sorry face. He smiled reassuringly and massaged her breasts. He felts her inner walls relaxing around his length. He started sucking her sweet spots near her neck. She moaned out and moved her hip signalling him to resume his work. There was the hell of a pain in her abdomen but her hormones stimulating her to continue. He slowly thrust into her, watching her reaction turning from pain into pleasure with every slow thrust. He controlled himself from doing anything hard and fast as it might hurt his vixen more. Yet he is experiencing this new heavenly feel which was making him go insane. He buried his face on her neck and kept his pace even.

She could never expect the more perfect way to lose her virginity. He is the epitome of perfection. She knew he is controlling hard to keep the pace slow. The pain slowly faded and replaced by a warm ecstatic sensation. The way he moving inside her, left her wanting more. The way he is taking care of her, making her mind see stars. She started moaning for his 'mama' to give more.

His pace slowly gained speed and he moved back to kneeling position to move deeper inside his vixen. The look on her face motivated him to give her more pleasure. He changed his angle in the eagerness to find her g-spot. After a few tries, she let out a strangled moan making him smile at his victory. He targeted her spot making her crush the bed sheet in her hands more. He is holding back his release as his vixen's inner walls tightened around his length making him just wanted to explode. But he is not going to let that happen before he gives her a good orgasm. He paused his thrusting and his mouth captured her hardened nipple and sucked them while his finger started rubbing her clitoris. Soon she started shouting 'mama' as the foreign feeling is clouding her mind and her body is in pure bliss.

He instantly responded by thrusting his hips riding her orgasm making it prolong painfully delicious. The sensation of her tightness crushing him made it very hard for him as he quickened his pace and hit her g-spot repeatedly. Another orgasm made its way down her. She crossed her legs over his back and hugged his neck tightly. He couldn't hold back anymore. His body seems out of his control as he shoved into her faster and subconsciously bit her chin while he filled her with his release. His hot release stimulated her sensitive bundles and she orgasmed along with him made her mind took her to a different world.

They were totally spent. He withdrew himself out and looked at their combined fluids flowing out of her along with the sign of her innocence taken away. He smiled satisfied and looked at his vixen reflecting the same but more exhausted from her chain of orgasms. Words not required as they both knew how they made each other feel.

He picked her up and made his way toward the bathroom to clean them. He came out first and removed the sheets and replaced it with a new one and made their bed ready. Also threw a sweat pant before helping his vixen to their bed. He went to the kitchen to fetch something drink as both of their throats were tired out with their moaning and grunting. She changed into a nightie as she didn't have much energy to find clothes. She smiled at him and thanked him for his care and gulped the cold juice. They lay down in silence.

"Thank you very much, darling. That was the most precious gift, I would ever receive in my life. And also thank you for trusting me to completely giving yourself to me."

He whispered into her ear. She blushed and snuggled closer to him. Soon the doors of dreamland welcomed them blissfully.

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