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Prabhu's POV

I was never so excited about my birthday like this year. I can't wait to see the surprise my wife has been planning. Damn! My little vixen! It's so hard to control myself with her being so innocent and sexy at the same time. I couldn't keep my hands off her and the beauty of it is, she too likes it. She would respond to me instantly for my initiatives.

I still wonder how I controlled myself when I saw her almost half naked. My brain thankfully advised me to hook her bra as the last string of my self-control was oscillating in its balance. But I couldn't help to kiss her beautifully smooth skin. But she stopped me right before I cross the border. I felt a little disappointed yet I could understand her and she did the right thing. Those two days were beautiful as we grew closer with the help of nature offering us a perfectly romantic climate.

I planned to do something for the one-month anniversary but she got her periods before the day. She thought I didn't know but I found it from her behaviour. She looked so exhausted and was hugging her stomach often. I indirectly helped her with households without making her suspicious as she wasn't comfortable yet to share that matter with me. But it earned me a few kisses on my cheeks from her as a token of her gratitude.

After her classes started, an idea popped up in my mind on seeing her using buses to go to her classes. So I asked my friend to bring the bike who visits here every week to place order for his business. I didn't have much work that day. I took off after attending an important meeting which I couldn't avoid. When I found her walking towards the bus stop, she was so much into her own world and didn't even notice me clearing my throat. So I pressed honk ignoring few elder people's glares. Why people judge so quickly? They might think that I was some immature teen trying to grab the attention of a girl. But I am trying to get my wife's attention!

I expected her to be happy about seeing me all of sudden but she was surprised at seeing my bike. Anyway, I was so happy on seeing her childlike happy face. She drives with love and she would look like a pro. She has her style to bend the bike in turnings, passing in between two vehicles with ease and she loves to drive faster. Man! She looks damn hot while driving. And her scent is driving me crazy. I didn't miss any chance to touch her as I glued to her while driving. She was too focused on driving but my focus was on the reflection of her in the mirror. Her contented face makes a smile grew on my face. God! What is she doing to me!!!

I was so annoyed when she started questioning me at the juice shop. But she knew how to make me relax. I knew the strange looks as not many women drive bike also not many men feel okay to sit behind a woman. Even my friends teased me for riding on her behind when I started teaching her bike driving. But 'a real male won't cower to encourage a woman's potential and he would treat her equal'.

My anger reached its peak when those bastards commented on my wife. I wanted to beat them to hell and back but she didn't want me to fight. I was too frustrated to simply leave them but what she did next was epic. Their eyeball almost popped out of their sockets. I burst into laughter also amused by my vixen's behaviour. I realised that I still need to know her more. Also, I realised that just because she was behaving like a homely woman doesn't mean she didn't know these type of things. I puffed my chest in pride. My vixen has her backbone and she knew to manage situations.

I can't resist myself as I pulled her to a kiss in the lift. I love to see how she would completely involve herself in the kiss, forgetting everything. She didn't even seem to listen to the little 'ding' sound of lift as she waited for a few seconds to regain her senses before opening her eyes and searching for me. Damn her cuteness! She glared at me on seeing the old man entering the lift. But her glare made her look super sexy! Argh! My hormones are all over the place.

I scooped up her as soon as we entered the home and quickly entered my room while she squirmed in my arms. I dropped her on the bed and hovered above her. She looked annoyed as she started hitting me. I stopped her and she questioned why I kissed her in the lift. I just wanted to kiss her senseless to make her forget everything. But I decided against it and teased her. She turned pink and tried to kiss me. I teased her a little more. She got irritated with my teasing and turned around.

I looked at her in awe. She just got angry because I didn't let her kiss me. I wanted to shout 'I love you romba neraiya di my dear pondati' (I love you so much my dear wife), but I didn't want to scare her or make her confused by saying my love for her. So I planted a noisy kiss on her neck which gave me an instant impact of goosebump all over her exposed skin.

I grinned on my effect on her. I turned her and started kissing her. I knew this would lead us to a good makeout session but I never expected my vixen to give me a release. I was disappointed as she still hesitates to show her beauty to me. But my mind went blank when she sat on my 'excited' manhood. When she moved her hip irrespective of my warning, I lost there. She paused before rubbing herself over me making me go crazy. She moved her hips like an expert and half the way I joined her in action with her. My grip on her thigh tightened when I realised I was so close.

I suddenly had the urge to kiss her. And I did. But she whined when I moved and dipped herself in between my legs to get an ideal position and resumed grinding her hips. I wanted to do so many things to her. But I am afraid to touch her as she just now declined to remove her bra. I wanted to stimulate her release. So I left her lips and started nibbling her sweet spots. It was a mindblowing experience. I doubted whether she had her release even though her hold on my shoulder is painfully tight. But I knew she did when I moved my hip for a final touch and she moved away quickly with a gasp showing she might be sensitive after her orgasm. I looked at her face. Her tilted head with tightly closed eyes and slightly parted lips told me everything.

"Janu..." She opened her eyes with uneven breaths. I smiled at her and she responded to me with a shy smile. She buried her face into my neck shyly. God! Why are you testing my patience? How can I stay away from her? I want her so badly. All of her! But I can't advance any move without knowing whether she was ready. I should be grateful for her to help me with my release.

"Thank you, darling. That was so... incredible." I whispered into her ears and rubbed her lower back in a circular motion as she seems embarrassed for taking lead. She pulled away and muttered

"We need to clean up"

I nodded and hide my smirk and released her body from my hold.

We ate lunch and discussed a few things while enjoying our time together. I was super excited to know about her surprise. I texted Akash and Vidhu to find some hint but they seem more clueless than me and they bickered to let them know about it after I receive my gift. And I was so excited for tomorrow. I parked my car and entered the lift.

I used my keys to open the apartment at the thought of getting some clue regarding my surprise. So I walked into the home without making any sound and heard noises from the kitchen. I peeked into the kitchen and found my vixen sauteing something. I sneakily went behind her and pulled her into

ould have been totally different. I sighed at the thought. And my mind was now eagerly expecting my vixen's gift.

I closed my eyes as soon as I heard some sound outside the door. I woke up and rubbed my eyes as if I just wake up. I looked at both of them smiling at me. I waited for them to wish me but they shared a look and Janu pulled a hanky from her pocket and asked me to close my eyes. Woah! What are they planning? I sat still till they are satisfied with their work. Then they lead me somewhere and with the sound of 'ding' I could tell they are kidnapping me outside the home but I couldn't guess up or down. They asked me to climb a few steps conforming they are leading me to the terrace.

They started counting from ten to one, they removed my blindfold shouting 'happy birthday'. I blinked a few seconds to adjust my vision. I looked around and found candles lit around a small space of terrace and there was a table with the cake. The entire place is so silent and the sky is so dark from being a new moon tonight. And their candles were shining along with the stars making the sight look so amazing. I grinned at them and thanked them for their efforts. Vidhu dramatically bowed and show me to lead the way. I made my way toward the table and found a purple paradise there. I mean there was glossy purple sauce above the white frosting. And 'HBD Prabhu' was written in chocolate. Janu quickly lit the candles.

"Make a wish, mama" She said while I bent to blow the candle. I smiled and closed my eyes.

'Thank you very much for giving me a wonderful family, God. Bless us to be healthy, happy and together until our last breath.'

I was contented with my wish and bend to blow the candle but a whiff of sudden air blew it before me. I don't believe much in omens. But right now, I felt my heart heavy as if God is trying to tell me something about the wish I made.

On seeing my frown, they cheered me up by telling that this was the disadvantage of celebrating on the terrace and now they were covering the sides of the candle, not allowing air. I smiled at their behaviour and blew it. Now the toughest task. Whom should I feed first? Usually, I will give it to Vidhu. But now I wanted to give it to Janu. I cut it with the internal battle but Janu suddenly moved away taking her phone from pant pocket to capture the moment. I looked at her in little disappointment. But she nodded her head 'no' as if she could read my mind. I couldn't help but smile.

"Pha...! Janu, I really appreciate you. But shut up and come here and get the first bite. I'm not stupid to come between love birds."

Vidhu stated smugly.

"I am not going to change our usual routine."

Janu replied with a smirk.

"If you two want to fight all night, I don't have a problem to eat this cake all alone. It looks so delicious. Yummm!"

I knew I hit their weak point!

Vidhu now opened her mouth. I fed her and she fed me back. The cake is indeed great. I turned towards Janu and she came near me and cut a piece to feed me. I fed her back but my vixen bit my fingers. We sat there a few minutes eating a good portion of the cake. Vidhu mentioned its a black forest cake topped with blackcurrant sauce. I thanked them for their selection of yummy cake.

Vidhu gifted me a deep blue formal shirt and an Amazon gift card for two thousand. I instantly loved it as it was a new colour for my collection. I have a few blue shirts but not this shade. I hugged her and thanked her for the gifts.

I turned towards my vixen and found her biting her lips. Then she extended her hand with a rectangular gift.

I opened it eagerly and found it was a gold chain with my first letter 'P' as the pendant. It was so beautiful. The cursive letter almost curved and forming... 'J'? I quickly looked at her suspiciously as I couldn't point out whether it's a coincidence or my vixen did it purposely. Her half smirking smile made it clear that she knew that I found the inner message of the gift.

I showed it to Vidhu and she is too smart to exclaim.

"Wow! Janu, you made a single pendant showing both of your names' first letter"

Janu didn't say anything but smiled.

We cleaned the area and carried everything back home. Vidhu bid bye and went to sleep. My vixen's gift means so much to me. She has given so many gifts but this is so special for me. She had the thought of showing our bonding in a pendant. It's a heart touching sentimental gift.

I hugged her tightly and kissed her head.

"That was one amazing present, darling. I loved it"

Her eyes shone in happiness. She cupped my cheeks and kissed my forehead.

"Wait until you get my surprise!"

She said with a mischievous smile.

"Wait! Is that mean there is more?"

She laughed and nodded her head. But quickly her face turned serious.

"Let's go to sleep. We have to wake up early to go to the temple."

I nodded and we went to bed. She rested her head over my chest circling her hand over my torso. I drifted off to sleep with a contented heart.

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