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Prabhu's POV

"Blah-blah-blah... Wait a sec! Do you still love her?!?"

"WHAT? I never did! (deep breath) Thankfully, we didn't reach that stage."

"Then why the hell you are arguing to spend the bloody valentines' day with Jaans. You know what, she deserves your love more than that woman who cheated on you. But you are telling me that you didn't move on from past yet. I agree you had some feeling towards Nandhini thinking that she was going to be your wife. But Nandhini proved that she doesn't deserve anything. Then, why are you wasting your time revolving around her? The past won't leave you unless you take some steps forward. Take Jaans somewhere and spend some good time with her."


"Is that what you would answer after my long lecture? Have you lost your mind? What is your problem, Prabhu?"

"Leave me alone Akash."

"Nah! Tell me what the hell is bothering your 'little' brain? You are getting on my nerves."

Damn! Why can't he just leave me alone? I let out a deep breath

"First I want to know what is in her mind, Akash. I don't want another rejection."

Akash eyes softened and he placed his hand on my shoulder reassuringly.

"So the move-on is just a cover for your insecurity."

"Yeah! I shared my sincere affection and trust with Nandhini but she left me broken and I don't even know the reason. How could she do this to me? Why did she act like that? I don't know whether I will get answers for that. But Janu was forced to marry me. I don't know what is in her mind and I am afraid to know.

I knew she likes me, but love? It is a big term Akash. There are people living as husband and wife with understanding and care out there. But love is a magical bonding like our parents had. They still can't stay away from each other even for a single day. They need each other like oxygen. I want to cherish her and make her feel loved. But I don't know how to do it. There are little sparks here and there between us, but it will take time for that sparks to develop into love. Until then, I am going to wait."

"Hey idiot, if you want to ignite the fire, you can't just simply sit idly. You have to work through it. And that is what I am telling. Take Jaans somewhere and spend some more time with her. You don't have to do romantic things, just make her feel comfortable."

"Fine. I will ask her about the outing tonight."

I sighed in defeat. There is no way I could win him over an argument when he is 100 per cent correct. His mobile vibrated on the desk in front of me displaying 'JAANS'. He answered the call. His eyes brightened and smiled widely. I looked at him curiously.

"You don't need to tell twice, Jaans. I will be there. I was expecting your best Jaans."


"Promise, I will inform my mom before coming there. Byee"

He was so happy. From his short conversation, I could tell, she invited him home. But why? Akash instantly called his mom before I could ask any details.

"Hi, mom. I called you to tell that I am having a sleepover at Prabhu's home tonight."


"Okay, mom. Bye."

What? Sleepover? Really?

I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Machan! Janu promised to cook biriyani and fish fry tonight da."

Now I understand why he is beaming in happiness. He ran off to finish his work earlier.

Biriyani is bliss!



We are welcomed with a heavenly aroma of biriyani even before entering the home. I am surprised to see Vidhu as she didn't tell me that she is coming. I gave control to my nose as it dragged me to Kitchen and Akash was already there while I was catching up with Vidhu. Janu is applying the seasoning on fish while the cooker in the stove is spreading the mouth-watering aroma. She passed me a knowing smile and pushed us out to get freshen up.

I came out to see all three sitting in the living room sofa and sipping their coffee. I joined them. After a few whistles from cooker, Janu went inside to switch off the stove. Then soon the aroma of fish fry filled the home.

As we are roaming in front of the kitchen like the spellbound kitten, she sent us out to buy some beverages. And while we almost reached the apartment she called me and asked to get some betel leaves and pistachio flavoured ice-cream. Betel leaves are okay but I don't know why that damn ice-cream is so important now, because I have to go all the way back to the main road to get that ice cream. I dragged Akash along with me as I am a sincere follower of 'Yaan petra inbam peruga ivvaiyagame' (I wanted the whole world to enjoy, what I am enjoying). That saying will give the reverse meaning if we read it sarcastically. He cursed me all the way but accompanied me.

Vidhu suggested us to dine on the terrace. We all agreed as it's been a while since we ate 'Nila-soru' (Moonlight dinner). After the excruciating wait, we are on the way to the terrace. Akash is carrying water bottles and cold sprite, Vidhu is carrying the cooker, Janu had fish fry and spoons and spatula and I took plates and glasses.

Surprisingly, the terrace is empty, and we placed everything in the middle and sat in a circular formation. I sat between Akash and Vidhu and opposite to Janu. The terrace would always be clean, so we didn't need the blanket. The full moon is due in five days, so the half-moon is generously providing the necessary lighting. Janu then served us the food and we dig-in as soon as we received our plates. Throw your manners in the trash.


I was felt like melting from the first bite as everything was in perfect combination and the taste is great. The rice and chicken cooked in perfect consistency and the spices were added at the right amount. The fish fry is little over-spicy but the taste is sooo good to notice that.

Thank God! She cooked more quantity, knowing that we all would eat twice if it comes to non-veg. The chill breeze added beauty to our dinner. Janu had been checking everyone often if we need anything. That's so sweet of her. After three plates, half-heartedly I decided to stop stuffing any more. Everyone was sitting with an empty plate like 'full belly bears'.

I mentally noted to run an extra few laps tomorrow. We all washed our plates in the tap at the corner of the terrace and decided to spend some more time here.

I helped Janu to take the dishes back inside. She took a plastic box from the freezer, I raised an eyebrow questioning what it was. But she signalled me to wait. Then, we joined Vidhu and Akash who were settled against the wall, leaning comfortably. Janu sat between them and opened the box with a 'Twon-tua-dain'.

WOW! She made 'sweet beeda'(also popularly known as 'sweet paan')

[Sweet beeda or Sweet Paan is made of little quantity of dry fruits, betel nut, cashew, pista, gulkand, fennel seeds, little cardamom stuffed inside the edible lime and honey coated betel leaves.]

"Jaans! You are really an angel sent for us directly from heaven you know"

No doubt, that's Akash. And Vidhu agreed too. I chuckled and took a chilled piece and put it into my mouth.


She added little ice-cream along with other stuffings and it matched with the taste soooooo well. I signalled her a superb and took another one. Soon the box turned empty while we chatted about random things.

"Guys lets play something"

My little sister initiated the idea.

"What do we play?"

Janu looked at all of us in excitement.


as we reached our destination. If you hadn't guessed yet, I brought her to a Pet adoption centre. I was so happy to see her excitement and happiness. I nodded my head.

"Wait! Are we here to see them or shall we get one? Please tell we can adopt a little buddy! Please! Please!"

How can I deny my wife's first wish? This is the first time after marriage she asked me to get her something.

"Yes, we are going to take a little buddy home. But only one. We will think about another one later." I said in a strict tone. But she started sobbing and pulled me into a hug. I stiffened yet stroked her hair in understanding. Her love for a pet is way more than I expected.

"Let's go inside, Janu!" She quickly pulled away and hopped out of the car and started making her way inside. I joined her and she is already enquiring about which way to go to see dogs.

I remember she used to befriend every pet dogs in our street and even some stray dogs will follow her till home because she will give them food wherever possible which was against our parent's approval. She never cared about our parent's opinion when it comes to dogs. She will easily befriend a street dog without much effort. On the other hand, I am little afraid of big dogs. Now the puppy we are going to adopt will help me get used to it and when it grew bigger, I won't feel uncomfortable.

An assistant leads us to a garden like an area. I hope they tied every dog. She saw every puppy in complete awe and now she was confused to select one as she loves every puppy here.

Out of nowhere, suddenly a Pomeranian dog ran towards us. I got panicked and before I could warn Janu, the dog came to halt in front of her. I watched the scene in horror. God! I couldn't see her getting hurt, so I took a step forward but it barred its teeth making me froze. Janu looked at my state and laughed. She had the nerve to laugh. Soon a man ran panting from the same direction as the dog and asked us to be cautious as he is little ferocious for a Pomeranian breed. That's it! Our parents are going to kill me after knowing how I put their dear daughter in danger.

Janu whistled at the dog catching its attention. It growled but looked at her for any threat from her. She snapped at fingers and called it to come near her. Has she lost her mind!

"Janu, no!" I said loudly but the dog barred his teeth in my direction again like telling me to shut up, I felt so restless.

She again called him with a smile. He took assessing steps before sitting near her. She patted his head with 'Good puppy'.

I looked at her in disbelief.

Woah! How did she do that?

"Seriously Janu! Does he look like a puppy?"

I asked annoyed. He growled but she hugged him and sat down placing him in on her lap. I looked around to see whether I am the only one to think like this and found those two staffs looking at her amused. The dog let out a sigh and kept his head over her lap and laid silently.

"This is actually 5 months puppy sir."

A staff who brought us here broke the silence. On seeing my suspicious look, he smiled and said

"He has a healthy appetite that's why he looks little big"

I mentally underlined the world little. He is nowhere near little. He looks like a grown-up dog, not a puppy.

"Mama, shall we take him home? Please!"

I wanted to say no. But I couldn't deny. We did the paper works and bought a few necessary things for him. She sat on the back seat with her puppy.

Damn it! I brought her here to reduce the distance between us but that stupid dog separated her from me. She sat next to me while coming here but now she moved to back seat for him. But the happiness on her face is all I wanted. She is sitting there like she had won the world cup.

God! Why I am even jealous of a dog?

We reached home, me being silent and she petted the dog with all endearments in the world.

She put the leash on his neck as soon as we reached the apartment. He smelled the surroundings and started barking as soon as we entered the home on seeing Vidhu. Vidhu neither loves pet nor hates it. She looked at us stunned to see the new addition to the family.

"Amma will kill you two if she knows about it"

Janu grinned and patted him and went near Vidhu after warning her to stand still. He sniffed her and sat near her legs like a cute innocent dog. Vidhu instantly liked him and both of them started petting him.

Laughter filled the home, making my heart swell. Nothing could make you feel content like seeing the happiness of your loved ones. They two were playing with him without caring for the world. I started liking that pup. Also, I am happy that my wife loves my valentines' day present.

I didn't reply to her by words in the morning but did it by my action now. I have been trying to stop myself from falling for you for a long period of time Mrs.Janaki. Now I don't have to stop myself anymore! I smiled at that thought and entered the kitchen to make dinner.

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