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Hi friends, This chapter will contain a major part recap of the last chapter in Janu's POV.

Enjoy reading!

Janaki's POV

Unnale Ennalum En Jeevan Vaazhudhe!

Sollamal Un Swasam En Moochil Seruthe...

Un Kaigal Korkum Oor Nodi

En Kangal Ooram Neer Thuli

Un Maarbil Saaindhu Saaga Thonudhe...

[Thanks to you, every day my heart beats anew!

Your breath without announcing merges with mine affirming...

The second your hands' clasp mine

Tears in the alcove of my eyes align

I want to die with my head rest on your chest]

I am sitting on my bed watching YouTube. I have watched this song many times. Yet I am watching it in aweeee. Even though the couple had a sad ending in the movie, this song is so... Perfect. The song portrays pure love and deep care of two hearts, the magical bonding between those two families and above all, their cute little bundle of happiness.

Every women's dream life it is!

I sighed with a sad smile with the thoughts of my life. My life was good before my marriage. But I could not figure out what I am doing with my life now! I was so relieved when he told me that he is not into divorce and actually trying to move on. Is it possible for us to lead a normal life as a couple? I gulped. As a couple? My lips curled up. Why not!

My mind replayed the afternoon incident.

Athai asked me to call him for lunch. I found his room empty and no sign of any sound from the bathroom. I waited for a few minutes then my patience flew away. I knocked on his bathroom door. I heard some shuffling sound. I am not in the mood to face him as I am still annoyed by his earlier behaviour. So turned around before he opens the door. I plainly stated

"Athai called you for lunch"

I waited for a whole minute for his response but I didn't get any. I highly doubt now, whether he heard me or not. If he heard why didn't he reply? I turned around but much to my surprise he is just covering his waist with just towel and nothing else. This is the second time I am seeing him in this state in the past fifteen days. I turned around quickly not in the mood for his free show. But that thought itself enough to make my face heat up. I heard him opening the shelf and he spoke

"When did they come? Why didn't you tell they are here?"

Now he is asking! I only knew how much times I tried calling him. Ufff...

Will husbands always be annoying?

"I didn't know they are coming. And before I could tell you about them, you disconnected the call and your mobile was switched off."

I replied in normal tone masking my annoyance. Then only he took his phone and switched it on. He then smiled at me but I looked away.

How can you expect me to return the smile, after spoiling my happiness? I gritted my teeth but all my bottled up emotions returned at once and I couldn't control myself.

"Janu, are you okay?"


I didn't reply to him. I didn't realize him coming near me until he stood in front of me and tilted my head to make me look at him. His eyes were showing so much concern. But who wants his damn concern! He cupped my face and wiped my tears with his thumb, then only I realised that I was crying. He looked into my eyes and was trying to figure out what is wrong! Very good! Does he even remember what he did?

"What happened Janu?"

His voice was laced with genuine concern. My anger vanished into thin air and sadness seeped into my heart. This is the only chance I could get.

Just ask!

I pressed his hands against my cheeks & took his hands in mine, holding it tighter. His touch is somewhat calming me and giving enough courage. I calmed myself more with a deep breath.

"I know mama, it's been just two weeks since we got married and I know you need some time to clear everything..."

I paused and looked at his eyes. I was surprised that my voice is so calm and composed, unlike my heart. He inhaled a deep breath. Good! He knew what I am going to ask. I continued with more courage.

"I just want answers for my few questions mama. We can discuss everything slowly but I need to know a few things, so I could make decisions accordingly for my studies."

He simply nodded.

Be brave!

He gave you a golden opportunity to get some answers. If he is not ready to move on, I am planning to do my articleship in another state. So the distance wouldn't affect me much like his presence does now.

Distance will be painful but being close to him physically and mentally being at different poles is worst.

Then we will get used to the distance and we can just live together for the rest of our life for our family sake. But is he even ready to stay with me for the rest of his life?

Ask him clearly Janu! Ask him!

"I knew you are just seeing me as your cousin and.. and nothing else. Do you think you could move on or not? If you are not sure about that, tell me whether our relationship, I mean, whether our marriage is going to be a long-term one... or-r... are you planning for div... umm.. something else? I will agree

ction. His eyes shot open and I laughed at him before sticking my tongue out.

I went out with a laugh but stilled on all five pairs of eyes looking at me with half-weird and half-curious expression. Oh, Vidhu is up! But thank god she is still sleepy, else she might make me die in embarrassment. I lowered my head and went to my room to avoid any enquiry.

I came out only after confirming that he went office. In the meantime, I replayed the video many times to find any clue about his dream but other than him hugging the pillow tightly, nothing I could get. I don't even want to replace myself in the place of the pillow. But I realised that, by repeating myself not to think like that, I already pictured it several times. I'm going crazy...! That's it.

Our parents started around 11 AM as they have work to do back at home. I went to temple as usual and came back by 5 PM. And I noticed his message in my mobile stating he will be late and asked me to eat and sleep without waiting for him.



It's been five days since the results. Vidhu came here to stay for a few days and her reason was that she missed me very much. But I exactly knew her intention. She wants to celebrate the valentines day with Ajay, which happened to be tomorrow. As this is their first year, Ajay took off for his office and they planned their day out. She came here a day before to avoid unnecessary suspicions. Smart ass!

"God! Woman! Didn't you hear anything! I don't want to buy anything. How can you tell me to get a gift for your anna when you have full knowledge about our relationship? It would make everything more awkward. Just finish your purchase and let's get going. I have to cook dinner for your anna. "

It was my biggest mistake to accept to go shopping with my crazy cousin. She has been bickering me to buy something for her anna.

"Yeah! I know... I know... But it's your FIRST valentines day after the wedding. I don't want you to regret it later for not doing anything and you can't reverse time to celebrate it again. Here, I am doing a big favour. So shut your mouth and pick something romantic for him. Also, I don't want my cousin to stand stupidly if my anna gives her some gift. What will you do then?"

"Yeah right... Like it would be his first priority! He already has lots of things to deal with, Vidhu. I highly doubt even if he remembers that valentines day happened to be on the 14th of February. So hurry up and let's go home, please. "

I replied sarcastically and I am losing my patience with her.

"Nah! At least for my satisfaction, buy something."

I sighed in defeat. She decided to get a formal shirt and a wristwatch for Ajay. They can't create any doubt in families by giving something romantic, which could reveal their love.

If only we had some normal relationship, I would have definitely done something memorable. But I can't risk hurting his wound more by giving some romantic gifts.

Maybe I could get something like Vidhu and I would give him some other day. She started arguing but I threatened that I won't buy anything, which efficiently shut her mouth.

I decided to get him a wristwatch and headphones. That might be definitely useful for him instead of some gifts that would idly sit in the living room showcase.

Let's see how my day would be tomorrow!

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