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Prabhu's POV

Even after 30 minutes of 'cold' shower, still I am standing in front of my bathroom mirror, cursing and face-palming myself for the 'stunt' I pulled earlier. ARGH! Even though I am cursing myself, a big grin is still plastered on my face and my heart is thumping in an erratic rate.

God! That woman!


The memory of her scent is still making my senses go crazy. It's been a while since we hugged each other. Her body is so soft, lovely and delicate. I don't aware of her effect on me till then. Now I know! (Smile!) And I should certainly keep up some decent distance away from her. Otherwise, I would end up doing something which might hurt her. I was so happy and that happiness blinded all my senses. Yesterday she had worried about passing but got 'God damn rank'. And it's not easy to get rank in CA exams.

The big mistake is my hold loosened after realizing our parent's presence and to maintain the balance, I had to press her onto me, more likely hugged her. I thought she would push me and run away but surprisingly she leaned on my shoulder in embarrassment. If we had been in isolation, I would have blissfully held her for hours. But the current situation is totally different and from the look given by our parents, they seemed to misunderstand our relationship. Not now! Before they start anything which would make her more uncomfortable, I asked her to move away. We are still living like roommates. But it already looked like we are now living as couples by the 'PDA show' we pulled.

What am I going to do?

I heard someone knocking on my bathroom door. I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist and opened the door.

"Athai called you for lunch"

Janu told me, standing a few steps away from me and showing her back to me. She turned around to look at me as I didn't give her any reply. She looked annoyed. What happened?

But her eyes widened on looking at my bare self and turned around quickly, but her small smile and her pink cheeks didn't go unnoticed. I smiled inwardly and quickly tossed a t-shirt to ease her uncomfortable stance.

"When did they come? Why didn't you tell they are here?"

"I didn't know they are coming. And before I could tell you about them, you disconnected the call and your mobile was switched off."

Damn! I switched on my mobile and glanced at her who is now looking at me. I smiled at her but she looked away. I frowned. Something is definitely wrong.

"Janu, are you okay?"

She didn't reply nor look at me. I slowly walked towards her and turned her to face me. Tears are rolling down her cheeks. I cupped her face and wiped them with my thumb and tilted her chin to make her look at my eyes.

Did our parents tell her anything?

Why is she crying on this happy day?

"What happened Janu?"

She pressed my hands against her cheeks for a few seconds and removed my hands from her cheek and held them tightly with her hands. She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath.

"I know mama, it's been just two weeks since we got married and I know you need some time to clear everything..."

She paused and looked at my eyes and I inhaled a sharp breath as I understood where this conversation is going. She continued.

"I just want answers for my few questions mama. We can discuss everything slowly but I need to know a few things, so I could make decisions accordingly for my studies."

I furrowed my eyebrows and nodded.

"I knew you are just seeing me as your cousin and.. and nothing else. Do you think you could move on or not? If you are not sure about that, tell me whether our relationship, I mean, whether our marriage is going to be a long-term one... or-r are you planning for div... umm.. something else? I will agree and respect your decisions mama. Please, answer me, mama."

I let out a sigh. My mind re-lived from the minute I met Nandhini at temple till I broke down at her betrayal and then Janu, her tears while I tied thaali around her neck, her heart broken face after her mom's slap, her no-complaint days in this apartment.

What do I really want?

How can I answer her? But I shouldn't let her insecurities increase.


and ran out of the room.

I need a very cold shower NOW! Ufff!

My mood is a little grumpy all day as I am very frustrated. Yes, it's me who asked her time to take thing slow. And it's also the same me who wants to kiss her intensely.

Why the hell I dreamt of kissing her?

But I won't blame the dream. It's one of the best dreams I have ever had.

Our parents are leaving today afternoon. I had to go office as I already took more off recently for my wedding. Janu tried to convince Vidhu to stay but she denied telling that she doesn't want to be a third wheel. Janu got disappointed but she covered it with a fake smile. We didn't ask athai or amma to stay because we knew they were like love birds and they never stayed a day away from their husband from my knowledge.

Akash noticed my strange mood and tried to talk to me many times but I avoided him with lame reasons because he won't leave me without knowing the reason and I didn't want to get embarrassed. Yet he cornered me during lunch time.

"Prabhu, you seem not well"

I knew he won't take no as an answer. So I used the common trick.

"Nothing big, Machan. A little headache."

He raised an eyebrow with a knowing look.

"Oh! Really?"

ARGH! This idiot!

"Leave me alone, Akash"

I pleaded him defeated.

"No way! What's bothering you, Machan? You have been barking at everyone, even for small reasons."

"Fine, listen. You are offered with an apple and you politely refused the offer. Later you dreamt of eating it which leads you to crave for that. But you can't get it anytime sooner as you refused it earlier. And that's why I'm like this."

He blinked a few times.

"Janu would have given you a feast, if you had asked, why are you craving for a simple apple?"

He asked me with a confused expression. But if he only knew, how his reply could be related to my original issue.

No! Stop you, dirty mind!

Oh my God! I need some distraction. This is not at all good!

I closed my eyes to calm myself and smiled at him.

"You are genius, Akash"

I said sarcastically, but he raised his collar proudly making me laugh. He walked a few steps and turned around

"But Prabhu, this is the first time you spoke to me about things like this. So I really wanted to help you. As you said, there is a low possibility for you to get any relief sooner. You better try a cold shower and ice packs. There is also some other solution, but I think you'd not prefer that."

He replied smugly with his signature smirk. My eyes widened at his reply. He smiled at me and walked away. God! I couldn't feel more embarrassed. ??????.

I tried to behave normally for the rest of the day at the office.

It's going to be awkward as there would be just two of us tonight at home.

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