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Janaki's POV

Have you ever woke you with the great feeling of having some nice dream but couldn't recollect what happened in the dream?

I'm currently in that state, looking at the ceiling with a big grin and blinking while laying on my bed. I feel so cosy & don't feel like getting up. I turned around yawning and noticed the curtains closed which made me threw away my blanket and I quickly reached for my mobile.

09.43 AM

What the hell!

What happened to my usual 6'o clock alarm?

Where is Prabhu mama?

Why didn't he wake me up?

Is he angry that I slept without being responsible for doing my chores?

Oh my god!

I quickly hopped off my bed and found the door locked and food prepared in the kitchen. Damn! Yesterday I should have slept earlier!

I did my morning routines and changed into a light yellow chudi which have floral designed pant and shawl.

I checked the ICAI website just to ensure they didn't release the result earlier.


There is still a big lump under my windpipe and a heavy feel in my chest like I have swallowed some stone and it got stuck there, yet I am much more confident than yesterday.

That small talk with Prabhu mama last night helped me and I found the reason for the uneasy feel and an unknown fear. I miss my parents! Last night, I pressed the 'call' button sixteen times and ended the call instantly and thirty-four times deleted the text, I typed to send it to my Appa.

They knew how much I love them! Why can't they just call me? They didn't even try to call me once. ARGH!

I finished breakfast remembering the words my parents told me during my foundation results and tried to calm my nerves. Then I settled in the living room with my laptop and a cup of hot coffee? just to get interrupted by the doorbell. I sighed and went to answer the door. As soon as I opened the door, I was tackled to the ground by Vidhu, hugging me and shouting how much she missed me. I laughed and patted her shoulder, asking her to get up. She helped me up and still bouncing with excitement. She doesn't seem like having any fear about the results. I looked towards the door and welcomed my athai and mama with a big grin.

"Vanga athai, Vanga mama"

(Welcome athai and mama)

They paused before entering the door and I looked at the direction where they were focusing and surprised to see my parents standing there. They both were looking so exhausted and my father is having a beard who always preferred clean shave and my amma is also looking so dull. God! My ego is no longer holding my emotions to reaching its peak and I couldn't think straight. I rushed towards them with tears and engulfed both of them in a hug. They happily returned my hug and kissed my cheeks.

"Enaku yean pa call kuda panala?"

(Why you didn't even call me appa?)

"Sorry, chellam. Nee kovama irupa nu call panala. Aana epavum unna thaan chellam nenachitu irundhom nanga. Pazhaselam vidu, adhan ipa vandhutome ma. Ini appa epavm pola daily unta peasren. Promise."

(Sorry dear. We know you are angry with us, that's why we didn't call you. But we have been always thinking about you dear. Leave the past, We had come now. I will call you daily like before, from today onwards dear. Promise.)

My athai and mama were looking so happy and content as they walked inside. I brought my parents inside.

"Naan than sonen la banu athai... Janu vetkam maaname ilama ungala paathathum peasiduva nu... Parunga nan sona madhiriye sentimental scene tha nadandhuchu."??

(I already told you Banu athai... Janu will talk to you instantly after seeing you without any shame or any self-respect... See, like I told you, the sentimental scene had happened)

Vidhu proudly stated to my amma who is beaming with happiness. I narrowed my eyes at her. She quickly came near me and put both her hands on my shoulder dramatically.

"Really I told them Janu... You will talk to them instantly because you have a greattt heart right!"

Her tone is dramatically in between utmost sincere and sarcastic. I chuckled at her and shrugged it off. I missed this craziness.

"I missed you Vidhu."?? Her eyes softened with love and she hugged me. Everyone freshened up and my athai and amma went to prepare lunch for everyone.

I casually refreshed the website but froze on seeing the result page got opened. God! The re

seeing his happy face.

He stopped abruptly on hearing a few gasps and few giggles. Uh-oh! How did I forget them! He peeked around me still holding me in his arm and his hold loosened instantly. But he managed to catch me at last minute by circling his hand around my waist and pressing himself onto me to maintain balance. We both were blushing profusely??????. Vidhu stood there wide-eyed while my parents were trying to hide their knowing smile by trying to focus on something else, but also stealing some glances towards us. I closed my face with both hands and buried my face into his shoulder who is still holding me tight as he is in beyond shocked state and equally embarrassed. Soon his body stiffened and removed his hands and slowing whispered.

"You are making it look more inappropriate Janu. Move!"

His words pricked into my brain like someone splashed ice cold water on my face. I quickly distanced myself from him and found him looking at me with a blank expression. I didn't mean to stand so close to him like that. He is the one who started it by picking me up and spinning me. All my happiness disappeared like thin air and it was replaced by anger, shame and frustration.

I should have told him to put me down instantly.

At least I should have distanced myself from him as soon as we realized the presence of others.

Stupid Janu!

He would probably despise you for behaving like that.

It is wrong to seek comfort from your name-sake husband, Janaki. I blinked back my tears.

Why can't I lead a normal life like other women!

No! That's not possible right! Great!

I sat on the sofa opposite to my appa and mama avoiding their eye contact. He is still standing there like some rooted tree. I don't care. Hum!

Vidhu sat on the armrest and whispered

"Wow, Janu! That's quite a show! I want details later! When did you two get along?"

I smiled sadly and covered it blankly while muttering the words "You got it all wrong." it sounded more like a reminder to myself.

Soon he composed himself and greeted everyone, congratulated Vidhu with a big bear hug and excused himself to get freshen up. I went into my room to put my mobile to charge and found a note near my bed stand.

'Good morning dear, Hope you had a nice sleep. I have an important meeting to attend. And I couldn't avoid it. I will try to come home before your results announcement. Please don't worry about the results. Let's hope for the best. Calm yourself with deep breaths. Remember! I will be always there for you to support. Pray for your favourite Vinayagar! He won't let you down!'

He cares about me. Damn his care! His care is only for his cousin, not for his wife. I should have known my limits. He might still be revolving around his past. I made my decision to not disturb him anymore, in any way. I kept his note inside my diary and went to the kitchen to help my amma-s.

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