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Prabhu's POV

I am getting used to the way my colleagues treating me. Not everyone is bad but there are few spoilt brats still tease me when I am around. I am trying to move on. But it's not easy.

I'm emotionally so drained. I started having doubts about my talents. My confidence level is getting low. I am rechecking everything in my work to ensure there are no mistakes which are affecting my efficiency, in turn leading me not to finish things on time. It was exhausting me. But I have to do it because I was too stupid to blindly believe her dramas. I can't be careless anymore.

Sometimes I will be wondering why Nandhini did this to me. I have been with her for almost three months. How can a person act so naturally? All the time? And I couldn't believe that the time we spent together is just fake. Her smile seemed to be so genuine at the later periods. Then why she has to do this to me. I started to build my entire life with her but why she has to demolish everything? How did I fail to recognise everything as fake? It makes me angry and frustrated to think about it but I wanted to know what is actually the reason behind her actions. Where did I lack to find her deceiving? Thank God, she never said that she loves me. This simple attraction towards her itself killing me. If our relationship has progressed to love, my situation would be much worst.

It's so hard to talk normally with Janu while my mind is full of frustrations. But I don't want to hurt that poor soul anymore. She is not complaining nor bothering me about anything. And I am very grateful for that. Akash and Vidhu were indirectly trying to brighten our mood. Even though I tried hard to mask my emotions, it was nothing before your loved ones. Because they knew exactly there is something off. Akash presence helped Janu to open up a little.

I was so afraid that she will change her attitude towards everyone because she had lost her flow of life. I was forced upon her. But she is trying to adapt to this new life. It's so confusing that where we stand now. Our relationship is messed up. Not only it's about we two individuals now, but it's also about our two families. We have to decide about everything patiently. Rushing thing is not a good option.

We both love our families more than ourselves that why we are here in this situation. Mainly, I am afraid to face another rejection. That's the main reason for me to postpone the conversation.

She is conflicted so much thinking that we will stop her studies. But after I reassured her that there is nothing to worry about her studies, she was relieved. But she started trying to initiate the conversation about our relationship. I managed to change the topic whenever I felt like she is trying to start a conversation. She is smart enough to stop it there. She respects to give me space. But her patience will not last long. I have to face her. I have to be clear about everything before speaking with her. But there is nothing clear in my head. I am trying to be strong but deep down I'm wounded severely. I need time. I don't know how long it will take to heal but I knew it's not anytime soon.


Exam results of Janu and Vidhu are like to be out by tomorrow, though the timing is not clearly mentioned on their official website. They are freaking out.

Akash came along with me as I told him about Janu's restlessness. She opened the door with a frown and went inside without saying a word. There was paper all over the coffee table in the living room.

"What are you doing with these question papers, Jaans?"

Akash asked confused after seeing a few papers. She looked so confused and conflicted.

"Akash, what if I didn't get through? Oh my god! I have wait for another three months for the next exam. Already I am late for articleship with this delayed ITT and orientation classes. What if I didn't clear one group? What if I didn't get average? Oh god! What if I failed in just one subject without any exemptions? I have to write all the papers all over again. If I fail

ood without making much noise. I hate to leave to the office today. But I have no choice as there is an important meeting about our new upcoming projects. I wanted to stay with her. But at the same time, I am not going to give any chance for my colleagues to gossip more. I might lose my temper if they keep on doing this.

She was so worried about her results and she would need someone around her when she waits for her results. I am planning to get off after attending the meeting. Anyway, the results are to be announced around 4 PM. The meeting will be held till lunch. So there is still a possibility for me to be with her and help her to relax. I entered her room and kept the note near the bedside table which tells

'Good morning dear, Hope you had a nice sleep. I have an important meeting to attend. And I couldn't avoid it. I will try to come home before your results announcement. Please don't worry about the results. Let's hope for the best. Calm yourself with deep breaths. Remember! I will be always there for you to support. Pray for your favourite Vinayagar! He won't let you down!'

I locked the front door and hurried to my office. Fortunately, I reached there without any delay in the midst of the morning traffic.

The meeting is not as boring as I expected. We are given the details of our new client's expectations and other necessary details for the upcoming project. The meeting was going in full swing until around 11 AM, my mobile vibrated loudly, displaying 'Janu', drawing everyone's attention towards me. The manager, who is speaking about the timeline of the projects, raised his eyebrows at me. I apologized and muted the vibration too. Akash smirked at me before turning his attention towards the meeting.

After 10 minutes, I again got a call from Janu. And this time the projector is running and my phone display flashed bright making me turn red in embarrassment. I switched off my mobile and kept it inside my pant pocket.

I am a little irritated with her behaviour. Why is she calling so many times? I told her about the meeting. Can't it wait till noon? I even promised to come home! Ufff...

Finally, the meeting got over, and I managed to get permission to take off for the remaining day. I came out of the conference hall and found Akash waiting for me there. He showed his mobile and it displayed 43 missed calls from Janu.

Oh my god! Why did she call so many times? She is all alone at home. What if she called me for some emergencies? I hit my forehead and called her from Akash mobile as I am too impatient to switch on my mobile.

She attended the call immediately and gave me the news that literally gave me a heart attack.

Guess what?!?

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