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   Chapter 33 CHAPTER 33

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Are we missing out someone?. . .

(Gasps). . .

Got it?. . .

Here we go..!

Nandhini's POV

I shouted at my employees for 'n'th time this week for catching them staring at me. This boutique is the only place where I can work my ass off and forget how the wreck my life had become.

Yeah, it's not easy when the only person you trusted in your whole life teamed up with your worst enemy to stop your fucking marriage and like the cherry on top of the frosting, he managed to get me pregnant without even my knowledge. I mean I got to know about it only a day before the wedding. So I really don't know what to do other than marrying Prabhu.

I can't help but get into depression, which I knew would have an effect on my baby. I just want to forget everything. If possible I would happily turn invisible. I don't want any unnecessary attention now. All I need is a peaceful life.

It still pains to even think about that day...

The day my life turned upside down...

The day my heart got broken...

The same day I learnt to not trust anyone in my life EVER...

Life slapped me hard making me realize that I don't deserve happiness at all...

The worst thing is Sanjeev's betrayal.

And I was so blind to fall for that witch, Janaki's trap.

The thoughts of that day still make my bone freeze and shiver.

I inevitably relived that day every night in my dreams and making my life worse.

I never doubted Sanjeev in my life. He has always been there in my life whenever I needed him. But I no longer want to see his face. I no longer want to be near him. His closeness is no longer providing me warm homely feel but only fear and pain; fear of getting more deceived and pain from my broken trust and friendship.

I trusted him more than myself. Because he is the only who accompanied me in many lonely nights during my childhood when my parents were so busy into their work. I always seen his parents as my own because they are the one advised me in many situations while my own parents didn't find time for me. Even his mother is the one who guided me when I attained puberty. My parents were on some world conferences tour where they leisurely enjoyed their trip for ten days, even after knowing the news.

My longing for them vanished over a period of time. I never bothered about their existence. Sanjeev gave his shoulder to me whenever I needed. He i

for a few hours and we came back to Chennai. Grandpa too came as he couldn't be able to face his neighbours from the shame I caused. He didn't say it on my face but I knew the truth.

^ End of the flashback ^

I resumed my regular life the next day but nothing went as usual. Things getting weird because my mom reduced her work time to spend time with me. She comes with me to the boutique every day before going to her clinic. The odd looks or stares from my employees got silenced by my barks. My mom is helping me with my morning sickness. She did the medical checkup after I stated that I wanted to keep this baby. My parents exchanged looks but said nothing. My grandpa smile at me sadly. He is trying to cheer me up. But I don't find any reason to be happy anymore. Sanjeev tried to talk with me in so many different ways. But I ignored him and blocked him out of my life.

I heard that Janaki got married to Prabhu. It added fuel to my rage. But after watching the wedding footage which was preplanned to deliver at my address, I was happy. I smiled for the first time that week watching her crying all the time during her wedding. Served right! But she doesn't deserve Prabhu. Prabhu will never let any harm to come near her. Even during the days, we were together, he supported them a lot when speaking to me, even though he distanced himself away from them to make them realize their mistake.

I know when to hit you Janaki! And when I did that, you will never be able to get up! I will make sure about it. Because you deserve fucking hell for what you did to me, Janaki.

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