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Janaki's POV

What did I do? Have I done anything wrong?

I couldn't pinpoint anything except one, our marriage! But he was normal yesterday. Why suddenly he is so angry? He is not the guy who loses his temper for small things! What is it? Maybe something happened at his office? Probably!

I didn't want to take risk of entering the angry lion's cave to quench my curiosity. So I did the only way to know what was wrong? I called Akash.

"Hello! Hi super senior! How are you?"

I heard him sigh and I chuckled silently. I don't know why he hates my nickname for him so much. It's not that bad!

"Hey, Jaans! I'm fine. It's hardly three days since we met and we spoke yesterday too. Did Prabhu come home?"

"Yeahhhh! The morning he started to office enthusiastically as usual but now he seems very angry! Is everything okay there?"

I heard him sigh again. I think he is having a rough day!

"Not okay, Jaans. I didn't expect our colleagues to behave so worst. Everyone provoked him. They teased him about his marriage. Even at the meeting, the managers laughed like he is not present there, telling how lucky he is, to get arranged with a woman and dated her for a while and then get married to another woman to have more fun.

I knew there will be gossips among themselves but I didn't expect them to directly tease him and they dragged him in every conversation teasing about his marriage. He got so frustrated yet kept calm enough to complete the meeting. I searched him after the meeting but couldn't find him."


That's all I could reply as my brain has been comprehending everything he said.

So he is not angry with me. That's a big relief.

"Jaans, I have never seen him so angry... Umm... Let him cool himself. He will be alright after a few hours."

He is thinking that if I go and speak with Prabhu mama now, he might shout at me. I smiled at his concern. Not many people will be blessed with a friend like Akash, who do caring things without expecting anything in return.

"Okay, Akash. You are right. I will give him some space to chill down."

But I internally planned exactly opposite. We exchanged our 'bye-s' after a few minutes.

I entered Prabhu mama's room with a cup of strong coffee. He was sitting near his study table, looking nothing in particular in the direction of the balcony and his hand rolling the paperweight on its own. He turned and saw me. But he turned around and I heard a sigh. I placed the coffee near him cautiously.

"I hope this coffee will help you to reduce the headache your colleagues caused"

He instantly turned his head towards me with a puzzled expression but didn't say a word and slowly his narrowed eyebrows relaxed and he muttered 'Akash'. I smiled and nodded.

He glared at the paperweight for a few seconds and sighed before giving me a sad smile. My heart clenched looking him in pain. If I didn't marry him, he wouldn't face all these humiliations.

"Thanks, Janu. I am really having a severe headache. This would help."

He took a sip from steamy coffee and I saw him relax a bit. I slightly stroked his hair hesitantly, knowing he likes it and it will help him to relax more.

"Everything will be alright mama."

He nodded with a small smile and I left his room with the empty cup to continue re-arranging the living room. I satisfied with my work by 2 PM and quickly freshened up before calling him for lunch. The lunch went silently. He was in deep thoughts and I didn't dare to disturb him. He went to his room after finishing his lunch.


It's been a week since we got here. Next week we are getting results and it made me super nervous and excited at the same time. He started going to his office and the gossiping is almost settled now except one or two comments which thankfully he chose to ignore.

Things returning to normal like how we were before marriage. But there is still some invisible gap between our hearts. Akash came twice last week to join us for dinner and we ended up playing cards or carrom board till Akash feels like going home. That helped us to break some barriers between us and we could now talk normally.

Vidhu registered us for ITT program and orientation classes to be held on March month beginning. I am happy that she will be here within a month. I asked athai to let her stay here with me, she didn't agree nor deny. She said that she will let me know after talking about it with mama. It was hard to sit alone until he returns. I have to kill time by doing chores and going out for getting some groceries.

I found a small Vinayagar temple in the next street which is almost empty except for the morning. It became my favourite place as I will go there after lunch and will return home around 5.30 PM before he comes home. The priest will come by 4 PM. He is very old. He will just smile at me and went to do his works. I wondered every time how he managed to be s

gested to dine out but I denied as there are leftovers at home which I planned to finish tonight. We parked the car and got into the lift. He looked... no stared at me intently with his hands in jean side pockets. I asked 'what' but he shrugged and kept on staring at me with a small smile. I bit my mouth's insides to stop the blood making its way up to my cheeks. I turned my face opposite to him. Why he is staring like this? And why I am blushing? Thank God! He didn't see me blushing. If he had seen me like that, he would have probably assumed things wrongly and thought about me low for behaving like an immature teen. Thankfully our floor came and I made my way towards our door and opened it with the spare key he gave me yesterday without waiting for him.

I went to my room to take a quick shower and changed into a plain cotton kurti and pants. I entered the kitchen to heat the food. Soon I felt his presence behind me. But he didn't speak anything. I felt so comfortable around him till we entered the lift. Now the same weird and uncomfortable feel entered my heart.

I slowly turned around and found no one was there. Might be my imagination! I smacked my head and sighed in relief.

"What happened? Why are you hitting yourself?"

I jumped at the sudden voice coming behind me and placed my hands over now racing heart.

"God! Mama! Don't scare me like that ever again!"

He laughed at my startled face and repeated what he asked.

Why I have to embarrass myself in front of him? How did he get behind me? Think Janu! Think! God! Why my brain is going on strike at this moment!

"I heard some sound... suddenly and thought it was.. you. But I couldn't find anyone so I thought it was my imagination.. and I..."

I showed how I smacked myself with less force and shrugged. His smile widened. I excused myself and went back to check the food. I facepalmed internally for stammering in front of him. I just don't know this foreign feeling of tugging my heart every second. My confident self is hiding somewhere else, not helping my current state.

We ate dinner in silence and exchanged 'goodnight' before settling in our rooms respectively. I sat on the bed and let my mind process my thoughts.

We didn't speak about our marriage except him telling me that he doesn't want to lose a crazy cousin, yeah that's me! It means nothing needs to be changed just because we got married. It's a big relief. But it also confused me. Because we are married now right. That will make things change. Doesn't he want anything to change between us? Like now, we have to live as roommates forever? No doubt, today was great fun. It also sounds tempting but will it work that way? And what's wrong with him? Why did he stare at me like that? Is that a prank?

My mind was telling me to take his words as him ensuring that we are couples just for namesake. But my heart was conveying that he told me just to give me space as he didn't mention openly about any dislikes for this marriage. What do you want from me, God? Is this any kind of creepy test in my life?

We have to talk. About the marriage. We have to open up to each other about our thoughts about it. And this talk has to happen very soon. We can't run away from the truth for a long time! We have to face it.

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