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Janaki's POV

To make the proverb 'Misfortune never comes alone' true, my body decided to deceive me by advancing my menstrual cycle. It's not actually due till next week, yet it showed up to make my situation much worse.

I cursed my fate as the pain is more severe than usual. I took the bath quickly and came out to see my amma glaring at me. I immediately knew why she is mad at me. Because I planned to display her limits that she couldn't push me to do certain things. I didn't speak a word with my appa, mama or athai. My amma is the only one, keep on torturing me to do things.

Akash is a great help. He didn't speak anything about the marriage. At least he understands me better than my parents, because he is giving me some space.

On seeing my dull face, he started telling me his funny moments at the office. And I couldn't control my laughter while he narrated how Akash made Prabhu mama give their manager an empty pen drive as they had little more work to complete and later Akash sneaked into his boss cabin to replace the correct one but got caught yet managed to convince him by telling they gave the wrong pen drive unknowingly. Both of them are lucky, as they were left with a small warning.

I didn't know when Prabhu mama came up, I noticed him only after Akash waved at him to join us. The awkward feel immediately returned to me on seeing him. How is our relationship going to work in the future? It was so uncomfortable to be in the same place as him. I don't know what to speak to him. Morning, he sounds disappointed while I shouted at my amma. I don't know what is going on in his mind. He gave us a small smile and descended back. We spoke for a few minutes and decided to join others. Later that evening, Akash returned to Chennai as he was wanted in his office.

Vidhu spoke with me cautiously not bringing her brother or the marriage into the topic as I snapped at her all the time when she talked about the marriage. I can understand she too doesn't know how to adapt to the new change. I don't want anyone near me as everything suddenly became strange.

Later we discussed our articleship till Vidhu couldn't keep her eyes open. I kept on staring at the ceiling, thinking about my messed up life.

I argued all day with my amma. Even after knowing that I am having my periods, she insisted to just sleep in his room but I simply ignored her and slept in Vidhu's room.


I still couldn't believe my amma slapped me in front of all my relatives. Why? I didn't tell anything wrong. I didn't lie. I just voiced the truth, rewarded with a slap. It's been a long time since she hit me. Yet it was so humiliating to think about it.

Didn't they already decide to sacrifice my future for our family name? Why was she treating me like this? I thought she loved me. What I am to them? Didn't I mean anything to them? My appa's silence is what kills me the most. He shouldn't blindly support my amma always. Now they are making me think that I am nothing but just burden to them. That's why it was too easy to marry me to Prabhu mama without considering my dreams and future. My emotions are so tangled up and I couldn't stop myself from shouting at them. Only the way I said them is wrong, not the things I said. My periods was not helping either, making me so uneasy with its pain.

Prabhu mama brought me back to his home and asked me to get ready. I looked at him puzzled.

"We are leaving. I don't want you to stay here anymore. Let's get to our apartment"

What! But it's not possible. Our parents will kill us if we leave here.

"What do you mean? They won't allow us"

"We are not asking their permission. When they are not bothered about our opinion, why should we worry about their opinion? Get your suitcase. Let's go"

I knew he is not happy with this marriage but it hurts when he mentions his dislike for this marriage indirectly. Maybe he is still not over Nandhini. He too needs time. But will he accept it?

Wow! Will I accept this marriage first?

"JANU! Are you going to stand still all this day?"

God! Why I have to zone out now! My bags have to be packed and my amma mentioned to me earlier that they will come with us to drop us in our new home. It sounds very weird. New home. Is this how every newly married woman will think? Who knows!

"But, anyway tomorrow they will accompany us to Chennai. Why are you hurrying? I don't want to be the reason for more problems."

I said slowly. It's true. I don't want anyone to tell that I separated him from his family within two days of our marriage.

He looked at my eyes and came near me. He slowly raised his hand to not scare me. He touched my cheek which pain

to call me 'mama'. I didn't want to lose my crazy cousin just because we got married."

Am I crazy? No, this man is crazy to wake up those unwanted insecurities inside me. So he is neither angry nor feels me as a burden. A wave of relief washed over me.

"Is that so? I really didn't mean to be like that. I didn't even realise it till you asked me about it, mama."

I really didn't mean to stop calling him mama. It just happened.

"It's okay. Just wanted to know the reason. You just wait outside. I will call you after cooking the dinner."

The way he is talking as if nothing happened, really helping me to talk normally to him.

"I'm not going anywhere, let me help you"

I took the veg cutting board & knife and looked at him. He shook his head with a smile and passed me a few onions and other necessary ingredients. He guided me to chop them in his desired form and let me cook the curry. Then I help him to roll the dough while he cooked poori.

We had dinner with random talks keeping our worries away.

"Akash asked me to come to the office tomorrow. I have to be there for an important meeting. It will take a few hours. Is that okay with you? If you want me to stay, I would ask to connect me via Skype. That's not a problem. He just asked me because I am in Chennai. "

There is no need for him to ask me, yet he is asking my opinion before making a decision. Even though it is a small matter, he is asking my opinion, just like our appa-s do. They will always discuss with our amma-s before taking any decision.

Has he already accepted me as his wife?

Oh, stop thinking nonsense, Janu. He is asking me because I have to be alone all day. Nothing more. He is the one who got more affected by this marriage than me. He thought that he is going to marry Nandhini and he would have dreamt about their future togetherness but forced to marry me. He needs more time than me to accept everything. I noticed him waiting for my reply. I quickly smiled before replying.

"It's okay mama. I will unpack while you go to your office. You don't have to worry about me mama."

He nodded with a smile. We finished our dinner and he told me the details of nearby shops, in case I have to buy anything, we went to our rooms with an exchange of 'Goodnight'. I re-checked my alarm and drifted off to sleep.

Next day, I woke up at 6 and did yoga. I took the bath quickly and went to prepare breakfast for him. I decided to prepare Dosai and coconut chutney.

I arranged the table and knocked at his room. He opened the door in full formal dress and asked me to wait for a few minutes.

We had breakfast together and he left to office. I finished my unpacking by 11.30 AM and decided to cook some lunch as he told me that he would be back by noon. I cooked Sambar with rice and potato fries then fried a few papads.

Being left alone, I called Vidhu as I already miss her. Later, I rearranged and cleaned the living room. Suddenly the door was slammed open and mama entered the home, looking so angry. He sighed on looking at me and went into his room, slamming the door hard.

What just happened here now?

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