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Prabhu's POV

Why my life has to be so complicated? Is everyone out there living like this inside and faking their smile?


Then why me? What is the blunder I committed in my life?

I couldn't find anything except blindly believing my parent's choice and Nandhini's honey dripping fake words.

My parents arranged me this marriage with a woman who seemed very innocent and acted so naturally to make me believe she liked me but behind my back, she slept with her friend also didn't even feel guilty to marry me while carrying his child. God!

What if Sanjeev didn't stop the marriage?

I don't even want to think about it.

I was sitting in one of the guest rooms in the wedding hall as I didn't want to go to the groom's room. I felt Vidhu entering the room and cautiously placing her hand on my shoulders. After confirming that I am not going to lash out at her, she sat next to me on the bed giving me a side hug. I let out an exhausted sigh.

Suddenly my parents and Janu's parents barged into the room. My amma and appa silently looked at me with guilt and concern. I almost tried to mask my emotions to not display in my face.

The room filled with tension and awkward silent. My athai let out a sigh and came near me. She lifted my chin making me look at her eyes.

"Prabhu, I can understand your situation. But I want you to be calm and think about what I am going to tell you."

I looked at her with a puzzled and tired expression and nodded.

"We decided to get you married with Janu."


My instant reply made them sigh and I almost shouted surprising myself at my rude tone.

Are they kidding me! How can they think I would accept their decision just after their biggest mistake had proven?

That too... Marriage with Janu!

"Are you guys lost your mind? My life is already messed up. Don't drag Janu too into this mess and make her life a complicated one. She didn't even finish her studies. She would be having her own dreams about her future! Where the hell this idea came to you? If you want me to do a favour, just leave me alone."

I regretted snapping at my athai but I couldn't just see Janu's dream shattering just like mine. And above anything, I need time to think about a new relationship.

"Don't you raise your voice on your athai! We are not telling you that without thinking! This is for the sake of our family. Did you forget that you have a younger sister! How will she get an alliance if your marriage didn't happen? Did you even think about our family reputation? No one will respect us if you didn't agree to this marriage. "

My appa replied to me. Are they trying to convince me by using Vidhu's future as an emotional weapon? But why aren't they thinking about Janu's future? She is too their daughter! So I voiced out my thoughts.

"If you are worried about Vidhu's future, then why are you not considering about Janu's future. You will be always telling that both of them are like your two eyes, then why are you treating your daughter above Janu? Is that mean all your words were not true!"

I exclaimed dramatically to add effect to my words which hit my appa perfectly as he sadly sighed and pursed his lips. But my mama did the unexpected thing.

He slapped me.

He never hit me before. He is the most understanding person in my life and I placed him a step above my appa. But why can't he understand that I am trying to save his daughter's life? How can he expect me to selfishly marry Janu for the sake of the family reputation! I thought he knew me better!

As if he heard my thoughts, he made started answering my unspoken questions.

"Don't you dare disrespect your appa anymore. We didn't raise you like that. Don't forget that Janu is my daughter! I won't even think about something that would spoil her happiness and future. We took this decision after seriously analysing about lots of aspects Prabhu. Just accept it and come with us. Do you want me to tell why I accepted this? Because I trust you, idiot! I trust you that you will take care of my daughter like how I looked after her all these years. I don't know if I could find a man like you for my daughter. She might think that we are doing this against her will, but eventually, she will understand that we gave her the best. I want you to marry her because I believe in you."

What can I say to this?

He trusts me! He believes in me! But do I deserve her? I didn't even realise the faking of Nandhini. How many conflicts Janu faced by Nandhini's acting! But I trusted Nandhini over Janu because I was having the guilty conscious for leaving her at that damn party.

Janu might hate me more if I let this happen to her. Why didn't they fix my marriage with her earlier and doing this on last minute, making our lives more complicated than before? She might think me low for marrying her because I don't have any other option.

How can I make her life happy if we start our life like this? No way! This is not the solution to this problem. It will solve the current situation but in the long term, only bitterness would remain. That will only increase the problems in our family. I should let this happen. What if I wouldn't be able to fix her broken soul? My mama is having overconfidence on me. But Nandhini proved my abilities to me. I am nothing but useless. I don't deserve her. I let out a deep sigh.

"I am sorry, mama. But I don't deserve her. I'm not what you are thinking! I need some space. Please leave me alone and send the guests back. I am not going anywhere."

"We are not asking your opinion, Prabhu. Just do what we are saying or else we will never accept you as our son. And you can do whatever you want independently. No one will be compelling you anymore."

My amma is crying. I am too shocked to console her as my amma's word sinking into me. She is literally blackmailing me to disown me. This pain is more than what I felt a few moments ago while knowing the truth about Nandhini. I closed my eyes to compose my breath.

"If you are still not going to accept this marriage, this would be the last day that you are seeing us"

She wiped her tears with determination and took a bottle of her sleeping pill. My eyes bulged out at her implication. I joined my hands in front of her.

"I don't want

kash speaking with each other and Janu is laughing hard. He knows how to make her laugh. I am happy for her but also I felt a little jealous too because I am not being the reason for her happiness.

Akash noticed me and waved me to join them. I smiled at him and noticed Janu is now looking at me without any expression. Why I have to spoil her small happy moment?

I waved at Akash and descended to the hall. Vidhu sat next to me and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"Where's Ajay? Have he gone home?"

I didn't mean to ask her out straight. It just came out of my mouth before thinking. She might be shocked, as her response came after a minute.

"Yes, anna. He went yesterday evening."

I hummed in response.

"Have you applied for ITT and Orientation?"

"Not yet. There are no seats available. It's going to be a tedious process to find a firm as we would be completing them late."

She sighed and took her mobile to check the next available class in Chennai. The rest of the day went quickly with few arguments between Janu and her amma. And she slept in Vidhu's room. And Mama and Athai went to their home to make some arrangements for tomorrow, the closure ritual for the wedding - 'Maruveedu varuthal'.


I woke up and dressed up in a light pink shirt and black pant. My amma called me telling its getting late as we have to go there before the auspicious time gets over. Few relatives to represent the groom side were present. And our remaining relatives were in Janu's home to represent the bride side.

I went to the hall and found Janu sitting there deep in her thoughts but her look is what caught my attention more. She really looks great and more matured in saree. And she is looking elegant in her green saree.

As her home is in walkable distance, we went there by walk. Soon we arrived there and athai took aarthi and asked us to enter the house. After some time, the delicious non-vegetarian meal is served. I noticed Janu not eating properly as her focus is not here.

"Hey, don't overthink. First, enjoy the food! After a few days, they won't even be bothered to serve us curd rice."

I whispered into her ears. She instantly smiled and looked at me. I saw the spark in her eyes after two days which I missed so badly. I felt so happy for bringing it back and ate the food happily knowing she is savouring the food like her usual old self.

After the meal, we all sat there and everyone was having a chit-chat. Vidhu and Janu were speaking something and I just sat there looking around everyone. But her face hardened instantly when her amma sat next to her. She immediately stood up but my athai is not acting smart as she held her hand. I prepared myself for another drama.

Janu tried to shook off athai's hand but she tightened her grip whisper yelling her to sit. Soon it caught our relatives attention and they started advising Janu about family life and asked her to be patient to achieve a peaceful life. She started fuming. But they are oblivious of it as they asked to be prepared to make adjustments to avoid problems in the family. That did it! Because she started to cry and shout at them to shut up as they could not even imagine how much she is adjusting everything in the name of the family's reputation and prestige. Even though it indirectly meaning me, my focus is now to calm her down

I went near her and placed my hand on her shoulder to stop her. She is usually the most calm person. But now she is on her edge and needs support... not some stupid pieces of advice. But before she turns towards me, a loud sound of a slap reached my ears.

Some of the relatives pulled my athai away from the place, making it clear that she is the one who slapped my wife. She turned towards me with her eyes full of tears and looked at me holding her cheek with her hand which is now turning red and showing finger marks.

The sight instantly fueled my rage. I won't allow any harm to her. Even though she is her amma, she shouldn't have slapped MY WIFE. I kept my hand around her shoulder and lead her out of the place. I made my decision to leave to Chennai. To OUR home...jQuery21409176596816962146_1595175796991

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