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Prabhu's POV

Are you Happy?

Yes! Of course.

Are you excited?

Very much for the new beginning!

Are you nervous?

More than you could imagine.

Don't get confused. I am speaking to my mirror reflection. No, I didn't go crazy; just nervously excited for my wedding.

Tomorrow is my wedding. The morning I went with Akash to groom myself. I must look very good as this is going to be my big day. As we didn't do engagement separately, we planned for it today. There are lots of rituals in Tamil weddings. And those will create more good memories for us.

I sighed dreamily. I have two hours to get ready for going to the temple, which is generously more than enough. Vidhu and Janu are really working hard for my marriage. I was a little mad at them for ignoring Nandhini in the cafe. They must have said at least 'hi', just for formality. But I have been seeing them roaming here and there to get the best from everything. They have beautifully decorated the home.

My anger had already vanished just a sting of pain from their inappropriate behaviour. After all, they're my family. I love them so much. But I feel like there is some distance between us. Maybe it's because of I spending more time with Nandhini. I should spend some time with my parents after coming back from... You know what I am trying to tell right... after I came back from my honeymoon. I got 10 days 'off' from my office. Four days will go in these rituals. We could have six days on our own. We planned to spend our honeymoon in Wayanad, Kerala, as there is no enough time travelling to long distanced places. This whole marriage thing feels soooo strange but in a good way.

I am very happy to get an affectionate woman who thinks my family like her own family. We will mostly speak about our family's future. She is so jovial. I don't know how we didn't speak earlier. I just knew her name. I have seen her roaming with her friends during her vacations. She is a good addition to our family. I believe she will help me to raise our family more efficiently and effectively.

I got ready and saw my family members roaming all over the home to get something or to check something. I joined my uncles on the sofa. They started teasing me telling not to be too innocent after marriage. I simply nodded to stop further teasing. My amma is beautiful in rose silk saree and Banu athai is wearing green silk saree which compliment her skin tone very nicely. Then I noticed my little sister in saree. She looks like a woman. I mean she had grown well. She is too beautiful in her green with pink bordered saree.

Then I noticed 'her' missing. I waited for a few more minutes, but I couldn't find her. My appa and mama were looking dashing in their white silk dhoti and solid coloured shirts. I asked my appa about her whereabouts and got to know that she already went to 'mandapam' on the request of Nandhini's thatha. What would she be wearing? Salwar? Lehenga choli? Saree? Probably Saree! Damn! She increased my curiosity. Have I mentioned about my outfit? I am in a white shirt and khaki pant. That always suits me well. And anyway I have to change my dress after reaching mandapam as I should be wearing the dress presented by Nandhini's parents during the engagement.

We went to the temple to perform puja. After doing the special prayers to God, we all started to mandapam as we have to reach there before the auspicious time gets over. The photographer is taking snaps now and then. And a cameraman is shooting video of the ceremony. This is the most embarrassing part actually because I have to sit in flowers decorated topless-car and go slowly all the way to mandapam along with my family and relatives who would be walking alongside the car.

This is the most embarrassing part actually, because I have to sit in flowers decorated topless car and

ress after performing some puja.

Then I wore a brown shirt and grey pant because like yesterday, they will give us the wedding dress after performing some puja. I went and sat down and admired the fantabulous floral decorations.

Nandhini came in a nice white coloured designer saree. I noticed Nandhini is in her bubbly self. I asked 'are you okay?' in a very low voice just audible for her. She saw me with surprise and nodded with a big smile. I replied to her with a smile. By the time, the priest gave us our wedding dress and asked us to get changed.

I came back in white silk dhoti and shirt and continued the rituals and did as the priest instructed me

Then I saw Nandhini coming along with Banu athai and one of her relative. She looks so beautiful in her red coloured wedding saree.

But before she could reach the stairs, Sanjeev stopped her. She looked at him with confusion like everyone else in the Mandapam. He turned towards our friends and family.

"I am really sorry for saying this. I couldn't allow Nandhini to get married to Prabhu."

What the hell?

The whole crowd started gossiping. Nandhini's parents descended from stage went near Sanjeev. Nandhini is red with anger.

"Why are creating a scene at last minute, Sanjeev? What the hell is wrong with you?"

She burst out. But he smiled sweetly and held her shoulders despite Nandhini struggled to get out of his hold. I stood up to get down and beat some senses into that bastard's head. But what he said shocked everyone.

"I couldn't let the mother of my baby marry someone else."

He smirked. I expected Nandhini to slap him or at least shout at him for blaming her in such a low way. But I saw her paled at him mentioning she is pregnant. Is that mean he is telling the truth.

No! No! No! No!

Anger seeped into my every nerve.

"You did it intentionally, didn't you?"

Nandhini almost whispered the sentence to him with tears rolling down her cheeks, but unfortunately, I heard it very clearly.

So that's true. She had slept with him. And faked everything with me.

Her care...

Her smile...

Her words...

Everything is fake!

But why me?

I felt like someone is continuously stabbing my heart. A tear rolled down my cheek.

I liked her...

I trusted her...

I accepted her to become a part of my perfect family...

But in return, SHE BETRAYED ME!

A sad smirk crept on my lips with realization. All my dreams about my future with her were crashed like sand castle hit with a huge wave of a tide. What am I supposed to do now?

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