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Hi friends, Please read the following explanations before proceeding to this chapter. This will help you to understand certain Tamil terms used in this chapter as well as for upcoming chapters. Enjoy reading!

'Thali or Mangalyam' is a pendant with a gold chain or yellow thread that the groom ties around the bride's neck in India which symbolizes the woman is married.

'Thoranam' is hanging decorations with leaves or flowers or with both leaves and flowers.

'Pandhal' is just a tent-like structure.

Pandha kaal Nadudhal: This ceremony is held on the day before a wedding. The families of the bride and the groom gather outside her house and offer ritualistic prayers to the Gods above. They ask for protection and guidance to go about their work for the ceremony and also pray that it goes on without any obstacles or hassle. The bamboo pole is planted at the entrance of the house. With tilak and a piece of silk cloth around it, it symbolizes the god they pray to. Anyone who sees this pole is sure to understand that the daughter of the house is getting married.

Seer varisai : Seer is an exchange of presents, pleasantries and pay-return respect between relations for different occasions in life. It is such a beautiful tradition that our ancestors designed to ensure there is constant connect between relations through multiple customs & occasions over the different stage of life. Seer varisai is the way of bonding for a boy child or a girl child (most often), throughout his/her entire life, with his/her parents, brothers, sisters, maternal uncles and paternal aunties. There is a different set of seer for different occasions in life.

Nichayathartham (engagement): This ritual begins with a Ganesh puja performed by the bride's family. The groom's family then gives the bride a new saree, jewels and gifts and the bride's family gifts the groom with the new set of clothes. The bride and the groom then change into the new dress gifted by each other's family. Then the parents of the bride and groom will exchange betel leaves and betel nut with fruits. It's a sign of confirmation of the marriage between their son and daughter. Sometimes, the bride and groom will exchange rings too.

Lagna Pathirikai in Tamil translates to a wedding invitation. After the engagement ceremony, the wedding date is officially announced in front of the guests by the priest.

Nalungu (The cleansing ritual): The ritual of cleansing and purification, Nalungu is usually done on the night before the actual wedding or on the early morning of the wedding day. The bride and the groom are made to sit in mats and tree trays are kept near them containing turmeric paste, kumkum, scented oils and a mixture of lime and turmeric in water also called as Aarthi. The ladies come one by one, keep the kumkum on the foreheads of the couple and apply turmeric paste on their feet, legs, hands and cheeks. After everyone is done, the older ladies in the family show the Aarthi around the couple. This ritual will also be held individually for the bride and groom by their families. .

Janaki's POV

The arrangements have been going on in full swing. Advances to the contractors have been almost paid. My appa and mama had been giving the wedding invitation to our friends and relatives. Today is an auspicious day, we planned to buy 'Muhurtha Saree' (Wedding Saree) and 'Thali or Mangalyam'. In India, we consider 'Thali' as the most auspicious thing and it holds a lot of sentiments. We believe that the 'Thali' is linked with the wellbeing of one's husband hence we perform puja related to 'Thali'. Now we have to get it from the shop where we ordered earlier and we will be going to temple to pray the god to bless Prabhu mama with a long, happy and prosperous life.

First, we went to the silk saree shop as it will take more time to select sarees. I love shopping. But shopping with my amma and athai is always a tragedy. They never get satisfied. The shelves were almost empty. But we have selected only four sarees. Out of that four, two saree is for me and two is for Vidhu, and we did select it. The salespersons are visibly annoyed. But kept their mouth shut as we are a regular customer here. Please save these poor people God!

After turning the shop upside down and with tedious analysis, they selected three sarees for Nandhini (One for the reception, one for Muhurtham (wedding) and one for.. umm you know.. for their wedding night). And they took two for each. Then we went another round of purchase to get some designer sarees and salwars. GOD!

Vidhu and I were very exhausted but our amma-s were so enthusiastic and energetic. And we carried out the plan we devised earlier for 'Thali'.


"AKASH! I am going to kill you!"

I yelled and chased after him because he smudged my mehendi. But he mingled with the bunch of relatives in the living room and smirked. I glared at him and went inside to finish the mehendi. If I continue chasing him in the middle of my relatives, I will have to face more consequences like senseless advice and gossips about what is going on between us. The families of our thatha's siblings came tonight to attend the wedding ceremonies.

Akash came here yesterday to join us in marriage fun, I mean to help us in marriage work. He is a lot of fun and at the same time, he gives a severe headache sometimes. Prabhu mama is in his dreamland, mostly roaming with mobile and obviously talking to her even though she is just a few feet away from him. Maybe she just hates me and Vidhu. But what she did at the party is unacceptable. I hope she

getting aged? My body is fit from doing agriculture. I will walk far better than you. I am the idiot here to come all the way here, just to meet you)

He turned his face away from me to let me know he is angry.

Awwwww... My cutie pie came alone here to be with me...

"Okay, okay. Don't overreact. I'm sorry." He instantly smiled at me. And asked me to bend near him to kiss my cheeks. I smiled lovingly at him and returned the kiss.

Then I welcomed a few guests thinking whether I shall tell him everything or not. After gathering every bit of my courage, I called him.

"Thatha... I want to talk to you."

I looked at his eyes.

"Tell me ma" He said calmly with a smile.

"Nandhini is not like what she looks like. She is not a good women thatha. Day by day, I am getting bad information about her which is making me shocked. I want to save Prabhu mama's life. She is just marrying him to take revenge on me and to attain her family assets thatha. But Prabhu mama was so much into her. Please help me thatha. I am so confused about what to do."

He listened silently and I didn't expect his answer to shock me beyond how much confused I am.

"I know everything about her past ma. (He smiled at my shocked reaction and continued his reply) Nandhini's thatha is my best friend. He told me about her past and also told me that she is changing after her marriage got arranged with our Prabhu. Don't get confused about them. Prabhu will manage everything. I trust him. That girl had an unloving childhood with both her parents being busy with their profession. We can't blame them. They are doing the job of saving people's life. But she will change if she comes into our family. Won't you help her to change?"

"I will happily help her thatha. But she hates me to the moon and back. Also, she is not vir... she is not pure, thatha. You know they all blamed me for doing that at that party. But me and Vidhu saw her being intimate with one of her male friend that day. That's why I literally dragged him out of that house. And no one in our family is ready to listen to my side."

I said him controlling my tears. He sighed sadly.

"Leave the past in past, Janu ma. She is basically a good soul ma. She even helps to run a small orphanage. She never spoke or publicized about it. It is her original soul, which doesn't want to see any other child suffer. All her childhood, she hated you because you spoiled her chance of being the centre of attraction which would have given her a chance to get more affection from more people. All she needs in her life is true affection, Janu ma. Give her a chance. Don't tell about this to your athai or mama. They won't want to marry their son to a woman like Nandhini. But Nandhini will change after her marriage, Prabhu and our family will change her."

My head is aching with all this information. I am wondering about this side of Nandhini. Thatha strongly believes that she will change after marriage. That Sanjeev too mentioned something like she is not allowing him to touch her because of mama.

Is this a good sign?

Are you telling me to let this marriage happen God! I think so.

So, I have to stop Sanjeev from spoiling her chance of being in my lovely family. Everyone deserves affection and happiness. I looked at my thatha and sighed.

"I won't spoil my grandson's life with my own hands Janu ma"

Yes. He won't do that. I respect his decision. I will stand by him. I let out the breath along with the burden that pressing my mind. Let things happen on its flow. I am going to leave my entire burden under God's feet. He will take care, Janu! He should take care of everything! I have to talk to Nandhini tonight at any cost and clear everything between us.

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