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Janaki's POV

I saw Vidhu's peacefully sleeping form. My mind is totally visualizing their love story and adding dramatic effects which sending goosebumps throughout my body. I am 'awestruck' after hearing her story. They two are having a great affection towards each other. I am soooooo happy for them. They do love.

My cousin is in love!


My all negative thoughts towards Ajay vanished after hearing his affection for her and also he had behaved so maturely in most of the situations. I just want her to be in good arms. I would have felt contented if Prabhu mama too got someone with the character like Ajay. He understands our family, supports her and mainly loves her unconditionally. God! He better be like this always, otherwise, he had to face me.

We went to Prabhu mama's apartment to keep our things. Mama drove us there. We finished our work in the afternoon. He just spoke with us formally. No teasing... No jokes... We are confused with his sudden moody behaviour but let it go as we have to get used to it. Vidhu and me had thought that we all would be having lunch together, but he dropped us at hostel telling he has plans with his fiancée though it's an hour past our hostel's lunchtime and he is very well aware of that. Vidhu gave me a sad look and we bid him bye.

As we are already so hungry with all the shifting stuff, we walked to the nearby hotel to get our lunch. After chilling for a few hours, Vidhu decided to meet Ajay before leaving. She asked me to accompany her but who wants to be a fifth wheel. I denied. She then convinced me to come down and say hi to him as we never had a good start and as her cousin, she wants me to be on the good side with her boyfriend.

We descended the stairs after me thousands of times reassuring Vidhu that she looks good. He has been waiting in his super cute Royal Enfield near the bus stop. Vidhu smiled bright and fastened our pace.

"Hi Vidhya! Hi Janaki!"

Ajay waved at us with a smile.

She just waved at him with a blush and muttered a 'hi'

"Hi Ajay anna!"

He looked at me with a shocked expression. Then he smiled and asked me.


"Haan... If you are going to marry my cousin, then you would be my brother."

I stated as a matter of fact and looked at him.

Why he is exaggerating the simple word I spoke with the intention of respect. But now his eyes widened and looked at Vidhu confusingly.


Come on! Has he forgotten his brain in his home? Wait! Why he is so shocked at mentioning about marriage? Don't he have the intention to marry Vidhu? No!

"Why the hell you are shocked on hearing the word 'marriage'? Then what are your intentions?"

I don't know from where this all temper came from. But I am so angry at the moment.

"I didn't mean it. I am having lots of dreams about our marriage... (he pulled Vidhu closer and kept his arm around her arm connecting their shoulders) Things changing so quickly and I didn't expect you to speak about it now. That's why I couldn't reply properly. I'm sorry if I offended you. But I will not leave her under any circumstances. I will promise you that."

The relief spread over me after hearing his explanation. I shouldn't have spoken to him so rude. Not everyone is like Nandhini.

"Sorry! I am... (I sighed and rubbed my forehead). I don't know why I lashed out at you. You guys carry on. I am leaving. Sorry for spoiling your evening."

I smiled at them sadly. Vidhu looked concerned.

"If you want Vidhu to be with you, we will meet later. You don't seem good. You may need her. As you called me anna, I have to take care of my thangachi!"

(Thangachi – Sister)

I grinned big and nodded negatively. He is so caring and understanding us! God! Thank you for giving Vidhu such a wonderful man.

"That's okay Anna. I can take care of myself. Just my protective mode over Vidhu got over my senses. Take care of her anna. And return before 8.30 PM."

"Call me immediately if you want anything Janu."

I nodded at Vidhu and waved at them. The question that had been raising all these days raised at my head on looking at their shrinking view.

'Am I doing the right thing in Vidhu's love matter?'

As always, I am not sure about my answer yet. My legs carried me to my room. I felt very bored, I called my Appa over the phone and spoke with him a few minutes then dialled Akash's number.

ployees. We are like a family, so I easily got into the conversation asking about the well-being of their family.

I could hear my Amma's scolding voice even though she kept her voice low. After a few minutes, I came out and asked Vidhu to accompany me home. My appa stopped us and asked us to finish breakfast before going home. I hugged him for his care and did as he said before giving a glare at my mom who returned my action. I mentally laughed at her cute glare and returned home. It's my turn to get scolded by my Athai.


It's been a week we came here. Everything is ALMOST back to normal. Now everyone is summoned here to discuss the marriage arrangements. The marriage hall has been finalised. Food will be prepared at our hotel. And there are a lot more things to get arranged. Wedding invitations and dresses have to purchase with the consent of Prabhu mama. Tomorrow a few of us might be going to Chennai for selecting the invitation model.

Vidhu argued to set some good wedding planner to do all these chores but our amma-s said NO in the chorus. They want everything directly under their supervision. So she gave up after knowing that they are not at all considering that option. We have a lot of things on our plate.

Being younger people, we got the annoying work. We have to call our relatives to ask about the contact details of the person had worked in their previous family functions. We should get reviews from our relatives then we have to call the top five contractors to get a price quotation. And we have to work out the best possible combination out of it.

We all love using mobile, but this calling and follow up is the worst kind of thing to do. But we did it for three whole days to work out the combination of satisfying contractors. But at the last time, most of the people had been replaced with the suggestion of Nandhini. That annoyed us most. But their price and work are relatively better. So finally we are happy. After all, we want to give the best to Prabhu mama at his wedding. All of our relatives should be amazed by the arrangement. It has to be traditional along with the hint of current trends.

The invitation selection is another headache moment. On entering the store, a cute but normal design attracted my attention. I pointed it to my amma but she denied telling it is too simple. Then our parents selected a few designs but Prabhu mama didn't like it. He selected a few trendy cards, they refused to get it. Finally, Prabhu mama chooses the invitation that I chose earlier and told them, this card is final. As our parents also satisfied with the design, they accepted. I looked at my amma like 'See how we have same taste!'. My amma sheepishly smiled and averted her gaze away from me.

God! If the card itself took almost a day, I am afraid how long it will take to select dresses for wedding

Wedding arrangements will be continued... :)

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