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Vidhya's POV


The day we met, Frozen I held my breath...

Right from the start...

I knew that I'd found a home for my heart beats fast, Colours and promises.

How to be brave?

How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?

But watching you stand alone?

All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.

One step closer...

I have died every day waiting for you...

Darling don't be afraid I have loved you...

For a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more...

And all along I believed I would find you.

Time has brought your heart to me.

I have loved you for a thousand years...

I'll love you for a thousand more...

[Extract from 'A Thousand Years ' song from 'Twilight' movie.]


I woke up listening to the sweet voice of Christina Perri. I saw Janu folding the clothes and singing along. I smiled. I had a peaceful sleep after a long time. No more burden of guilt. I am feeling strong with my newly gained support from Janu.

"Good morning!"

I turned towards her with a yawn. She chuckled and shook her head.


I asked sleepily.

"The time is 12.20 NOON."

I sat up immediately blinking and checked my phone in disbelief.

Did I really sleep so long? The answer is yes.

"We planned to do the packing?"

"That's okay. We will do it today as much as we can and will finish the balance tomorrow."

"Okay done."

I quickly freshened up and helped her to pack our books. We are going to keep them in my anna's apartment for 2 reasons. One - We may require those brick-like books for our internship. Two - These books are too heavy and highly space occupant to carry them to Kancheepuram and back here later.

We wrapped newspapers over each set of ten books and tied it with rope to make it easier for carrying. Anna will come and get our books and other items necessary for a hostel like our kettle, buckets, etc., to his apartment on the day we are vacating as we have to come back to Chennai for continuing our internship. We will be carrying only our dresses and accessories back to our home which could occupy our two big suitcases and our shoulder bags.

After having some quick bites of lunch, we resumed the work and almost finished three-fourth of the packing by evening. I called Ajay while having lunch and I talked to him only a few minutes because of the continuous teasing looks, clearing of the throat and fake coughs from Janu. He disconnected the call only after I promised him to have a long talk after finishing our work. Choo chweet!

We sat in comfortable silence with our coffee mugs, taking small-small sips of the heavenly drink. I looked at Janu expecting her to ask for the remaining details of my love, but she seems to enjoy her coffee with admiration. Uffff... This Woman!

"Won't you ask me for the remaining details?"

She smiled knowingly and sighed with a sad expression.

"Do I have a choice? I know even if I didn't want to hear that boring story of yours, you will tie me up in a chair to describe every single incident in detail. So start your blabbering."

I looked at her in disbelief and shook my head. She started laughing.

"Okay okay... Continue your autobiography."

I shot her a glare and resumed my 'Kaadhal kaaviyam' (Love story).

^ Flashback ^

I silenced my vibrating mobile for the 23rd time as Ajay has been calling me continuously. We are staying in my anna's apartment to celebrate my birthday. Yes, there would be no suspense or surprises for me about cake cutting. My anna and Janu went beyond the limit of atrocities by sending me to buy my own birthday cake and 'the worst part' is I have to pay the bill. At midnight, those two will wake me up and wish me 'happy birthday' and then ask me to make a wish while blowing the candle. Then in a flash of a moment, the whole frosting would be on our face. This is the routine of my birthdays.

My date of birth falls on April 14th, since it is Tamil New Year as well as Government holiday, also summer holidays, every year we will go out to different places in the name of my birthday celebration. However, those days would be filled with more fun and ended up as a beautifully memorable day. My anna and Janu will make sure of that. And the bonus of one's' birthday is GIFTS. My most expensive dreams would come true on this day.

I have been waiting for Janu to sleep, so I can speak to Ajay. But she is busily playing 'clash of clans' in her mobile. I silently walked to the kitchen in the name of 'filling water bottle'. He answered my call on the very first ring.

"Pirandha naal vaazhthukal Velakatti! Were the celebrations over? Or am I disturbing you?"

[Pirandha naal vaazhthukal: Happy birthday!

Velakatti's actual meaning is palm sugar, which is commonly used as an endearment to state the person is sweet]

"Thank you very much, Ajay. And yes, just now washed away the frosting from my face"

I smiled at his endearment. I heard him chuckling at my response which leads my smile to grow bigger. Even though I didn't confess my feeling for him yet, I couldn't help my instant reactions.

"What's your plan for tomorrow? Is there any possibility for us to meet?"

Wow! He wants to meet me! But with my anna and Janu, how can I find a way to go alone? But I too want to meet him.

"I really want to meet you, Ajay. But I don't know yet what they planned for tomorrow. They will tell me about it in the morning. I will let you know tomorrow. Okay?"

"Yeah. That's fine. Enjoy the day to the fullest and call me if you want anything. It's getting late. Go and have some beauty sleep, Velakatti. Sweet dreams. Bye."

"Sure. Good night. Bye."

I entered the room with a smile and noticed Janu already fast asleep. I wrapped a blanket over her and hopped next to her. I wrapped myself with another blanket and drifted off to my dream world.


I came out of the shower and inhaled the divinely aroma of appam, automatically my legs carried me to the kitchen. My Anna was cooking appam. Janu is sitting on the kitchen counter and enjoying the appam and sweet coconut milk. I quickly went near her to steal some bites from her plate. She flashed a bright smile and hugged me and wished me once again. My anna joined her and wished me. Then Janu gave me the plate and she swapped anna to let him eat. Our parents and Akash anna wished me over the phone. It's been really hard for me to celebrate my birthday away from my parents during the first year of my college, but eventually, I got used to it. Some of my friends called me too.

[Appam is a variety of pancake/crepe made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It tastes heavenly when you eat it with sweetened coconut milk.]

"So what is today's plan?"

"As you completed 21 years, we planned to take you to 21 fam

ed into his eyes.

"I love you romba neraiya Ajay"

(I love you so much, Ajay)

He flashed a big grin and hugged me again.

"Love you too, Vidhya. I will be always there for you. I have been with many girls as a friend before. But I don't find the pull towards them like I felt, on looking at you. On the first day itself, I wanted to propose to you. I would have reacted badly if someone scolded me or advised me. But I couldn't get angry on you that day. I adored your anger and I couldn't think straight with you. My mind and heart suddenly threw everything out on seeing you and filled me with only you. I want to cherish you for the lifetime. Will you allow me to do so? "

Wow! My all imaginary rehearsals of him proposing me couldn't be better than the real him. God! I love him so much.

"Yes, Ajay. You are the one and only person to stir the unknown feelings inside me. I never felt this way with anyone. It feels so perfect to spend time with you. Your simple touch is enough to make chemical reactions inside me. I never hide things from Janu. You know, how close we are. But you are making me do things which I very well knew that I would not get approval from my family. My heart trusts you blindly and wants to follow you. I never go out with a man other than my family. Your presence makes me feel so alive. What are you doing to me, Ajay? "

I looked at him to get some answers that had been nagging my mind since our first meet. But he offered me just a smile. I mirrored his smile and looked at his gorgeous eyes.

He placed his forehead over mine with his eyes closed. I smiled and let him stay like that. He spoke with his eyes still closed.

"It's getting late. Your anna and Janu will be worried. Let's go. Don't worry. We will come often here in future"

I smiled crazily at his plan for our future. The ride back home was filled with comfortable silence and like earlier, I enjoyed the ride with my head leaning on his shoulder and holding his another shoulder.


I entered the apartment with a dreamy smile thinking about him saying that he misses me so much that sometimes he was thinking of kidnapping me while saying bye to me. He dropped me a few steps away from the apartment.

"Where have you been Vidhu? Why do you look like a drenched crow? It didn't seem rained outside"

I froze on my steps, on hearing the voice of Janu. I quickly composed myself.

"Shruthy tortured me to meet her. So I just went to meet her and caught in the rain in that place."

"Is it? I don't know that you are this much close with her. What do you do?"

"We had coffee with talk and she gave me this gift"

I showed her the bag knowing I couldn't hide physical things away from her. And it has the benefit that I could handle whatever inside, in front of her without any questions. I smiled as the line he said while giving me the present after dropping me her.

'A little birthday present for my lovely artist'

She nodded and urged to change my wet dress.

I freshened up and dried my hair. My anna is now sitting on the sofa oblivious of what happened.

"Sorry, Vidhu. I overslept."

He yawned. I shook my head.

"No problem anna. I really enjoyed the day"

He smiled sleepily. With his state, it is not a good idea to take him out or asking him to cook. Janu and I can cook, but I am too lazy to cook now.

"Anna, I don't feel like going out. Shall we order something from dominos?"

"If that is what you want, order for me too"

He yawned again. He must be really tired.

I asked Janu's help to select the menu and order in the nearby outlet.

After the dinner, I opened his gift and found the painter's charm silver necklace with matching earrings.

Damn! He is awesome. Now I understood his implication of 'lovely artist'.

I texted him 'Thank you for the wonderful gift and making my day complete with your LOVE.'

He replied with 'I love you. Anything for you.'

^ End of the Flashback ^

I smiled sheepishly at my smirking cousin.

"Why do I feel like I just saw a boring love movie?"

She added with crunching her nose. I smacked her head and muttered 'shut up'. She rubbed her head and glared at me.

"Make sure you don't do any censored things! Else I will kill that jerk"

I failed to hide my blushing self and escaped from her by excusing myself to take a shower to wash off the dust accumulated on me while packing our things. I heard her yelling, 'Then I will take it as yes' from the room. I shook my head and turned on the shower.

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