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Vidhya's POV

I waited till Janu's laughter died down to tell her everything that I had hidden all these days. To remind the time is moving fast, our dinner time reminder alarm went off. We quickly grabbed our plates and washed them before rushing down to the canteen.

The best four letters word in the world to me is FOOD!

No doubt today is the day full of surprises!

Guess what!

We have chapathi/chapati and paneer masala for our dinner!

Cooking chapathi in the hostel is a very very rare possibility as it involves lots of work to prepare. But we have luck today! We decided to eat in the dining area as we don't need to walk back all the way down to get another chapathi!

We discussed some packing ideas and the application form submission for ITT and Orientation Classes. We wished to complete those classes before returning Kancheepuram but there are no seats available till February. I guess we have to do it after our results. The main drawback in taking those classes after the release of our results is, we could join our articleship (Internship) only after completing them. So we have to wait another month or two to join articleship, which has the risk of no vacancies in top-rated firms. Janu suggested getting advice from our teachers to get better options.

We had a second round of the meal and went directly to the terrace because we need a walk to help our digestive system as the exceptional taste of the food made us fill it beyond the limit. Being in the terrace at nights will always fill you with joy and peace.

"Hey Vidhu, will you please continue your Kaadhal Kaaviyam' (Love story)?"

She asked mischievously.

"I got a friend request from him on FB the same day. I..."

"Ding! You would have accepted! Then! In a flash of a song, you both are in love! Right?"

Janu cut off me sarcastically.


She looked confused by my response

"What do you mean by 'No'?"

"Have some patience Janu. Let me tell."

She kept her index finger over her mouth and signalled me to continue. Crazy woman!

^ Flashback ^

I got a friend request from him. What does he think about himself? After all those scoldings, he sent me a friend request! He didn't even have the courtesy to apologize for his stupid behaviour towards Janu. Now he wants me to be his friend. Without thinking twice I pressed 'Ignore' and continue swiping my mobile screen. But that time I didn't realize he is not the person who takes 'No' as a response. The very next day he made me realize that.

Our law professor asked Janu to meet him after class to have some unfinished discussion on a case study. I cautiously excused myself as she would go on asking clarification till the break gets over. On my way back to class after buying our breakfast, I spotted Ajay standing alone near the entrance.

I chose to ignore him. But before I walk past him, he extended his hand blocking my way. I suppressed my annoyance and looked at him with a blank face.

"Hi, Vidhya!"

"What do you want Ajay?"

"Hey, chill ma. I just want to talk. Nothing else"

He spoke with a very innocent expression. I kinda umm.. couldn't resist.

"Then talk"

"Why you didn't accept my friend request?"

Wow! Straight to the point! But he can't tell what I shall do.

"What do you mean?"

"I know that you are fully aware of what I mean. Why?"

He tilted his head one side and smirked. Idiot!

"I don't accept friend requests from strangers."

I stated the fact.

"Ahaah! Good policy. But that only applies to strangers. Not me! You came to me to talk and we got introduced yesterday."

"Yesterday I came to put some sense into your little brain. Nothing else. You didn't even seem to have a thought to apologize for your mean behaviour. But you are here to know why a woman didn't accept your friendship. I couldn't understand you!"

"Yes! You can understand me better if you accept my friend request. If you want me to apologize, no problem, I am sorry. If you want me to apologize to your cousin, I will tell her too."

No! If he apologizes to her, I have to explain her regarding yesterday's incident details.

"You don't have to tell her. I will convey your apology. But..."

"Great! I am getting late now. We will talk evening on Facebook. Okay, bye."

Before I could reply he hopped onto his bike and disappeared like he hadn't been here a minute ago. I stood still contemplating what just happened and went shaking his thoughts out of my mind.

I though

to rise to end our 'First fight'. I just wanted to see him and apologize. I decided to accept whatever his decision would be.

I used to descend as soon as you were gone to buy food, but I wanted a few minutes to calm myself before going to face him. But he surprised me by coming up and sitting next to me in your seat. I didn't mind that anyway. Yet surprised more because he was smiling and I felt so relieved to see him. He didn't decide to leave me! I smiled and muttered sorry & kept on telling him how guilty I felt. He placed a finger on my mouth and shushed me ignoring the fact we are in the middle of the classroom, surrounded by a bunch of people. I blushed at his sudden touch. And he again pinched my cheek and told me to come to the parking. We walked to go to the parking with comfortable silence.

He told me that he totally understood my situation and his mobile is out of battery couldn't get time to charge it and he reached home late after completing his work. And that's the reason for not contacting me earlier. He behaved very mature and made me feel silly. And to control the anger issues he gave me a 'happy smiley' sponge ball attached to a keychain.

'The first gift.'

I thanked him a lot and told him without thinking that I missed him very much. He gave me a very calm face and took my hand in his before telling that he also missed me. That is the moment I realized how much I love him. My each and every cell solely focused on him. I smiled big at my realization. He returned me the smile but his expression turned sad and sighed 'Go back to class otherwise Janaki will start to send a search party for you.' I glared at him but what he said is obviously true, so I bid him bye and turned around. He caught my wrist and pulled me towards him, standing just a few inches away from me. I had to press my toes hard to hide my blush. He is the only person having this effect on me. Otherwise, I would have imprinted my hand on the cheek of a man who touches me without my permission. 'Vidhya, I will NEVER leave you. Keep that in your pretty head.' His confession made me blush hard and I was on cloud nine. Happiness overloaded. He didn't take his eyes away from me until I reached the door. I nodded finally and went to class."

I finished my lengthy monologue with a dreamy smile. Janu had a genuine smile on her face.

"Hmm... My little girl had grown too quickly."

She wiped her fake tears.

"Don't tease me Janu!"

I whined.

"I value your privacy chellam (dear) but never hide things from me stupidly thinking that I will scold you for doing some idiotic things. See how one thing leads you to another and here we are." She exclaimed.

"Okay, mam. I will keep that in mind. Anything else mam?"

She hit my arm playfully and dragged me to our room. We settled in our bed. The time is already 11.30 PM. We spoke a few minutes and drifted off to sleep. I texted him everything happened after reaching hostel before getting enveloped by sleep.

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