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   Chapter 23 CHAPTER 23

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Vidhya's POV

I am having a great time with Ajay as always. I am going back to Kancheepuram in a few days and I already have the contraction in my heart, for missing him. Our results will be announced by the beginning of February. It's going to be a hard vacation. I got little emotional but my Ajay comforted me. For the first time, I leaned on his shoulder to seek comfort. I am not the PDA type of person. He was surprised by my sudden intimacy but I knew he enjoyed it.

I promised to meet him before leaving. After spending some time with him, we decided to go back as I remembered Janu will be waiting for me. I don't want to leave yet because of the fact that I will no longer be able to look at those mesmerizing pair of eyes daily. Wow. I have really fallen too deep for him.

Just like to break the effect of his spell, I heard a person yelling at someone to which I reflexively turned towards the voice, but just to leave me with a heart attack, I saw my anna with mixed emotions in his face and that bitch standing next to him with a smirk. My mind is doing many permutations and combinations of what was going to happen. I just stood rooted in my place. Unlike me, Ajay has some brain to unlock our fingers and to maintain some distance. I am too shocked even to breathe.

Wow. I have totally forgotten to look around. I realized Akash was here and he is the one who had loudly greeted my anna and that bitch. I noticed Janu almost standing behind Akash. She signalled me to come there. If any God listening to me, please make me invisible. I could see a hint of panic and hurt in her eyes. Her sparkling eyes now showing hurt because of me. I kept her in the dark side all these days. But here she is trying to save me from my anna. What kind of cousin I am. I never felt this much guilt in my whole life.

"I'm fine Akash. How have you been?" That bitch replied Akash and my anna looked confused. I don't know how would the event have turned if Janu is not present here at this moment.

"Hmm... What are you guys doing here? Hmm, Vidhu, who is this?"

My breath caught in my lungs and my brain is refusing to think anything. He is probably going to kill me. No other need, what will my athai and amma do? NO! I don't even want to think about the consequences. I tried hard to make a reply but I couldn't. Gratefully, Akash replied on my behalf. I know what he is telling is a pure lie. For a single person, that is me, my cousin and his best friend is telling lies to my Anna.

"Meet Ajay. He is also a Final student and my friend. He helped Vidhu and Janu in studies. Now they came to return the reference books back to him. Coincidentally I got to meet them. I suggested having some coffee. That's why we are here."

My anna being him, satisfied with the answer as I seen his face cleared and a smile crept its way in his face. He also shook his hand with Ajay. And Ajay passed a smile towards Nandhini. I told a lot about my family. He is keeping his cool but that fact itself making me feel nervous. I managed to move towards Janu foot by foot, not wanting to grab any attention from anyone.

I saw a few uncomfortable glances shared between Janu and Anna. It hurts because we were never been like this. All this fucked up problem between them is because of that bitch who could not keep her legs shut. Chill Vidhya! My language and thoughts purely depend on my mood. Now I am not having a good one.

Again Akash broke the uncomfortable silence.

"Hey Prabhu, you would have come here to spend some time with sister. So I think we should leave and give you some space and it's been an hour already we got here. So I think it's bye"

"Okay guys. Will see you later."

Did he just say us to fuck off for that bitch? YEAH! Where


I managed to tell that sternly. I nodded at Karthik anna and walked calmly towards the class even though all I wanted is to run far away.


Even though he has spoken only three words to me, I recognized his voice instantly. Ajay!

I stood still in panic without turning around. I heard his footsteps. Slow down! You idiotic heart! He could even hear you!

He came and stood in front of me.

"Say one thing honestly...Please?"

What does he want?

"I couldn't get you, Ajay."

He smiled! Damn that smile!

"Do you really think I am looking like a monkey?"

He raised his left eyebrow. He has sharp features with sparkling eyes, full lips and... Beautiful smile. Stop! You are checking him out! I pinch my nose and looked down to hide my blush.

"Haan..? Hmm... N-Noo.."

His smile widened. Wait! I should not feed his ego! Before I could tell anything he did something which caught me off guard. He pinched my cheek. I am sure now my cheek would have betrayed me by displaying bright red. He smirked and went back to his gang with a bye.

I left my senses and rushed inside. I never felt like this nor allowed any stranger to touch me. I didn't feel any sparks like it is mentioned in love stories but sure I am having some chemical reactions in me.

How stupidly I scolded Karthik anna! Janu is going to kill me for cursing Karthik anna. He has been helping her since we joined here for our foundation course. That Shruthy! I am going to kill her. Why she gave me the wrong lead? But I should have asked his name before started speaking. I facepalmed myself.

Yesterday, I kept on teasing Janu about Ajay. Now how I am going to tolerate her? Ahhh... Karma is a bitch!

I decided to not tell her about it. If Karthik anna tells, then I can manage by telling some lame excuse. So that's it.

^ End of the Flashback ^

Janu is laughing so hard clutching her stomach with her hands. Superb!

"Vidhu ma.. (laughs) I-if you have... (laugh) asked me... I would have.. (TRIED to control her laugh)... God! I would have happily accompanied you. But that would be so childish... Like I am complaining about a bully to a strong woman... (laughs) Like a superhero saving an innocent woman (laugh) Then it would have been a good meet! But (laugh) that's the funniest first-meet you know... (laugh) "

I glared at her playfully. She started laughing more. I sighed. Even though I don't want to admit it, our first meeting is the craziest! But it is very special to me.

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