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Janaki's POV

Finally... FINALLY, our exams were over... Yaaawoooooo... Me and Vidhu planned to spend this night in our hostel terrace. It's a little bit cold as it is November end but we love to look at the twinkling stars and the half moon without any concerns. Like a mother carrying a baby for nine months, we have lived with books. And FINALLY, our nine months 'thavam' (penance) had come to an end.

Our stargazing got interrupted by my amma's phone call. I turned on the speaker so we both can talk.

"Hi amma" "Hi athai"

We sang as we are in a very great mood.

"Hey Vidhu! Janu! Eppa kelambringa? Nalaiku packing mudichitingana appa maru naal ungala kootitu vandirvar ma. Okay thane?"

(Hey Vidhu! Janu! When are you starting? I will send your appa day after tomorrow if you guys finish packing by tomorrow. Is it okay?)

"NO Banu! Nanga udane varartha ila. Nanga knjm relax pana porom. Anga vandha neraiya velai iruku. Purijiko amma! At least month end varikum. Inum six day thane iruku. Hostel rent um adhu indha month end varai pay panirkome. Please Banu. Six days tha please."

(No Banu! We are not leaving immediately. We are gonna relax for a bit. If we come there, there would be a lot of works to be done. Understand us amma! At least let us stay till the month end. We hardly have six days. Also, we have paid the room rent for the whole month. Please, Banu. Just six more days.)

She would not mind me calling her name as I will do that only at some exceptionally happy moments. I am not sure whether she will accept this or not. But it is worth to try. I didn't ask Vidhu's opinion earlier yet she had an appreciative look and also had an eager look to know her reply.

"Velaiyadatha Janu. Olunga kelambi vaa. Ena idhu pudhu pazhakam? Inga vandhu elvo vena relax panikonga"

(Don't joke around Janu. Get ready and come. What's this a new habit? You can relax here as much as you want. "

Haha... If she has accepted at first instance, it won't be my mom. Let's give a little push. Anyways I am not losing anything in trying!

"Amma, please... Please... Allow us this one time... Please... "

We both pleaded her. I heard her sigh. What! OMG! It's gonna be the greatest miracle in history.

"Okay. This is the first and last time. I will not give permission for any other ideas like this. I know you guys worked hard all these months. So I allow this one time."

"Yessss! You are the best mom. Tell athai about this amma. Now we are going back to star gaze. Tata. See you soon."

We heard her chuckle.

"Okay. Don't stay longer on the terrace. You guys might be caught cold. Take care. Bye."

"Okay ma byeeee" "Okay athai take care"

We both did our little victory dance and resumed our star gaze.

After spending a good amount of time on the terrace we descended to our room like around 3 AM because we couldn't bear the chillness. I stirred in my bed because some idiot is murmuring something, thinking I couldn't hear. But I can.

Vidhu is talking to her boyfriend. She paused a moment to check on me before resuming as I remained still. They are planning to meet at some place today evening. Very Good. I begged my mom to give permission but here she is taking advantage over it. I mentally sighed before continuing my darling sleep.


We woke up at 10 and slowly did our routine. It feels nice to relaaaxx without any hard commitments. We decided to watch 'back to back' movies in our laptop and chill with some ice-creams. It's been long since we had a movie day. So we decided to watch 'Charlie' [A Malayalam movie] and 'OK Kanmani' [A Tamil movie]. We settled without any argument over the selection of both the movies as they are our all-time favourites.

After spending almost the whole day in movies, I decided to do something useful. So I decided to wash my clothes. After drying up the clothes in the terrace, I found Vidhu in blue jeans and a white kurti top fully got ready to go somewhere. I already knew who she is going to meet

"Are you going out somewhere?"

"Haan... Yes, Janu. I have to return this costing reference book to Shruthy before we leave. So I thought, it is better to return her the book while we have time. If you want.. you can come."

She avoided my eyes and almost whispered the last sentence. Whene

ly Prabhu mama with Nandhini coming this way. His eyes widened and I could see him having an internal war in his mind. I saw them almost reached the door. He noticed them. I'm done today. Wait! I can try!

I almost dragged Akash towards them. He abruptly standing near the door and he is too doing his own mental battle. I pushed Akash before me to manage the situation.

"What a pleasant surprise man? Wow. How are you Nandhini? Nice to see you after a long time."

He shouted enough to grab the couple's attention and I saw Vidhu having a little heart attack. Then she noticed me. I signalled her to come here.

"I'm fine Akash. How have you been?" Nandhini replied with her fake smile while looking at us. Prabhu mama looked confused. Vidhu and Ajay came near us.

"Hmm... What are you guys doing here? Hmm, Vidhu, who is this?"

Prabhu mama questioned while mirroring confusion all over his face. Before she could answer, Akash replied.

"Meet Ajay. He is also a Final student and my friend. He helped Vidhu and Janu in studies. Now they came to return the reference book back to him. Coincidentally I got to meet them. I suggested having some coffee. That's why we are here."

Mama's face cleared as a smile crept it's way in his face and shook his hand with Ajay. And Ajay passed a smile towards Nandhini. He is keeping cool but my idiotic cousin is still in shock. She obviously needs some time to get back to normal as she almost got caught. She took small-small steps and stood next to me.

Now the actual problem almost got over, I am getting an awkward feel, after all, such dramas, this is the first time I am meeting Prabhu mama and Nandhini even though we have some phone conversations during exams. I understood Prabhu mama is also feeling the same while we locked our gaze for a moment and looked away immediately. I just need to get out of here. My all-time saviour paved a way for that also.

"Hey Prabhu, you would have come here to spend some time with sister. So I think we should leave and give you some space and it's been an hour already we got here. I think it's time to say bye"

The old Prabhu mama would have insisted us to stay and he would like to spend some time with us. But guess what he said.

"Okay, guys. Will see you later."

Great change man!

My rage reached its peak but I don't know why. We waved bye and got out. Vidhu tried to speak but I motioned her to stop.

"We will speak about it after reaching the hostel."

She nodded looked at Ajay and waved bye. I saw Akash having some unreadable expression on his face.

"I will call you after reaching there Akash. Sorry and Thanks. What you did means a lot to me."

He nodded and waved bye with a small smile before getting onto his FZ.

I stopped an auto and hopped into it and told him our address. Vidhu sat silently next to me. We have a BIG night ahead.

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