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Prabhu's POV

In the past few weeks, so many things had happened. I still couldn't see Nandhini's face without feeling guilty. I am wondering whether am I ready for this marriage. I couldn't even take care of her at a small party. How am I going to take care of her in my whole life?

After that incident, I have been spending lots of my time with her. That makes me feel better. Above all, I couldn't be normal with Janu. I am glad she apologized to Nandhini even though she clearly not at all wanted to do it, but did it by the pressure from our parents.

I knew my parents are doing this so that I would not have any negative feelings towards her as she is already being punished by them. But they didn't understand that I would never have negative feelings for my family, particularly for her. Maybe I would be angry towards them for some time, but nothing more than that.

To my relief, Nandhini didn't exaggerate this issue. I thought this was going to be a big problem. At least I expected her to be angry after knowing everything, but she proved herself great by handling the whole thing in a very cool way. It gave me a lot of confidence that she would be a good wife and daughter to our family even though I still couldn't think romantic about her.

Also, this made me feel so guilty because it was my fault. Even though I had decided to leave the party, I should have informed her directly. In that way, I would have known whether she is okay or not. But I didn't. I am the worst.

I feel so lucky to get married to Nandhini :)

Do I like her?


Will my life get better?

No doubt!

Will she take care of my family?

Of course!

Do I love her?

Hmm... Don't know! YET! She is a good friend though!

It's has become my routine to have lots of self-conversations recently. It is not that I am complaining. I will never forget that night. Each and every second of that night are still clear in my mind. The day she accepted for getting married! She looked so cute that day! Her every gesture showed how much I meant to her! (Dreamy sigh)

I secretly made a deal to pay a waiter to take some photos on our memorable day without Nandhini's knowledge. And that waiter showed his full photography skill by capturing the most perfect moments. I did mention him that he is in the wrong job. I gave him more than I initially agreed and thanked him a lot. I will make use of those photos on the correct occasion. :D

e both had lunch at 1 PM and the time is now 6 PM. We both are a little hungry. So we decided to hang out a little in CCD, T-Nagar (the place where we had our first date) before dropping her in her boutique.

We had some random talks while driving there. I parked the car and we made our way towards the entrance door. But I was surprised to see my sister Vidhya with a man I didn't know, leading their way towards the door. They two were totally occupied with themselves and didn't even bother to look anything else. I feel a little uncomfortable with their intertwined fingers.

I am not the person to shout at my sister just to hang out with a man doubting there is something between them. But mostly she will go out along with Janu. That's what makes me confused to spot her without Janu, that too with a good looking man. I will support my little sister if she is in a relationship but I should not allow this as she is too young to be in a relationship. Also, my parents will literally kill me not letting them know about this. Whoa! Shut up stupid mind! Try to be open minded. They may be just friends... Maybe she suddenly got to meet him here... But their closeness is making some uncomfortable reactions in my belly. God! I couldn't keep imagining and make things even worse.

I looked at Nandhini and found her looking at them with narrowed eyes with a little suspicion evident in her eyes. We entered that transparent door and waited for them to look at us. Before they got time to look at our side, God decided to surprise me more as I found a person approaching me, whom I expect the least to meet in this place.

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