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   Chapter 20 CHAPTER 20

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Janaki's POV

God! That Nandhini proved herself an evil and cunning woman. She knows how to trap a person, most precisely she knows to make my life hell.

'A man will tolerate the anger of his loved one for the mistakes done by him. But he could not endure if the person shed tears because of his mistakes. Because it will implant deep guilt in his heart and the sadness of that person will affect him extremely.'

Nandhini knew this fact very well. Because she used her TEARS as a weapon.

But to my worse, she, herself apologized at him for her sudden disappearance. She might think that he will be angry for her sudden disappearance. That's why she is oblivious about when we left. She should have presumed that we waited for her and left after a long time angrily.

Also being his phone dead, she might have come to the conclusion that Prabhu mama is angry with her and that is the reason, he is trying to avoid her. This lead to multiple apologizes and blabbering explanations to Prabhu mama's Facebook inbox.

But the highlight is a 'video' in which she is crying and telling him that someone had spiked her drink and she couldn't remember anything. And telling him sorry many times and pleading to talk with her.

That added fuel to my mama's rage and guilt. He was already angry with me for dragging him out of the party without telling him any reason. Now he was feeling responsible for her and guilty for him letting that happen to her.

He is fuming that he would have been a knight in shining armour to his beloved to-be-wife if we hadn't forced him to leave. He would have been with her at that critical moment to ensure she was okay. Now he thinks he failed to save her to-be-wife from that illusionary person Nandhini created to spike her drink.

I could clearly understand his feelings. But how can I say that she is not at all worth his time and feelings without hurting him?

He already apologized her telling that I pressurized him to leave early and explained everything happened through FB messages and he went to pacify her in person. As he disclosed everything to our parents, my amma gave me a long lecture without even letting me explain my version

exam venue.

I am confident about the exam as accounting is my favourite subject but also has a little bit of nervousness, which is inevitable. We had spent the last nine months for this moment. We have stayed away from our lovable parents all these days to get quality knowledge. We practised and read a lot sacrificing the most of our social time and entertainments.

So many reference books...

So many lectures from experts...

So many model tests for practice...

So many sleepless nights...

We faced all these things to bring happiness to our parents. Just for the sake of a contented and proud smile from my appa and amma when I tell them that I became a Chartered Accountant. And to fulfil my responsibilities of making our parent's lives better.

Our teachers had not only taught us the subjects but also the confidence and positive attitude to face the exams, also to succeed in it. God has blessed us with great teachers who have taught us to succeed in our life. We are very much grateful for them. This is the time for us to prove our efficiency to everyone.

After a long period of time, Prabhu mama called to wish us 'All the best' and spoke with me normally. I could understand that he is doing this to help me keep the family issues aside and to proceed with a clear mind towards my exams. And I am really grateful for that. The bell rang indicating that the students have to enter the exam halls.

It's time for the exam!

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