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Janaki's POV

I couldn't place any of my emotions in a place.

'First, get out of here Janu!'

My mind snapped at me. I quickly grabbed Vidhu's hand and dragged her out. They were so busy to notice someone else is in the same room. Ewwww... I must forget this scene!

God, I'm forever going to be haunted by nightmares.

As you all expect, it is Sanjeev and Nandhini. They were all sucking their faces and... in a very awkward position.. No... God, please help me by erasing those memories from my mind.

Vidhu still didn't recover from that. I saw Prabhu mama coming towards us or may be coming this way to use the restroom behind us. Hell NO!

How will he react?

Maybe I should just let him go and learn about her true face. But what if he takes the whole thing in a very wrong way and makes himself suffer.

He had been so happy with her earlier.

No.. No.. No.. This can't happen now. He deserves happiness... But he also deserves to know the truth too...



My head started pounding because of the internal war going on in my head. I blocked mama in the middle of his way.

"Mama, we need to leave." I said calmly.

"Hey Janu, you told that you guys have to reach there before 9 PM. It's just 7.30 PM now ma. I think you guys can enjoy some more time."

He was speaking to me but his eyes were roaming all around the room. Oh! He thinks that we are enjoying here. Why he became so blind!

"Mama, I told 'WE' need to leave"

He threw me 'are you sane' look.

"Have you... Hmm.. accidentally drunk.. something? Janu ma, I told you already that I am staying till this party gets over... Okay, leave it... Now tell me why we need to leave and where to leave?"

He started with a mischievous glint in his eyes but seeing my serious face his speech ended seriously. God, why he has to complicate everything.

"Let just get out of here. We can go anywhere but we are not staying here. And 'YOU' are coming with us. DON'T ASK ME ANY REASONS NOW. If you trust me, please do as I say"

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and a glint of anger in his eyes.

"Why are you behaving like this Janaki? What has gotten into you? How do you expect me to come with you? What do shall I tell Nandhini?"

He snapped at me and paused a minute then turned towards Vidhu

"Vidhya, what happened? Why is she jumping from sky to earth?"

"Anna, we must leave. Why can't you just listen to her? Let's go."

He looked very annoyed and frustrated.

"Give me a DAMN REASON. And stop this childish behaviour."

He snapped.

Akash rushed towards us. He should have noticed that we are having some heated conversation. He looked worried.

"Guys, everything is okay? You seem to argue over something?"

"Janaki and V

am in Prabhu mama's apartment. I slowly walked up to the bathroom and finished my daily routine.

I came out pat drying my hair with a towel. I'm wearing a black jean and a sky blue coloured buttoned down shirt. I found Vidhu sitting against the headboard and looking at the ceiling. If I don't have any problems awaiting outside the door, I would have recorded her staring at nothing and made fun of her later.

Recently a lot of things have been happening and I am getting tired of it. I sighed. She looked at me with a small smile and went to get freshen up. She came after a few minutes, her head got nicely wrapped in the towel. She is wearing a beige patiala pant with deep royal blue kurti that suits her well.

Suddenly, we heard impatient knocks at the room door. We both sighed in unison and smiled at our simultaneous behaviour. I quickly paced towards the door but hesitated to open it. Again the knocks started, so I opened the door instantly just to get hit by my mama's hand straight on my face. I winced a little, rubbing my nose. He burst into laughter. I think this is not a bad start for the day. He saw me staring at him and quickly composed himself. Then only I noticed he is holding the laptop on his other hand.

He shoved the laptop into my hands now his whole body is radiating only one thing.


I silently stared at his eyes. He immediately looked away. Oh God! It actually hurts mama!

Vidhu rushed to my side and looked at the screen. She scrolled a few times gasping.

"Sethom, Janu!" (Janu, We are dead!)

She muttered lowly but I heard it very clearly which instantly had an effect, as fear started to envelop me.

I turned the laptop towards me and focused on the hell of things shown before my eyes in this little devil box. This is much worse than I expected.

Damn it Nandhini!

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