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Janaki's POV

Oh my dear God!

Why me?

I have been trying to solve this problem for the past 45 minutes. Every time I am successfully getting the wrong answers, which I could not relate to the solutions given in the book in any possible way.

The worst part is I couldn't understand the steps given in the book to solve the problem and my professor taught me a method, which is totally different from the institute study material.

Great right! I know!

God! I don't even want my worst enemy to face a situation like this.

Totally irritating!

Maybe a little break can do.

Uhoooo lalala..

I switched on the electric kettle, we had in our room to heat the milk to prepare some coffee. We bought the milk on our way back to the hostel from our coaching centre. Recently we are in need of more caffeine to our system to cope up with our lengthy schedule.

Vidhu decided to stay late in the night to finish her revision schedule. Now she is fast asleep and kept her alarm for next one hour. I decided not to wake her up. We are trying our maximum to go according to our schedule.

My mind focused on the major things I have to be dealt with.

I have two big things on my plate now.

Number one: Our main exam.

Number two: Prabhu mama's marriage.

We are having our main exam at the end of the month, November. We both have the confidence to crack our exams. We have made a perfect plan to cover entire syllabus with two revisions and our results of the last model test were also not so bad.

Most of my friends stopped writing model exams telling that they were studying in the meantime of getting ready and up & down travel time to the coaching centre. But if you ask my opinion, I would prefer to write exam than simply studying all the time, because writing exams would be more beneficial as I am gaining more confidence and practice in time management and self-evaluation.

After giving try to three to four times in the model exams, we might feel the main exam like a normal class test. Because it's the benefits of consistent practising.

Coming to the next big event, Prabhu mama conveyed his acceptance, a month ago, to his parents after they returned to Chennai from their vacation. Everybody is so happy about their decision. And everything is happening in the rocket's speed. The date for Prabhu mama and Nandhini's wedding has been fixed on 25th of January.

I expected a tornado from Vidhu on hearing this. But miraculously she took the information very nicely and also she promised to change her attitude towards her to be sister-in-law to maintain peace in our family.

As we both are very much occupied with our studies, the engagement has been planned on the day before the wedding. Nowadays, many families opted for this option due to lack of time and for the convenience of the friends and relatives.

They already booked a wedding hall in Kancheepuram. I am so excited as well as equally worried too about this marriage.

And Nandhini has planned to throw a party for the first year anniversary

and we silently followed him. He sat near the bar counter and ordered some fruit juice for all of us.

I saw Nandhini introducing Prabhu mama as her fiancee to all her friends. I felt someone patting my shoulder. I turned around and saw a totally handsome stranger standing there with a big grin. Something looks so familiar with him.

"Hi, I am Sanjeev. I hope you remember me. Sorry, last time we couldn't get introduced properly. We met at the restaurant in Nungambakkam. I'm Nandhini's friend."

Hmm... Now I remember this man. I didn't see him properly that day. Now I got a chance. He is actually looking so good. He is wearing a maroon half hand T-shirt with black ripped jeans. The T-shirt must be a size smaller than his actual sizes perfectly hugging him showing his well-defined chest and abs. He also wears a silver lip ring on the left side of his lower lip.

He cleared his throat. Damn! I am practically checking him out. I cleared my throat as I felt my throat dry before replying him.

"Hi, I am Janaki. Nice meeting you. I'm Prabhu's cousin."

He smiled and nodded his head. Then asked about my studies and hobbies and told about him. Vidhu and Akash joined our conversation. I still had a little alarm in my mind as I very well remembered how he behaved that day with Nandhini.

Sanjeev left after some time. Some drunk men tried to get near us, but Akash protectively stood by us and helped us by not allowing any such brats near us. We thanked him every time but he shrugged off our thanks with a smile. Usually, Prabhu mama used to do this to us. I miss his regular self.

Vidhu poked me to accompany her to the restroom. I rushed out as soon as I entered the restroom as I saw someone making out. I realized Vidhu hasn't come out yet. What the heck is she doing in there? I quickly went in carefully not wanting to see the thing and found Vidhu closed her mouth with her hand with eyes widened almost at the verge of tears. My eyes widened as my sense slowly recognized who is that indecent couple!

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