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   Chapter 17 CHAPTER 17

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Hi friends, This chapter would contain a recap of previous chapters in Nandhini's perception.

Happy reading!

Nandhini's POV

I have been racking my brain since I returned to Chennai after meeting Prabhu's family at Kancheepuram because I am stuck in this situation, which I never wanted.


Who the hell introduced those idiotic practices in this world?


My father strictly told me to obey whatever his father says and he threatened me to change my attitude to avoid unnecessary consequences.

Since when he starts to control me? He must be kidding. I will find one way or another to demolish their dream castle. They didn't know what I am capable yet.

My thoughts interrupted by the sound of my phone ringing. I attended the call and answered formally as my caller ID has shown an unknown number.

"Hello Nandhini here"

After a few seconds of silence, I got the reply.

"Hi Nandhini, This is Prabhu. How are you? Can I have your few minutes of time? It's about our date." He talked casually.

'Haha... Showtime now...'

I sang in mind before replying casually to him.

"I'm fine Prabhu. How about you? I'm free now. You can talk"

"Yeah, I am good. I just wanted to check when will you be available. Can you please let me know the date and time of your availability? It would be great so I can check with my schedule and tell you the place and timing."

Fuck! He is going to ask for a date. I thought he could do better. But what can I expect from the brother of those witches?

I can't fucking refuse to go as I already got hours of lectures to behave nicely with his family. Actually, I never misbehaved in front of elders as they might tell my parents. That's why his parents would have been agreed to this proposal. Because according to them I am a fucking nice kid.

I have to reply to him in a fucking cautious tone.

"My boutique will be busy on the weekends. You can arrange the date in weekdays. Just let me know it before a day so I can confirm about it."

"Okay. How about tomorrow, 5 PM, CCD at T-Nagar?"

He blurted out.

What the fuck!

First date! In CCD! He probably never been in a relationship before. Fine... Wait do I have any party tomorrow? No! Then I can go!

"Tomorrow...Hmm... Yeah... I'm in...Will be there. See you then. Bye."

"Thank you. See you tomorrow. Bye"

I disconnected the call and sighed on this 'fake good girl role'. I have to devise a plan before going there.


I got ready to meet him in a sleeveless nice blue dress which barely covered my legs. He might reject me instantly after looking at me, that's all I want. After all, he is from a typical middle-class family where these type of dresses were considered as a sin.

My grandma used to tell during my teenage not to wear short dresses as girls should not show off their body other than her husband.


I arrived on time and entered the shop. I reached his table. I saw a little wavering in his eyes, obviously, it's about the disapproval on my dressing today. But he offered me a beautifully wrapped bouquet of white roses.

Wow..! Roses was my weakness! I love them. But that won't give him a chance to rule my life.

We took our seats and I replied with a fake smile.

"Nice flowers. Thank you very much. Have you been waiting for a long time?"

"No no. I just came before five minutes. What would you like to have?"

"Green tea. I am a little health conscious. It's difficult to maintain perfect shape without the diet"

He had a look that I could not read. But what I said him is absolutely true. I have maintained a good figure to get what I want... in more than one way. jQuery21408934204915313269_1594717405544

"Oh. That's good. I will go with a vanilla cappuccino. Would you like to have some snacks?"

No way! I won't eat this junk food.

"Sorry, Prabhu. I am not a fan of junk foods. Just green tea is enough. "

"Hmm okay. Wait, I will place the order."

I nodded with a smile. He returned and resumed our conversation.

"So Nandhini... I knew you finished your schooling in New York and did your college in Chennai. Tell me what you think I should know about you."

I replied to him the same things which I will tell to everyone but everything is actually true.

"Hmm... I want to be an independent woman. My dream is to become one of the best fashion designers. I am working on it. As I told earlier, I am very conscious about my health and diet. More of a social type. Favourite colour is pink; Favorite actor is Tom Cruise. Not a fan of foods. New York lover. Tell me about you."

Our order number had been called. He signalled me to wait and got our order. We took a sip of our drinks. Then he told me about him.

"I am working as a TL in a leading software company. Dedicated employee. I am more of a family person. They are always my first preference. A great fan of our Indian food. Favourite colour: Black and blue; Favorite actors: Thalaivar - Superstar Rajni, Surya and Shiva Karthikeyan; Actress: Nayanthara. I love reading books and cooking. Normal middle-class man. I think that's it. "

I noticed a bright spark in his eyes while telling about his family. How fucking sweet! I thought sarcastically.

Then we spoke some general things for a while.

I have to give him a fucking positive thought that I am very much interested in him and all

ilence is broken by the waiter. We placed our order. I watched his pathetic nervous reactions before asking me out.

"Uh... Hmmm... Nandhini... We already discussed it. Have you made your... decision....?"

I wanted to see his reaction in case of my negative response. So I turned my face into a serious expression before taking a deep breath. I happily observed his restlessness.

I smirked internally. I didn't want to say that word from my mouth. So I decided to tell him indirectly. He might think I am feeling shy if I looked away from him after replying. Thanks for his brought up.

"I thought that you would be knowing what is in my mind already as I always exposing my emotions to you. Hope you made your decision as well! "

I looked at my lap. I heard him let out a loud breath. I move my gaze towards his face to see an appreciative admiring look with a bright smile. The sincerity on his face made me feel a little guilty.

Apart from Jeev, no one really cared about me including my own family. Everyone uses me and I will do the same, so it didn't affect me till now. I thought I would be happy to know that he has fallen for me. But this is not working the way.

Fuck! What has gotten into me?

I have to clear my mind. I can't show any fucking weakness here. Then those witches will win as always they do.

"Thank you Nandhini, I am feeling so happy and lucky to know you joining my family. (pause) I don't know what else to say. Thank you very much Nandhini"

Why he is behaving like this?

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I should not get emotional. Remember your goal Nandhini. Stay strong!

"Hey, no need to thank me. I should be the one to thank you for everything."

He looked at my hand for a minute that I was caressing the roses he gave me a moment ago.

"Shall I hold your hand for a minute? Sorry. If you don't want, no problem. I just..."

I can easily manage a cocky behaviour from men but not this! He is making me feel special. I encountered such things a lot. But I felt this different. So before he finishing his sentence and making me feel more uncomfortable, I place my hand on his hand and squeezed gently.

Fuck! He is blushing. Hadn't he touched a woman? Wait! That means he should be a VIRGIN! God! I don't know what I feel now or what should I feel!

He took my hand in his, running his thumb over my knuckles in a circular motion. He stopped for a second bringing his mouth to my knuckles and kissing it.

How sweet he is!

I felt him getting tensed and then looked at me hesitantly. Then only I realized he got frightened as he kissed me without my permission.

Fuck! Why he has to be so fucking innocent?

I smiled reassuringly to let him know he didn't do anything wrong. He relaxed visibly, sighed and smiled sheepishly.

We then finished our dinner in comfortable silence. I loved when he served me the dishes, when it got over in my plate, with a questioning look to ensure whether I want it more or not.

He offered me to drive along with me to accompany me. But I politely refused him and bid my goodbye with a hug. That little hurt feels in his eyes when I refused his offer, disappeared as soon as I hugged and a bright red shade spreading to his chubby cheeks which urged me to kiss them.

Fuck! Oh, my fucking mind! Why the fuck I am getting these thoughts!

I should not think of him as cute. I must distract my mind. I need some help. I need to talk to Jeev about this distressing distraction from Prabhu's behaviour. Jeev is always my saviour. He might help me to clarify my mind. I hopped into my car and drove my way.

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