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Prabhu's POV

I never expected Nandhini would be such an amazing woman. We went to three dates so far. She behaved very nicely and I think she is the one. It's so easy to hang out with her like a friend. I like that fact.

She had the patience to listen to me while I speak about my family, which is actually a lot. If she has the patience to listen, then she would be flexible for the family.

Her dressing style is so modern but her character is so good to pinpoint that as a flaw in her. Also, she told that she has to wear highly modern dresses like a walking advertisement for her boutique.

We spoke about her friends. She has a big group of friends and she told me that she has to behave very friendly to everyone, it would indirectly benefit her business. She told me about the important business meetings held on Saturday evenings.

I got a call from her. I was so happily speaking with her until I heard the irritating continuous ringing of the doorbell sound. I decided to give a piece of mind to whomever there, disturbing me. But at the moment I opened the door, I, was the person who wants to be swallowed by the earth.



Anger towards myself!

How on the earth did I forget to pick up my parents? Even my amma called me a few hours earlier to inform about their departure! Damn me!

I immediately disconnected the call telling Nandhini that I would call her later. Now, I have to face the music from Janaki and my parents. Like I thought Janu started to scold me.

"Mama, have you heard about the call waiting option in mobile? If not, let me enable that option on your mobile. So that next time, it will help you to look at the reality in front of your dreamland. And also we need not worry about you or your parents need not wait for their son who totally forgot about their arrival." she said every word evilly just to tease me.

I didn't mean to forget their arrival. Hum. I glared at her and looked at my parents apologetically.

Fortunately, my amma supported me.

"Hey Janu ma, leave it. Don't tease him too much. He might not notice the time, otherwise, usually, he had been waiting for us before we reach the bus stop. Now go and prepare some coffee. Let us freshen up in the meantime."

But Janu didn't want to leave the topic.

"Athai, someone has to speak the truth. And the truth is always bitter. Now you go and get freshen up, I will go and make you Janu's special coffee."

My amma sighed and entered the guest room, followed by my appa.

She entered the kitchen and started to make coffee.

I followed her. She would have shown some mercy. Why is she making this a big deal? It's a big deal. I accept. But she need not get so annoying

nbox. They are enjoying it. We are so happy for them.


The day has come. Today I have a dinner date with Nandhini. Even though I pretty much positive about her answer, I am very nervous about it. There are currently so many what ifs running in my mind.

We decided to meet at The Waterfall restaurant in Vadapalani. It is a theme based restaurant with delicious food variety. Akash suggested the restaurant.

As usual, I went to the restaurant 15 minutes earlier. I am wearing Yellow kurta type shirt with blue jean.

I am wearing Yellow kurta type shirt with blue jean

I learnt Nandhini loves pink roses. So I got them a bunch. I was mentally rehearsing the important thing to be discussed... in the best possible way.

But all my mind and body froze at the sight of her. She is soo gorgeous in her SAREE. It suits her very well. She gave me a breathtaking smile and came towards me. She greeted me. I came back to my senses. OMG! I gave her the flowers.

"You are so gorgeous in saree

"You are so gorgeous in saree. You must wear it often you know"

She is smiling ear to ear. Oh God! Her smile! Her eyes!

"I am flattered, Prabhu. But Saree is not my type. Today I wore it only for you. I am so happy all my hard work to drape this thing paid off. And sorry for not meeting your parents. I had to sign an important deal with my supplier."

"Hey it's okay Nandhini. Don't worry. My parents are so understanding."

She just nodded. Our silence is broken by the waiter. We placed our order.

Okay, Prabhu. Don't beat around the bush.

Breath in...

Breath out...

"Ah... Hmmm... Nandhini... We already discussed it. Have you made your.. decision..?"

Her face turned serious. She took a deep breath which caused my heart beats raising. She then replied.

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