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   Chapter 3 Three

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I wake up, welcoming the sun that hits my face instantly, feeling like I just slept for 10 years. I stretch out on the bed, and freeze when I feel there is nothing beside me. My eyes flash open and look towards the empty side of the bed.

Where the girl of my dreams was laying.

I collapse back against my pillows and look at my phone, groaning when I see it's almost 5 in the evening. I slept the entire day away, and the girl from last night is probably long gone.


A voice whispers in the back of my head, and the memories of last night come flooding back. There was a lot I remembered, like the mind-blowing sex we had, and the heated moment at the club just before we left, but I didn't remember much in between.

Now, I remember her practically moaning out her name in the car, when I was barely holding on to my self-control.

The blare from my phone shakes me out of my daydreams, and I turn it over to see my father is calling. Just what I need right now.

"Hello son, congratulations on your graduation, I am very proud of you, " he says in his usual gruff, emotionless tone. "I'm not calling to rush you into any business; enjoy your victory, celebrate for a little while, then we'll talk."

"Why are you calling then, " I ask in as a polite tone as I can manage, silently thanking him that he isn't pushing me to start entering the family business so soon after graduation. I wasn't even sure if it was what I want, and if so, how I'm going to tell my father that.

"There is another matter I want to discuss with you, where are you right now?"

"I'm at Darius's place, Frank has already gone to fetch my things I'm assuming and have them transported here, " I say.

The line is quiet for a few minutes. "I'm on my way, " he says, before it goes dead.

Why is this all happening at once?

I was hoping to not have to see my father for at least a few days, and have a bit of silence to myself. I guess not. I quickly get out of bed and scurry around the room, still thinking about the goddess that had occupied my bed last night, and how much I wish I got the chance to wake up to her, and maybe get a second round before I had to kick her out.

The moment I thought about having to kick her out, to avoid my very intimidating father seeing her, made the idea of her being around in the morning almost terrifying. I wouldn't want something to happen, and expose her to even the slightest horrors that follow my father, and our family, thanks to the Mafia.

I remember looking into her breathtaking blue eyes, and seeing the wonder and innocence behind them. There is no way I could ever take that away.

The path I will soon walk, is one that will destroy all of that. If I ever do manage to settle with someone, it will most likely have to be someone already exposed to the gang life, or have lived a very harsh life.

I don't need to think of the chances of me finding a decent girl like that, who gives me the same feelings Olivia did last night. I don't know if any girl could ever make me feel like that again, it was the first time I have experienced anything close to how I felt with her from the moment I saw her at the bar.

Just as I'm about to exit, I cross the room and something catches my eye from under the bed. My curiosity peeked, I reach under and pull out a bright red heel, recognizing it instantly as the ones Olivia was wearing.

She left with only one shoe? How the hell did she get home?

I take the heel and shove it into my old messenger bag used for school and dash out the door in search of Frank, hoping he is still here. I catch him in his usual spot at the front door, a kind smile planted permanently on his face, even though no one is around.

"Ah, Master Greyson, nice to see you finally awake, " he says and chuckles.

"Thanks Frank, I actually have a question for you. Did you see the girl I came home with last night? She left I'm assuming earlier this morning, but I just discovered she left behind a shoe, " I say and scratch the side of my head, hoping he doesn't bring up the embarrassing time he probably spent in the car with us.

He hums lightly and nods his head. "Indeed I did, I ran into her leaving your room this morning, and I did find it odd that she was bare-foot, only holding one shoe it seemed. I drove her to her house, though she seemed quite stubborn about it, and that was the last I saw of her."

My heart sunk slightly at his final words. She is really gone. All I got was her name, and a shoe. I never managed to even grab her number.

"Do you remember where you took her?" I ask.

He frowns and looks as if he is thinking about it.

"I remember it was somewhere in New Jersey, a little distance away from here, but I don't remember the exact address she gave me. I used the GPS for the entire way, and only really knew how to get out of Manhattan."

An idea popped into my head. "You used the cars GPS?" I ask and Frank nods. Before he can respond, I run out to the car.

Unfortunately, my father's car pulls up the driveway as soon as I make my way down the steps and towards the garage. I stop and quickly pretend I have come out to greet him, slapping on a fake smile as the car pulls up to the front and my fathers large frame and gets out.

"Greyson, great to see you, son, " he says and grasps my hand firmly, clapping me on the back with his other hand. I lead him into the house where Frank is already there, waiting to take his jacket and hat to hang. I whisper to him to have one of the maids fetch a bottle of scotch and two glasses, and bring it to the living room for us before he leaves to hang the jackets.

"So, what is it you wanted to speak about?" I ask my father once we enter the living room, and he makes himself comfortable on one of the leather sofas. One of the maids scurries into the room with a platter in her hands, an unopened bottle of scotch and two glasses sitting on top.

I can tell she is shaking by the way the platter clatters slightly. I take it from her gently and smile down at her, trying to ease her nerves a little. She offers a small smile back, before she rushes back out the door. I guess there is no calming anyone's nerves in the presence of my father.

Hopefully it was just him, and not me as well.

It is one of the things I am worried about the most when I start working with my father and older brother. That my name will carry a bad reputation, and I will be feared rather than liked. People won't actually like me for who I am.

Except Olivia. She had no idea who I was last night, yet she still let me take her home, invite her into my shadows for one night.

I offer my father a glass of scotch, trying to banish the thoughts.

"I wanted to speak to you about your brother, actually, " he starts off, pausing to gauge my reaction. "Seeing you graduate University, with honors none the less, making something of your life. It has inspired me to push your brother to do the same."

"Father, Darius is already your second in command, he carries a lot of responsibilities for you, and he is very mature about them as far as I'm concerned, " I say, always defending my brother, even towards my father.

"Yes, of course, he has been great, but he isn't as mature as you think. I'm always having to cover up his drunken mishaps and the smear tabloids that threaten to come out every time he steps out to a club or bar, I'm getting tired. I want him to settle down, maybe find a good woman to keep him in line, make sure he knows his priorities and keeps our name out of the gossip columns."

My father has a point; Darius is known for his drinking. He is consistently out at clubs and bars, drinking his life away, hooking up with random girls and causing havoc everywhere he walks. My father is always the one to try and cover it up, clean his mess for him while he sleeps off the hangover, and doesn't have to deal with the consequences.

"How do you propose that happens? Darius isn't showing any interest in wanting to settle down, " I say and swirl around my drink, wanting this conversation to be over as quickly as possible, so I can finally check the GPS in the car. There is a chance I can see her again, and I actually have an excuse.

I don't have to be female to know how expensive female clothing is.

"Well, I was hoping you could persuade him into considering the idea. He listens to you, he wants you to respect him as an older brother and I know you do, so you'll do this for me. You care for your brother as I do, and I know you don't want to see him go down a bad path either."

I want to ask what he meant exactly by 'bad path'. Is being an alcoholic any worse than being a mafia member? If he killed someone while he was drunk, at least he could say he wasn't right in the mind.

As a mafia member, he kills people completely sober, with full intent. I'm not sure which one I could sleep at night with.

"You think he would listen to me about relationships? I'm his baby brother, he won't want to hear what I have to say about love, if anything he would think he should be telling me about that stuff, " I say.

My father scoffs. "Nonsense, it would be a wake-up call for him, having his younger brother talk to him about commitment and responsibilities. He will see it as you're maturing faster than him, and it will make him reflect on himself."

He is delusional. He doesn't know Darius at all, and has never taken the time to get to know either of us, in fact. I will admit, my father has always given me more freedom than he has Darius. In high school, I was able to go out with friends, drink and party to my heart's content, and I was able to choose the school I wanted to attend for University.

Darius was never allowed to do any of those things. He was always being prepped to become my father's second in command when he reached the age of 18, and was initiated into the gang. Since then, he has followed in my father's shadow, doing everything he says and going everywhere he goes.

The only freedom he has is going out and getting drunk on his nights off. It's his only way to cope. He doesn't mean to cause harm to the family or my father, he doesn't know how to deal with the stress and depression. He has confided in me many times, but is too afraid to confront father.

I don't blame him.

"I'll talk to him, see what I can do, but I'm not making any promises, " I say and down the rest of my drink, trying to signal I am done with the conversation. My father smiles and does the same, putting his drink down and standing to give me a quick hug.

"Thank you son, I knew I could count on you, " he says and pats my back. "Now, I'll be in Boston for the next little while, if you need to get a hold of me. I will be in contact with you again before I leave, and we will discuss your next step into the family business."

I give him a curt nod and tight smile and send him off, finally letting out a breath when the front door closes. Frank gives me a concerned look from the corner of the room, but I wave him off and listen through the door for the sound of my father's car taking off.

When I can no longer hear it, I open the door and run off towards the garage, going straight towards the chauffeur car Frank always uses. I unlock the key safe at the front and grab the car keys, turning it on and accessing the GPS system. I bring up the last address entered and write it down in my phone, feeling a tight ball of excitement build in my chest at the thought of seeing her again.

I hate and love the sappy feeling at the same time. I have always made fun of the guys who said crappy stuff like that, but now that I'm feeling it first hand, I understand what they mean now.

After writing down the address, I rush back inside to call Angelo, and tell him we have a mission.


"So, you want to show up at this girl's house, and do what

exactly?" Angelo asks as we drive to the address shown in the GPS. He has been questioning my motives since the moment I called him almost a week ago, telling him my plan.

It took me so long to work up the courage to go through with it, and his taunting and questioning wasn't helping.

"I want to use the excuse of her leaving her shoe behind, to see her again. Is that what you want to hear?" I say and let out a frustrated breath, knowing my ego just took a hit.

Angelo lets out a soft laugh. "Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to hear. You understand how pathetic you sound, right?"

"Of course, I do, but it doesn't matter. I'm telling you, this girl is worth it. She was unlike any girl I've been with, and you know how many girls I've managed to get in bed, I don't need to remind you."

He lifts his hands up in surrender. "No, I don't need a reminder of the skanks you slept with, thank you. I happen to respect women a little more than you Mathers brothers."

I roll my eyes at him and decide not to respond and feed his own ego. My excitement quickly turns into nerves when we pull up to the apartment building and stop out front. I realize then, I don't even know what apartment she lives in, all I have is the address for the building.

I walk up to the board at the front, listing all the names of the people who live there and pray it has her name, and not possibly a roommate or family members name, or a last name. My eyes scan the list and stop when her name sticks out.

D. Olivia / S. Natasha.

There are two names. The girl from the club, the one standing with Olivia. It had to be her, or at least I hope it is. It will be easier explaining who I am.

I punch in the numbers and wait for the buzzer to pick up.

"Hello?" A female voice a don't recognize answers.

"Uh, hi, I'm looking for Olivia?"

"Who is this?" She asks in a slightly guarded tone.

Shit. I don't want to tell her my name, just in case she recognizes my last name and associates it with Darius.

"She and I met at the club a few nights ago, she left something behind, I'm just trying to return it, " I say and silently pray that she believes it.

There is a bit of static on the other end, then silence.

Angelo and I look at each other in anticipation, and nearly jump when the door buzzes, signaling it's unlocked. I reach for the handle and yank the door open, glancing at her apartment number one more time before racing to the elevator.

I can feel Angelo staring at the back of my head, analyzing me like he does to everyone. Always watching. I try and shrug him off, hating the small space we're in. I dart out when the doors finally open, trying to remember her apartment number exactly. I stop and take a deep breath outside the door.

Before I can reach up and knock, Angelo sticks his hand out and does it for me. I shoot him a glare, but quickly wipe it off when the door opens alomost instantly, as if she was waiting on the other side.

A girl with light brown hair and equally light brown eyes answers, her head barely meeting my chin. She looks up at me with wide, knowing eyes, telling me she knows exactly who I am.

For shit sake.

I can't go anywhere without someone knowing who I am, and therefore being terrified of me. Wait – if she knows who I am, does that mean Olivia does as well? A strike of fear hits my chest. She hadn't said anything when we met, maybe she was too drunk to know or say something.

"Hey, so you're the guy, " she says slowly.

"Yeah, I guess so. Is Olivia here?" I ask, trying to look over her shoulder, which with her small posture, it isn't hard, but there is nothing but a small, narrow hallway behind her.

"Uh, yeah, she's just getting out of the shower. Come on in, " she says and opens the door more. Angelo and I come in and she leads us towards an opening on the right side of the hallway, leading into a decent looking living room.

There is a large sectional couch pushed into the far-left corner of the room, with a flat screen TV on the wall opposite of it, and a small coffee table in the middle with a few magazines and dishes scattered on it. Angelo and I take a hesitant seat on the couch and awkwardly look around the room.

"I'm Natasha, by the way, " she says, waving slightly and offering a tense smile. I can tell she is as awkward as we are.

"This is Angelo, and I'm Greyson, " I say, not bothering to hide my name anymore, but still not saying my last name out loud.

She nods and purses her lips. "I know who you are, we went to University together."

That fact takes a moment for me to process. I had gone to school with her? Had she gone to the same school as Olivia? There was no way, I would have noticed someone like her wandering the halls, no matter how big the school was, I had been there for four years and gone through every hallway.

"Did Olivia also attend the same school?" I ask quietly. Natasha nods her head slowly, a ghost of a smile on her lips. How in the world had I never saw her? I realize now just how much I kept my head down, or how little she travelled around the school.

It suddenly clicks, why she looked so familiar to me at the bar. She was in one of my lectures, but I was so focused on school and trying to make my father proud, that thinking back to it, everything is just a blur.

I hear a door open down the hall and light footsteps approach the living room. My heartbeat skyrockets in my chest, I'm almost afraid Angelo can hear it next to me.

"Natasha, was someone at the door?" Olivia calls out, and I feel my palms start to sweat at the sound of her voice.

"Yes, and you better have clothes on, " Natasha says, not taking her eyes off Angelo and I. I feel him shuffle uncomfortably next to me, causing me to smirk.

"What, why?" she asks, just as she rounds the corner. Our eyes connect, and she instantly drops the hairbrush she is holding. Everything in the room stands still, blurring around my vision, until all I see is her.

She looks incredibly sexy, with her hair dripping wet from a fresh shower, the smell of her strawberry scented shampoo filling the air lightly, just enough to drive me insane.

"Angelo, would you like something to drink?" Natasha breaks the silence, getting the hint that they should leave the room. Angelo nods and quickly follows her out of the room. Olivia doesn't see the mischievous smile Natasha gives her; her eyes haven't left mine.

"W-what are you doing here?" she asks, and I can tell she is slightly frightened. That tears at my heart, even though I half expected it. I can imagine the thoughts that are going through her head, wondering how I got her address, when all I knew was her name.

"You left something at my house, and rushed off before I could get your address to give it back. It looks expensive, " I say and hand her the red heel. She hesitantly reaches for it and gestures back to the couch.

I take a seat a bit away from her, not wanting to make her anymore uncomfortable than I probably have. I knew coming here was a risk and possible mistake, but I'm already here. There is no going back.

"How did you find me?" she asks quietly, unable to meet my eyes now.

"I didn't stalk you, if that's what you're wondering. You gave your address to my driver, Frank, " I say, leaving out the part where I did track the GPS system to get her address, knowing he wouldn't remember it.

Her lips form into a small oh, and she bites her lower lip, looking a little embarrassed. I hope that is enough to also banish any other bad thoughts she has about me.

If she knows who I really am.

Not many people my age read the newspaper anymore, even online. But a lot of students in my class did, given the subjects we were studying, it was almost mandatory. I was known throughout my class, but not throughout the school.

I can't remember what lecture I had with Olivia, but regardless there is a slight chance, she knows about my involvement with the Mafia.


I am freaking out. Greyson Mathers is sitting in my living room. He is actually here. He went out of his way to find me, to return my missing shoe. Is that really the only reason he came here?

"I wanted to see you again, " he blurts out, looking as shocked as I feel. I stare at him with wide eyes, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks.

I play with a strand of my hair. "O-oh, r-really?" I curse myself for stuttering and sounding like a fool, but my head is fuzzy from his mere presence, let alone him admitting he wanted to see me again. Me!

"Is that so hard to believe?" he asks, the shock gone, replaced with a cocky smile.

"You know we went to the same school, right?" I say, instantly regretting my tone afterwards when he frowns softly.

"Yes, your friend Natasha reminded me. I remember seeing you in one of my lectures, but unfortunately I was too distracted by not the pressures of my course and pride of my parents, I never took notice, " he says, and I hear a touch of regret in his voice.

Does he really regret not noticing me earlier?

My heart stutters at the thought.

"I'm glad I noticed you the other night, or I might have missed a once in a life time, " he whispers, making me notice how close he has moved. My breath hitches at the closeness, and I swear he can hear my heart beating.

His lips are inches away from mine, his warm breath fanning my face, making me weak in the knees. Thank god I'm already sitting down.

I want him to kiss me so bad, I feel the urge in the pit of my stomach, clenching tighter as he draws closer. Just as I close my eyes, they flash open when the shrill sound of a ringtone blares through the room.

I hear Greyson growl slightly and pull back, reaching for his ringing phone. His eyes go dark when he sees the name, and excuses himself out the door. I sit on the couch, still in a daze from almost kissing Greyson Mathers, though there is a large chance I did a lot of that the other night.

At least this time I would remember, and enjoy it.

He returns minutes later, looking more gloomy than he did before.

"I have to leave, I'm sorry, " he says and picks up his jacket. For some reason, I don't want him to go just yet. I mean, he was just about to kiss me! Can't we at least finish that before he goes? That would be great.

"That doesn't stop me from wanting to see you again, " he says and clears the room, standing inches away from me again. He lifts his hand and trails his fingers down my cheek lightly, sending shivers up my spine.

Before I have time to react, he presses his lips to mine in a heated kiss, all but devouring my lips with hunger. I respond instantly, my body moving on its own, my fingers clenching his shirt like it's a lifeline.

He pulls away too soon, and calls to Angelo, who is at his side in seconds. He turns when he reaches the door and hands me his phone.

"Put your number in, " he says and I take the phone and quickly enter my name and number as a contact, my fingers trembling. I hand him back the phone, our finger tips grazing each other, making my heart practically fly out of my chest.

He sends me a quick wink before he disappears on the door, and it's enough to make me melt to the floor, Natasha watching me with rolling eyes.

"So, how did that go?" she asks.

I glare at her. "As if you weren't eavesdropping."

She holds her hands up in defense. "Honestly, girl, I was way too distracted by the eyes on that boy. Damn, he is delicious."

Now it's my turn to roll my eyes at her.

"Anyway, what happened?" she asks again.

"Nothing really, he gave me back my shoe, then he got a phone call and came back and said he had to go...and then we might have kissed, " I add, a little quieter.

Natasha's eyes widen immediately and a grin stretches across her face.

"Oh, how was it? I want details."

I roll my eyes again. She is such a drama queen.

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