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   Chapter 1 One

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I watch, dull eyed, as streams of confetti fall from the sky. The sound of a champagne bottle being open hits my ears, irritating me. Everyone cheers around me, throwing graduation hats in the air and prancing all around.

What are they so happy about? Everything just gets harder from here.

I'm part of the 2015 graduation class of Harvard University. I spent the last four years in this hell hole, and now I was about to spend the next 30 something years in a societal prison.

What is there to celebrate?

"Congrats, baby brother! You finally made it, how does it feel?" My brother, Darius, comes up and claps his hands on my shoulders, a proud smile covering his face.

I muster a convincing smile. "Feels great, " I say.

"We need to go out tonight and celebrate, before you enter the real world. Drinks on me!" he cries and shakes me a little. I smile tightly at him and scurry over to the car, where our driver is patiently waiting, door already open to the back. Darius and I climb in, and he continues to talk about my graduation, and how excited he is for me to finally get into the family business.

Ah, yes. The family business. The monarch of my very existence, what haunts my dreams at night, is the only thing that kept me sane in that school for four years straight, and what kept me from coming home during the holidays and summers.

My father is a well-known mafia boss, for the American Mafia. He's currently in Boston, with his own purchased manor and office, while he has another purchased house for Darius and I in New York, ready for me after I graduated from University.

Darius has been using it in the meantime, running business in New York as my father's second in command. I will be living with him to soon learn the ways of the mafia family, and have a taste of what I am expected to do, come the day my father passes down the torch to my brother, and I take over as his second in command. A lot of pressure and responsibility will fall with that title.

Even now, I'm not sure I'm ready for it.

What I am ready for, is to get drunk.

So incredibly drunk, I don't remember who I am. Darius is the perfect person to help me do that.

I agree to go out for the night, with the promise that I can invite my childhood, Angelo Russo. We have known each other since we were both 10 years old, our friendship being consistent over the last 12 years and counting. He has been with me through thick and thin; the death of my mother at the age of 13, my father distancing himself after that to focus on work, my own rebellious phase, and so much more.

Darius ended up picking a popular dance club, which is practically packed when we walk through the door, a couple friends from the 'family' tagging along. We grab an empty booth big enough for all 6 of us, 2 girls and 4 guys. Quite the sausage fest.

Being on the end facing the bar, Darius waves over a passing waitress and has her take everyone's orders. I take a simple jack and coke, wanting to take things easy at first, while everyone else orders a round of shots of vodka and tequila, hitting the hard stuff right away. Angelo himself just orders a beer.

An hour in, everyone is already wasted. Half the party left to the dancefloor, leaving Darius, Angelo and I alone in the booth. I'm still nursing my third drink, having lived with my brother for quite some time, I have learned to handle my whiskey, especially if it's mixed.

My eyes scan the room, looking for a place with the least number of people. By this time in the night, everyone has migrated towards the dancefloor, causing a haze of heat and sweat to emanate around them.

The only place that looked like it had some breathing room, is the bar. Few groups of people go up every now and then to chug down more drinks, before they rush back off to the dancefloor. I try and yell to Angelo and Darius that I'm heading to the bar, but neither of them seems able to hear me. I walk off anyway, talking a seat near the end of the counter, and wait for the bartender to finish up with a group of girls.

I know it's going to be awhile, with the way he is flirtatiously smiling at them, so I sip the rest of my drink slowly and turn my eyes back to the dancefloor, not looking at anything in particular. Though there are flashing neon lights everywhere, the room is still too dim to make anything out, besides bright, tacky outfits and overly done hair-dos.

The bartender finally ushered the girls away, and spotted me at the end. I order another jack and coke, and ask him to mix it well, with a little more jack than coke this time. When he slides me the drink, I sip it lightly and almost reel back from the smell.


I pass over a bill and then some. He mixed it well.

My eyes return to the dancefloor, as if being pulled by an unknown force.

That's when I spot her.

A dash of red blurs past the corner of my eye, making my eyes lock on a petite dark-haired girl, pushing her way through the thick crowd, towards the other end of the bar. The dash of red is the 3-inch heels covering her feet, giving her long legs even more length, if that were possible. It clearly is.

I can't help but follow her as she makes her way up to the bar, waving down the bartender, with another small brunette popping up behind her. I watch as they shout their orders over the music, and he nods and rushes down the bar to grab their drinks.

She follows the bartender, and notices someone sitting at the end. Her eyes land on me, and even with the distance between us, and the dim lighting of the room, I am hypnotised by them. I can faintly make out their bright blue color, nailing me to the spot, before they quickly look away. She smiles gently at the bartender as he hands her a glass. My heart beats faster at the sight of her smile, her gorgeous, pouty lips looking so soft.

I need to know who this girl is.

I'm not leaving this club until I do, even if it takes me a few more drinks to work up the courage, I have to find out who she is before she leaves. The feelings she has given me, just seeing her and being in her presence slightly for 5 minutes, it isn't something I'm giving up.

Even if I accomplish as much as getting her in bed, that is good enough for me. I haven't slept with any girl since before entering University. My father forbade any distractions, and made some pretty heft threats about it, making me deter from any obvious obstacles, like messy relationships and drama, mostly caused from sleeping around, playing with feelings, etc.

Now, I have no obstacles.

And I'm down to play.

I stare at the girl from the corner of my eye, sipping casually at my drink and busying myself with my phone, though all my attention is on her. I can see her staring, whispering to her friend, but her eyes never leaving me. I try hard not to smile.

I gulp the rest of my drink down and signal over the bartender, using the excuse to steal another glance at her. The lights hit her face just right, and I get a glimpse of familiarity.

Have I seen her before?

Her face now seems familiar, but I can't place my finger on it. I don't recognize her friend at all, which doesn't help jog my memory.

The bartender slides down my drink, and I stop him before he rushes off again.

"I want an order of whatever that girl there is drinking, and have it served to her please, " I say and slip over an extra few bills. He flashes me a wink and disappears under the bar and returns with a few bottles, quickly mixing them, before he rushes back down the bar.

I watch in anticipation as he hands her the drink, and points down to me, shouting in her ear. I can sense the smile that spreads across her lips without needing to see it. I see her thank the bartender, then settle her blue eyes on me. My heart leaps on contact, and my palms start to sweat.

It has been so long since I was in the game, and of course the first girl I see is as eye-catching as the girl sauntering towards me, a cat-like smile on her face. Up close, her eyes are an even more striking blue than I thought, causing my bre

ath to hitch when she hits me with them.

Paired with her dark locks, there is no way I'm leaving this place without her.

"What do I owe the lovely drink offer?" she asks, gesturing to her untouched drink I sent.

"A name to a beautiful face, and hopefully a dance." I don't know where my new-found confidence comes from, but I don't complain.

A smile slips on her lips. "It certainly merits a dance, but a name might take another drink, " she winks at me, and tips her glass back, downing it in one gulp. I watch with so many emotions, I have to adjust in my seat slightly, to hide the front of my pants.

I can tell that she is already slightly tipsy, which means I'll have to play my cards right, and make sure this doesn't end in disaster. One of the main reasons I avoided clubs and bars so much in school, besides the distractions, was the drunk, overly sensitive and dramatic girls who flung themselves at you, then flipped on you when you aren't as interested as they want you to be.

I'm not hunting for a wife, especially not in a place like this. I just want to satisfy this long-standing hunger, and I just found the most delicious dessert.

She puts her glass on the table and holds her hand out to me, a sexy smile on her lips as she beckons me towards the dancefloor. I down my drink, feeling the alcohol hit me almost instantly, as if one more drink was all it took to break down my barrier of tolerance, built up from years of drinking with my brother and partying in high school as the popular kid, invited to everything.

It's her.

This girl seems to make me lose my control.

We squeeze our way through the sweaty, thick crowd until we find a comfortable enough spot among the sea of flailing body parts. I feel the alcohol creep to my brain, causing my senses to haze the instant my skin touches hers. Tingles spread from the tips of my fingers as I wrap my hands around the dips of her small waist, feeling every curve. I pull her against me just as a slow tempo song comes on, and the room settles a little.

"How did you know what I was drinking?" she asks, lifting her lips to my ears, her warm breath tickling my neck, sending shivers down my spine. I grip her waist to contain myself.

"I asked the bartender."

I feel her smile. "I see you two became well acquainted. No one here to keep you company?" she purrs, sending my hormones through the roof.

"That depends, " I whisper in her ear, feeling her shiver in return.

"On what?" she asks, her voice slightly airy.

I can feel her giving in to me slowly. I reach my hand around to the small of her back and press her flush against me, kissing the base of her neck. "On if you'll let me take you away with me."

She melts in my arms, making me hold half of her already light weight.

"O-okay, " she says and grasps my hand to lead us back through the crowd. I try and look over to the booth where I had left Angelo and Darius what now seems like hours ago, but I can't make it out through the crowd, and with how fast my legs are moving towards the door.

My dick has other interests, it seems.

I take out my phone and call for Frank, our family driver, to come around front and get me. He pulls up in seconds and I all but dive into the back seat, pulling the tantalizing beauty on my lap the moment the door is shut. I realize, I still don't know her name. Before I can ask, she dips her head down and touches her lips to mine.

My mind shatters and my senses are thrown out the window. All I feel is her luscious, warm lips and frisky hands, roaming all over my chest and shoulders, setting my skin on fire, even through my shirt.

Everything returns to me when she finally pulls away, the car going over a bit of a bump.

"I never got the chance to get you that other drink, so I can get your name, " I say, hearing how breathless I am before I feel it. I nuzzle my face in the crook of her neck, feeling her soft skin on my cheek and lips.

She gasps lightly. "Olivia, my n-name is Olivia."

I growl, surprising myself. Why does she have to have such a sexy name? It would be easier to control myself if she had an uglier sounding name.

We pull up in front of my brother's manor, my new home, within minutes. I don't give her the chance to admire the house before I rip her inside and fly up the stairs. I hear her giggling behind me. Usually, the sound of a girl giggling is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Her laugh sounds like a melody.

I try and shake off the thoughts. I'm getting in over my head.

This is meant to be a one-night thing only. I can't think thoughts like that.

I manage to find the bedroom I was given through the winding hallways. I don't take the time myself to check it out and just find the bed, thankful that it's a large king size bed. The best kind for possible wild sex. I undo the buttons on my shirt hastily and rip it off, turning around to look at her.

I catch her ogling me, making my buddy just grow more, knowing she finds me just as attractive as I already find her, and she hasn't removed the tight, black bar dress yet. That is more than enough to leave the imagination wild.

I walk over to her slowly, and slip a finger under the strap of her dress, sliding it down her shoulder before moving over to the next one. I touch my lips to hers in a fiery kiss, grabbing hold of both straps and tearing the dress down and letting it drop to the floor. I step back and marvel at her, my pants no longer having the room to fit my growing buddy.

She is dressed in a lacy black lingerie set, her bra exposing her breasts through the sheer material. I feel a growl in the back of my throat, and I instantly lose control. I close the small distance between us and try my best not to rip my pants and her underwear off.

I don't hesitate to throw her on the bed, completely nude and exposed for me to ravish. I have never been so excited before; she makes me feel all sorts of emotions I never felt before.

She brings out the beast in me.

I try and go slow, but I have very little hold left on my control as I hover above her.

The moment I enter her, that small hold breaks and I can no longer hold back, experiencing the most mind-blowing sex I think I ever will. I know I won't last long, because of how amazing it feels, and how long it has been since I last had sex in general, but I want to hold on for as long as I can.

I never want this feeling to end.

All too soon though, I reach my climax and shout her name into her shoulder, muffling the loud sound. I collapse on top of her, pulling our sweaty bodies close, not wanting the night to end just yet, and morning to come.

When I know, she won't be here.

For some reason, my chest aches slightly at the thought. It's exactly what I want; for this to be a one-night thing. Especially with a girl like her. All I know is her name, but even I can see how innocent and clueless she is to the dangers that lurk the shadows of this city.

The secrets buried underground, hiding where she never ventures.

Come tomorrow, I will be a part of that world of shadows and secrets. A world that I could never bring such a beautiful flower as the girl wrapped in my arms to.

It would destroy her.

I don't know if I could live with myself, knowing I was the cause for it. I barely know this girl, yet I want to protect her so fiercely.

What is wrong with me? What is it about this girl, that has me so enticed?

I want the chance to figure it out, but I know if I do try and get closer to her after tonight, I will just be dragging her further into my dark world, without knowing if I want to risk that, for a girl I just met.

My mind is a haze as I look down at her, already sleeping soundly, her head resting in the crook of my arm and shoulder. I don't fight the urge to run my fingers through her soft, thick hair. I'm surprised at how much comfort I find in the simple gesture.

I'm not sure if it's good or not. For the moment, I don't care.

I just want to enjoy this blissful moment, before reality comes crashing down on me tomorrow.

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