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   Chapter 7 6

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Ethan Pov

Ethan looked over his shoulder to recognize the lady from beforehand. It was the same lady that he met on that train and then again in that stuck elevator. He has literally, labeled the lady bad luck because whenever he has met her, the situation was never in his hand or the time was never good. He attempted to stay away from that lady who brought him misfortune and bad luck because he had this belief that he should always avoid such person or things which would hamper his fortune. And here, in this case, he was always in trouble whenever he found the lady around him.

"I'm telling you, she is following me!" he said huffing in the end while Alex shook his head.

"Are you kidding me?" Alex huffed this time.

"When you told me about her, I had imagined her to be old, wrinkled face, fat, short and what not? I seriously thought you met a wicked witch-like lady who just came out of those Disney stories bringing you misfortune and bad luck. But now when I have finally seen her I think you need a psychiatrist!" Alex zipped his chain on his suit and folded his arms across his chest looking at the lady who was now standing next to them with the other ladies.

They were about to go for skydiving. Both Alex and Ethan loved to that and they had suddenly decided to ease their tension from all those business stuff and meetings, they would take some day off from their work and do those things which they had not done from four years after graduation. They were so merged in their respective work that they didn't even get time to enjoy some minutes of their life like they used to do while they were in college.

So, all of a sudden Alex had decided that they were going to take some day off from their business and his decision was final because Ethan didn't seem to argue too much. Ethan being a workaholic businessman too wanted some time off and when Alex presented the idea before him he couldn't deny but agree to him.

So, here they were ready to go for Skydiving after four years. It was the time which both Alex and Ethan waited for a long time. Finally, some break from business. But then, Ethan saw that lady and now he couldn't stop ranting and talking ill about how the lady was stalking him.

"Psychiatrist? Pardon? Me? Well, explain me how do I even need a psychiatrist?" Ethan glared at his brother who just looked at the lady and then back at him.

"Are you blind?" Alex questioned catching him off guard.

"What?" Ethan asked.

"Can't you see? She is absolutely a beautiful lady. I don't really think she is from England. I guess, she is a foreigner. I mean look at her. How c

im. Alex was literally on the verge of crying because he seemed his brother's rotating body as he struggled in the air with his parachute. But then, he even saw the lady helping him. He saw her helping him and then found him safe.

As soon as his feet touched the ground, he had patiently waited for his brother.

"Are you alright?" he had asked again holding onto Ethan's arm.

Ethan was clearly in shock. He had never been in such a situation. He had witnessed death from near and he looked traumatized but as soon as he saw his brother's worried face, he broke out of his state and took in a deep breath before nodding Yes.

Alex flung his arms around him and hugged him tightly. This caught Ethan off-guard. But soon he returned the hug and consoled his brother that he was alright.

Minutes later he looked at the other people, trying to look out for the lady. She was nowhere in sight. People were landing on the ground, and among them, he couldn't really seem to find her. The one, who saved him.

"Where are you?" he found himself whispering.

"Clearly bad luck eh?" he looked back at his brother who was smirking at him with his watery eyes.

"Shut up!" Ethan slapped his cheek playfully.

"Wipe your eyes you pussy!" he laughed while Alex glared at him.

But then again he tried to look for her thinking where did she go all of a sudden. The lady was now like a mystery to him and he found himself in debt to her. He hated being in debt but currently, with his still raised heart beats, he found himself thinking something else. And he was confused because he couldn't really quite decipher why was his heart pumping so hard. Was it because ef anxiety, fear or was it something else?

The question was yet to be answered.

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