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   Chapter 6 5

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Sera Pov

I looked at the GPS to see forty two minutes left for me to reach Beddingham Hill. Literally, a smile is plastered on my face while I looked at the vehicles passing my car.

I looked back at my driver to see him concentrating on the road with a stoic expression on his face. I leaned against the side of my door relaxing a bit.

Today, I was going for Skydiving. I have been here in England for so many days and now when my work has just finished I wanted to explore and enjoy a little. So, finally, I decided on going out for adventure.

I have done skydiving beforehand but that was a few years back but I wanted to do again. I have been so busy these few years that I don't even remember when was the last time, I had an awesome memory.

So I made a to-do-list and here I am wanting to make a first cross line on the list. Skydiving.

"We are here!" the man said and I nodded excitedly to get down from the car. The car stopped before a building and I knew it was where I needed to be for an amazing experience of skydiving.

It was 'Feel like flying Gliding Club'. They had certified instructors and they would be guiding me. I entered the building and went using the sign board I reached the floor of the club. A receptionist was sitting and I went to her.

She smiled at me and asked me my name to which I replied and she checked her computer of my details.

"Oh yes! Here" she gave me a paper and I took it.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Its the confirmation letter that you want to do this" I nodded and after reading the paper properly, I signed it.

"Okay! You are in group C. There will be three women and four men in your group including you. The others are already in the training session. You need to train the basics before you could paraglide" she said and I nodded.

"And after the training session you have to sign another legal terms and condition, " she said.

"But you need to complete the payment now, " she said and I nodded reaching for my purse.

"Would you like to pay using cash or card?" she asked and I replied "Credit card."

"Do you have a membership card?" she asked and I shook my head no.

"I hope you have a great experience from our club, " she said smiling and I replied with a "Thank You" before leaving.

After paying, I walked to the elevator and went down and walked out of the building.

I was supposed to walk back of the building where the club had their own training

arachute. I saw as the others opened their parachute and they were now flying away from me because of the wind. I was just going to open mine when I saw him.

The fact that he was struggling with his parachute made me little worried. He was totally in a problem. He was struggling and suddenly he began to rotate in the air because losing the control.

I made up my mind and I knew we both have few minutes left to end. So I did what any other person in my place would have done. I fell towards him and almost immediately tried to help him. He seemed astonished at first but later he understood that I was just trying to help.

His parachute wasn't opening and seconds later I was worried too. So, I asked him to hold onto me and surprisingly he did by wrapping his arms around my waist and I opened mine.

I knew he was having trouble hanging onto me but he had to if he had to survive. Our speed suddenly became lot calmer and I saw his eyes closed as if scared that he would fall.

He was no holding on to my lower half of my body and I knew he couldn't hold longer. So I reached for his parachute straps and pulled it harder and it worked.

In a blow, he was pulled away from me by the wind by his giant parachute. He flew away from me and I sighed in relief seeing him safe.

I took this as the moment to look around and to take in the scenery. It was lot calmer now. From chaos to calmer. I sucked in deep breath and enjoyed my moment before I landed safely on the ground. The experience was incredible and the feeling was unexplainable.

This is what I had always wanted. Amazing memories to held as possession.

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