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   Chapter 22 Holocaust is coming

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Ajoke sat there still waiting for what to do. A next step she had to take. She wished she had a father figure who could advise her at a time like this. It was then it dawned to her she had not seen Ifadoju, the seer. It was like he had vanished even from her thoughts. She rushed back to the campsite as she saw more people crowd around Remi. She found it hard to go to him as she felt she had a hand in his predicament and his waios kept haunting her. She however went there to search for Adeola. She was more learned in the art of magic and might be of help to her. She desperately needed to find Ifadoju. She found Adeola very close to Remi running her hands over his liquefied skin.

"He does not have much time." Adeola declared.

The more she had to be quick. She quickly pulled Adeola away from the crowd. When they were far enough from the crowd, she spoke;

"Can you locate someone with magic?"

Adeola nodded affirmatively then asked why.

"I need to find Ifadoju."

Adeola opened her mouth to let out a gasp. Ever since she challenged Adetoye to the battle Royale, she had no seen Ifadoju nor had it crossed her mind. It was he was totally wiped from her train of thoughts.

"Sure." She replied.

The spell did not take long and soon the location of Ifadoju was learnt. He was nowhere to but his house. She had expected he would be deep on the jungle being an old man but perhaps the gods had made his presence mystic for some reasons. She along with Adeola wasted no time in going to the round hut. It was already opened as they arrived and they went in to see the old man waiting for them with two empty stools near him. Without probing. They greeted the seer and say down.

"I suppose you are here for Remi." The old man said with a rasoy voice. He looked frail than before and seemed to have aged overnight. The old man turned to Adeola and said, " Can I speak to Ajoke alone?"

The two ladies were surprised at the question but Adeola obeyed without hesitation.

"Why?" Ajoke asked Ifadoju when Adeola was out.

"Because your father is spying on you through her. Her powers come from him and he could screw the only chance you have to save Remi." The old man revealed.

Ajoke now knew where Adeola's powers came from and began to wonder how powerful her father was as she listened to the words the seer told her in other to save Remi.


"It is time." Gbade reminded himself as he approached the searing hot forcefield that had now encased Ayetoro. He put his hand through the barrier to burn out the marking that binded he and Aremu together. Only Aremu could free him of the bond or so he thought. His son, Remi was the loophole. Using his life force, he burnt o

ure smile in Adetoye's head. His whole life was falling apart. Why did he always lose everything when he was about to have it. Was that his fate? A farmiliar putrid odour hit Adetoye's nose and he looked up to meet his half decomposed father with rotten flesh and unsightly worms all over smile to him. It was karma.


Ajoke walked out of the seer's home with the key to saving Remi fresh in her head.

"Can Remi be saved?" Adeola asked.

Ajoke looked into Adeola's eyes and could tell it was her father asking through Adeola.

"No father."

A possessed Adeola smiled and spoke in a male husky voice, her father's voice.

"My smart girl."

Adeola shaked her head briefly and placed her palm to her pulling head and Ajoke knew her father had left.

"What happened?" Adeola asked as they walked down the path that led to their camp.

"It's a long story but your abilities come from my father." Ajoke revealed.

"What? Aje didn't tell me that." Adeola exclaimed really shocked.

"I don't think she even knew." Ajoke explained, " but what matters now is I can save Remi."

What Ajoke faike to mention was she would have to transfer her energy to him which was her mage abilities she was even yet to learn.

Ajoke walked up to a still disfigured Remi with nothing but her skin. She could feel his pain despite him being put in a sleep like trance. She had to do it. This was the only way. She gently rid him of his clothing until they were both Stark naked. Putting of the candle light that illuminated the room with a bright orange glow, she prepared to give her all to Remi. It was the sacrifice she had to make for his survival. Her body and and her soul, her magic a replacement. She then joined her bodies with his giving him the essence she had and the essence he so craved.

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