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   Chapter 16 Wilthering grass

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The choices we make are what makes the future. A wise man once said that the road one takes to avoid destiny is what leads him there. Adeola sat on a wooden stool as she thought of her decision. Would being a witch solve the problems that plagued her? Would her vision of the future change? Aje who was preparing the necessity for the ritual noticed her sullen look and asked what troubled her.

"I don't know if being a witch would solve all these." Adeola admitted.

Aje smiled back and told her a tale.

"You see, I was once like you. Always being used and abused by everyone close to me. I was just so tired of my life and I decided to take my life. I blamed myself for thier faults. I went to the side of Ayetoro's river where I could not swim as the torrent was strong and dived in." Aje winced as she continued the story. It was hard to reopen issues of the past.

"For a minute, I knew something was wrong. I was not inhaling the water despite being six feet in it. The water parted and right in front of me was a man. A young man who looked at me like he had known me all my life. He did not speak much. He only stared at me and it was like we were communicating. The last thing I remember was finding myself on the river bed."

"Was he a god?" Adeola asked.

"No." Aje replied and continued her story.

"I returned home that day a different person. My husband unaware of my attempted suicide blamed me for coming home late. He raised his hands to strike me and I wished him dead. I remember him falling to the ground gasping for air before he gave up his ghost. I knew I did it but I did not care. I felt powerful and I didn't question my newfound powers. The people of my village began to suspect I was something else and decided that I had to die. I did the one thing I had always done, I ran. I had an encounter with the man who saved my life and bestowed upon me my gift. He was an ancient, powerful mage's who had power to compete with gods. He told me to fight. He told me the future was what I wanted it to be. I made it what I wanted, I unleashed a deadly plague against them. I- triumphed."

"The reason for my story is to tell you that the past is sealed, the present is happening but the future, it's..."

"Always changing." Adeola completed."Let's start the ritual."

Adeola lay completely still in the hand drawn pentagram. She was made to drink a sweet then bitter tasting concoction. Aje began a chant invoking spirits to aide her in mission. There was nothing at first. Then Adeola began to feel an excruciating pain. It was like something was being ripped apart from her body.

"Ahhh!" She screamed in pain.

"Stop! Please stop!" She begged but this did not faze Aje who continued her rhyming chants. The pain was now nausiating. Adeola felt sore and numb over. The witch approached Adeola with a dagger. Adeola did not like her stance. It was like she was going to kill her. The witch got closer and brought forth her arm to Adeola's face. She slit her palm and blood dripped out. She used her blood like a paint and drew a symbol on Adeola's head. The pain su

and yellow. You shall find what you seek for it is in front of you." The still possessed Daruma said pointing to the west. Remi watched his pupils return to their normal color. Remi expected him to faint or something but Daruma even felt more energized.

"Let's go. It's a flower." Daruma said and although confused by the recent development, Remi had to follow.


To ye who digs a well for another to stumble in, Don't you fear you might dig so deep. You'll become trapped in your well also.

Adetoye had taken Esu's advice to heart. Adewale was an insignificant. All he needed was a good cause to place him in jail. Adetoye turned to his father's crown that would soon be his and an idea flicked inside his head.His father's death was still being looked into. One big lead and boom, the culprit might just be found. The scapegoat was just right there. Fat for slaughter and he wouldn't waste another second. What could be the perfect way to end the threat in front of him? A letter had gotten him the throne. Yes! Another letter perhaps would take away this leech on his back. Adetoye knew his father had many enemies. If he could strike a deal with one of them, his problem would soon fade away.

The girl on his bed moaned as she noticed Adetoye leave the bed. She had nothing on apart from the white sheet that she robed around her skin to cover her nakedness. She was Tope, one of his father's notable opposers. Adetoye had purposely slept with her to win her love. Stupid girl. She was easy to buy out thinking everything came on a platter and would play a major role in his plan. In fact, she would be her father and his step brother's undoing.

"Come back to bed, hon." She whispered.

Why wouldn't he come back? Free sex and a plan in motion, Adetoye loved himself. He wondered where he got this dark side from? Not that he cared though. It just brushed his mind.

"When the legion returns, my plan would have been successful and I would have ascended the throne." The only problem then would be Aremu but wait, he had a plan for that too.

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