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   Chapter 11 Power knows not family

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Ajoke needed help desperately. Remi was too bulky for her to carry alone. Her mind reeled at who to call for help. For unknown reasons, her mind went to Adeola. She quickly dashed to the castle. Ajoke dodged slow servant and slow-walkers. The only person she cared about was about to die. Everyone was at the hall offering their tribute to the late king. Ajoke spotted Adeola. She had white stains of her face, she had been crying. Is this really the time? A voice ranted to Ajoke and for the first time, she felt selfish. She tapped Adeola frantically. The latter only replied her with a sullen look. "I need your help. Remi is dying." Those words seem to awaken something in Adeola. She wiped her face aand took her leave only to return with two burly guards. "Lead the way." Adeola commanded. With bright torches, the way to the stream was much faster. Ajoke spotted Remi. He was still losing blood and was more pale. Snapping her fingers, the guards carried him as they all headed to Yeye. True was the traditional healer of Ayetoro. A friend of Ifadoju who lacked his spirituality but was a green finger when it came to healing. "Yeye! Adeola screamed. The old woman came into view. She had completely gray hair with little streak of black. The hair was unpacked and added to her physiche of mad doctor. . Her face had deep lines that did not deserve to be called wrinkles. "Drop him." She demanded, pointing a mat while she left to get her tools. Ajoke was jittery. She could not bear to watch him die so she prayed to whatever god or spirit heard her plight. The woman appeared with twigs, leaves and Balms, prepared to begin her treatment. She wiped the Dry blood and some slick mucous off his wound. She began to pound some herbs while chanting an healing mantra. When she applied it to the wounds, it hisses emmiting a foul odour. The woman gasped. "It's wilt Daisy. I'm Surprised he is not dead yet." She exclaimed. Ajoke had long before suspected the attack on Remi was for a purpose. He had always healed from his wounds, Why not now?


The woman tried to speak but she fell unconscious. Aremu was beginning to get worried. Who was this woman? Why was she injured? Did she just fall from the heavens? A thousand questions pulsed him. Luckily, his curiousity got the better of him. The picture Remi was seeing was getting blurred. Like watching outside when running water poured down the window. He himself felt nausea but he needed more answers. He followed the younger Aremu and his mother whom was carried on his back to the castle. The castle was different. Their was only one castle and the wall was not present neither was the shield. Not that he would know since he was an illusion but he felt it. "Brother! Brother!" Aremu shouted. His brother came out and Remi could have sworn he recognized that face. "What ha

rest of them that you use. I love her, back off." Ala, his mother fought tooth and nail to prevent an all-you-can-punch fistfight. When she separated them, they lefft in annoyance. She then walked again to Remi, "Leave." Remi did not understand her. How could he be the one trapping himself in the past. "You have a future, a bright one. Think about something else." She advised him. For a moment, all Remi could think of was Ajoke. She would be worried sick. He needed to wake but he lacked the strength. Ajoke saw the agitated look on Yeye and she knew Remi might not survive. Adeola took her leave, she was exhausted. In her dilemma, Ajoke ran her fingers through her talisman and the answer hit her. The talisman could heal Remi. She ripped it off her neck before it was too late and tied to his neck. There was mild glow on the talisman but that was it. There was no healing or anything. Ajoke knew she had to have faith. She had once heard a tale of a powerful drug. Now, it was time to try it's potency. . She leaned and brought her lips to Remi's. Immediately their skin touched, she could have sworn she felt electricity surged through her body. It was like it was only then in the room and every other thing was irrelevant. She noticed the cut healing. Tissue by tissue and Remi finally opened his eyes and there was only one thing he could say, "The legion!" Ajoke was disappionted. She expected him to kiss her back but all she got was a chaste kiss before he ran out like nothing had happened. "What a douche!" She thought out loud. Yeye smiled, "Men will be men." Their troubles dissolved as they laughed. Yeye soon began to pack her tools and Ajoke saw it was a cue to leave. Once alone, yeye began to clean the bloody mess her visitors left when she heard a voice, it was a man's. "Yeye, we meet again." Yeye turned to the speaker and gasped in shock, "No! Not you again."

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