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I looked back at my phone as I looked down at Veronica who had her hands wrapped around my torso as she leaned closer to me on the couch and slept, seeming exhausted. A small smile remained plastered on her face as I picked the phone to find my dad's name on the caller ID.

Gently, letting her slip to the couch, I got up and walked to the kitchen counter wanting to have a word with my father.

"So now you call?" I asked through gritted teeth and heard him chuckling.

"Sorry. I know for what you have been calling for. I'm sorry. I was having a word with the media and it slipped. They made a big issue out of my statement, " he said as he exhaled out and I heard someone talking to him from his end and recognized the voice as Ron.

"Slipped? Just what did you tell them?"

"They asked me about you and then I told them that you are not really seeing anyone but then they asked me about your friend circle and since you told me about Chelsea, I spilled the name out. They took it in a different way and made a gossip out of it, "

"Then why did you not pick up my calls. Do you even realize what situation I was in?" I asked as he hummed in response.

"Situation? It was not that big of a situation, " he argued.

"You don't understand. You don't even have any idea-"

"Wait a minute. A gossip about you getting engaged to Kinsley is not a big deal unless and until you have someone else in your life, " he chuckled as I looked back at Veronica who was now sitting on the couch looking my way. She gave me a smile as she signaled me to continue talking.

"Well, you guessed that one right!" I didn't bother to hide it and heard him gasping in shock.


"Yes, and I will let you meet her soon, " I said as I hung up immediately knowing he would jump on to asking me questions and end up digging up more information. But eventually, he would find out anyway. As much as I knew him, he had already asked Ron to find out about it and I really didn't care a

of my life. I want to tell you, I love you too. I really do, " she said and that immediately made me widen my eyes. I really did not expect her to tell me this soon but now when she did, I am nothing but filled with shock and surprise.

"Thanks to Chelsea, I am clear with my emotions. I had no mixed feelings for you ever. It were also clear. I have always liked you for the way you are. You showed me what real power and love is and that is why I love you, " she said with a smile as she shifted her jacket to her other arm and turned back.

"I hope when I come back we would get time to spent with each other without anyone interrupting, " she laughed at the end as she waved at me and walked away from my sight.

I was rooted to my position for some minutes before, I plopped down on the couch chuckling.

This was really unexpectant.

This woman really knows how to make my heart skip a beat. A smile remained plastered to my face as I thought about her. So, now there were no uncertain feelings between us. She had finally accepted me and I have accepted her. We were finally officially together as a couple.

I still couldn't believe it.

Veronica is mine. Finally. Finally, after all this years, I don't have to long for her and miss her anymore. She is with me and is going to stay with me forever.

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