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Veronica Pov

Its been a day since he went away and he is yet to give me a message about his sister's accident. I was worried and wanted to know ho she was and how Ace was doing. He had already told me about his mother's accident and his parent's being in overseas for her surgery. It was also the reason why he was stuck with the company.

But I knew him very well. He was a perfectionist and did every work with perfection. The shares of Knights' Corp raised up when he took over and he is doing good but I knew he was feeling burdened and hurt for not being able to do the work that he loved. That man is just good with patience and too good for his own kind.

If my father had told me to do something I didn't like, then I would never do it no matter what. But that's what makes me and Ace so different and that is also the reason why I like him. I smiled as I got rid of my suit and placed it on the bed as I walked to the large glass window in my bedroom and slid the curtain open.

The light shone into my room and I looked out towards the pool. Suddenly, the place seemed so lonely. Just days ago, we were hanging out, chatting, laughing and my eyes fell on the lounge where Ace touched me.

I could still feel the tingle shotting up my skin as I remembered the moment. Not a single guy has ever put his hands on me, with my consent but he, Ace was different. My rolled back and I loved the way he touched me. I knew it instantly that he wanted me. I wanted him too but then he stopped and left me in the middle. I was filled with rage and warned him not to ever leave me in the middle by giving him a passionate kiss and pouring my anger out on it. But then I understood that he stopped because of our secretaries who were busy in their world but were right behind us.

It was completely a shock to me when he said he loved me.

When? And why? And how did he end up loving me? I have done nothing for such an amazing man to love me. If anything, I was always reckless before him. My impressions were always down before him and that Simon case, I knew it that I had ruined it all. But still, he loved me. I was too shocked to respond back but I was not even sure if I loved him.

I do like him. I really do. He is amazing and I would never get a partner like him, but I was still confused with my feelings.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I saw my phone vibrating and thinking it would be from my Ava notifying me about work-related stuff I picked the phone up and went through all the messages. As I had gone to New York, I had a lot of work stacked up for me when I got back and even though it was tiring, I ended up completing it all. Thanks to Ace, him being around me helped me a lot and I was able to be in a calm state of my mind which helped me to deal with my employee calmly and I cleared my work before time.

But there was still much work to do and I was already tired. I was about to keep the phone down when suddenly a maid walked in with a food tray and she came to me standing right next to me.

"Lunch is ready, " she smiled and I nodded. I was about to tell her to keep it down on the table when my phone started vibrating again and I signaled her to keep the tray down and I picked up the phone. There was news from the news channel I had subscribed and the headline of it, got my attention.

Suddenly my mind went blank and I couldn't understand what was going on. My eyes seemed to scan through the phone again and again as I made sure what I was reading was right. It can't be, it just can't be.

Ace is engaged to Chelsea Kinsley.

A news announcement about their wedding?

I could feel it. I could feel the enormous amount of heat burning in me and rage-filled me as I threw the tray of food on the ground. The plate shattering to pieces and the maid gasped in horror as she looked down at the plate and then at me as I stood their seething in anger. I clutched the phone tightly and picked up the suit from the bed and made my way out of the room calling Ava on my way.

"Get the jet ready. We are flying off to New York right now!" I told her and hung up on her as I marched past Cami who looked up at me in shock to see me in such a condition would be a rare occasion for her and me. I had never lost my calm. Never to anyone or for anything except when Cami was admitted but this was something else.

I felt betrayed and cheated and I wanted a confrontation and I would get it no matter what.


"Take us to Knights Corp, " I told the driver of my Mercedes as he picked us up from the airport. Ava sat at the side and I knew she kept glancing my way wanting to know why

e but the girl Chelsea walking up to me. It was clearly working hours but she was outside as she walked up to me. The blood in me boiled up as I watched the petite girl wanting to take my position in Ace's heart.

He was mine.

Suddenly there was a screeching sound of tyres right behind me and I looked back to find a car stopping right behind my car and somebody got out.

Dresses in a black suit and sleeked back hairstyle as the person who had glares up on his face took it out and looked my way. The person seemed incredibly familiar and I gasped once I realized him.

"Jung?" I said and he smiled as he walked to me.

"Are you Veronica?"

"You are Veronica right?" he asked in his thick Korean accent and I nodded and smiled recognizing him.

"Oh my god! I can't believe it's you! You are here? Of course, you had to be here where Ace is right?" he laughed and I looked up at him in confusion.

"You know when I got the news, I was shocked. I thought how could it be? How could he marry someone else when he couldn't forget you from the past fourteen years. I knew that he would eventually find you. You totally had him bewitched, " he laughed.

"Where is he? That bastard! I will teach him a lesson. How dare he not let me know he finally found you? Man! I really can't believe it, " he sighed as I continued to stare at him thinking what he was even talking about.

"Wait! I am not getting to too fast forward, right? Ace is not getting married to Chelsea right?" he asked and suddenly I felt someone behind me.

"No! That was a misunderstanding. The news is fake, " Chelsea said and instantly my head whipped to her direction.

"Oh Thank god! It would have been really awkward. I mean I really didn't understand how could he all of a sudden get ready to marry someone else when he had been in love with Veronica, right here for fourteen years?" Jung asked and my eyes widened when I heard that. I looked back at him and he seemed to get the confusion and shock in my face as he knotted his eyebrows.

"What? You don't know? He still didn't tell you that he had fallen in love with you back then and when you left he was devasted. For years he kept staring at your picture, waiting for you like some old man in love. Please don't tell me that after so many years of him waiting like a crazy man you two are still not together, " he revealed and it felt as if the ground beneath me cracked open. Ava seemed to be in shock too as she looked back at me and she seemed as if she wanted to tell me something but couldn't, too scared of our position.

My feet faltered as I turned around and looked up.

What have I done?

What the hell have I done?

"Ma'am?" I heard Ava right behind me, whispering to me.

"I think you should go back to Mr. Knights now or-" she stopped and I looked back at her when she signaled at Chelsea who seemed to be in shock to what Jung just said. Without thinking about anything, I dashed back inside wanting to reach Ace as soon as possible. My heart rate sped up as I was too shocked to even understand what I just heard.

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