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Chelsea Pov

The curtains flared up and I watched it without blinking my eyes. These past few days, I have been so not me. I felt as if I was losing myself and it pained me. I have been in edge and always cautious to things that I have never done. My heart ached for the reason that someday everyone is going to blame for something I was never a part of.

I clutched the armrest of the chair as I sat up searching for my phone. There was a continuous beeping sound and I checked the phone to find notifications.

Hot news around!

The famous world scientist, Ace Knights and the CEO of Knights corp has finally found his match. The genius heartthrob is all set to marry this year.

The National award winner scientist, finally set to hear the wedding bells at the age of twenty-nine.

According to our source, Mr. Ace Knights has found love in his childhood best friend Ms. Chelsea Kinsley, the daughter of George Kinsley. Earlier, it was said that Ms. Kinsley after graduating from Stanford's would be the next in line to take over her father's company but now we understand why she chose not to.

The biggest wedding this year. Subscribe to our newsletter for more news related to the wedding.

I felt as if I would pass out any second. I stood up in shock as I read the news again and again. What's going on? Why is my name with Ace?

All of a sudden something hit me and I understood, what was going on. Rage filled up me as I threw the phone on the bed and got ready to give a visit to my father, first.

I knew this was him. He has done this but today was enough! I just had enough. How am I going to face Ace after this? And to top of that Veronica. She is going to unveil me before Ace. She had clearly warned me if I did anything stupid then she would take it no time to unveil me. But she did give me an opportunity to talk everything out with Ace. And now, if she sees this news then she would think I am again behind all this and then she will come for us.

There will be a huge problem if something like that happened and I will not let anyone cause trouble for my family.


"Dad! Dad!"

He walked out of his study room, as I removed the sunglasses and stormed up to him throwing the newspaper which had the news headline of Ace and me.

"What the hell is this?" I asked as calmly as I could because on the inside I felt like I was going to explode any second.

"Relax! It's just a news headline, " he chuckled as he picked up the newspaper.

"Dad are you out of your mind? Why are you doing this to me? To your own daughter? Dad! Ace is not even in the country. Think about what will happen if he comes back and sees this. Because of you, there will be a problem between us, " I screamed as tears pooled my eyes and I saw my nana and my little brother standing on the stairs, looking at us.

"Why are you blaming me? I asked his father and his father agreed. Moreover, Ace doesn't have anyone in his life. So why not you? There shouldn't be any problem, " he argued as he shrugged and made his way to the sofa, hav

about what he was talking about.

"Oh, Chelsea. You just solved everything, "

"W-What are you talking about?" I managed to ask as his beamed with happiness and pulled me to a hug.

"You just have to let Ace know, that you love him and blame everything on me if Veronica reveals anything to Ace. Like it is. You are not even lying. I did this and I will take the blame. I will tell everyone that you are not involved in this but it was definitely my idea but you know what? If you are able to make Ace love you back then he will definitely forgive us, " he looked beyond happy as if he ha hit a jackpot.

"No man would be let his woman be in trouble. He will be angry but if he loves you, he will forgive you eventually, "

A smile finally made up its way on my face as I heard that.

"So, is it okay for me if I tell him everything? I will tell him that I love him and no informations were passed from the company, "

"Yes, it will be okay. But first confess your love to him and make him fall for you and then only talk about it to him. Meanwhile, I will reach out to Xavier and ask him to settle everything with his son and the media and give him some time. If we don't force Ace for the wedding then he will be in a cool state of mind. Give him an excuse that this was just a misunderstanding from both me and his father's part, "

I nodded as I wiped my tears using my sleeved and hugged him putting my shoulder.

"Thank you, dad. Thank you for not letting me down before Ace. I really love him and I do want to get married to him, but not like this. I don't want to lose him."

For the first time ever, I felt light weighted as a burden coming off my shoulder. I wouldn't have to act before Ace again. I will apologize and get down on my knees even if I had to but I will not lose him. Never. He had managed to ignite the feelings in me and he will have to take responsibilities. I am willing to wait for him to accept me and I will make sure, he accepts me.

Ace, I can't wait to tell you how much I love you.

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