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Fascination. Is it really fascination that I felt towards Veronica?

I watched as she turned the faucet on and splashed water on her face and used the water to wipe her arms and neck. Everything was in slow motion or was I too attentive?

She was sweaty from all that horse riding she did and she ended up to a open sink, where she washed her face and then looked at me completely oblivious to my staring.

"How did you know where I am?" she asked as she took the towel from my hand and wiped her face. Her hair was still loose and wet at the end. It stuck on her glossy skin and my finger itched to touch it but I refrained myself from doing so as I stared into her eyes.

"Your secretary spilled the beans to Noah, " I said internally grimacing over the fact that I completely forgot Noah's presence back there in the field. He might have already seen me kissing Veronica. Shit!

"Did she? Somebody needs to find a new job then, " Veronica winked at me as I raised an eyebrow at her.

"You are going to fire her?" I asked and she shrugged tying her hair up before looking back at me. "Are you not happy that I found you and came to give you a surprise?" I asked and she smiled incredibly. "Of course I am! I am very happy, " she came forward putting her arms around my neck.

"But the one who doesn't understand work and privacy is not going to be with me, " she said and withdrew her hand turning around.

"But because it was you, I will let her go this time just with a warning, " she looked back at me and as I smiled, she winked at me and we walked back towards the entrance where I had previously left Noah.

I saw him standing near the fence with his back facing us and I approached him. His eyes were fixated on something and I looked at the direction to find him staring at a woman.

"That's Ava, my secretary, " Veronica looked up at me before walking up to her secretary who was caressing a brown horse completely oblivious to our presence. I watched as the brunette woman, looked back at Veronica and all of a sudden, the smiled fade

that Cami, during her asylum days jumped off a building and perhaps that caused her paralysis and she ended up on a wheelchair.

"My mom also uses one but she is always radiant!" I joked and that made her smile. "Am I not radiant?" she asked and I nodded, "Perhaps more than her, " as I said that, Cami grinned at me and I smiled looking at the blonde woman with glasses.

Even though she smiled, I could still feel her sadness as I stared into her eyes. Now I do understand what made Veronica to go such extents. Perhaps, she was unable to witness her sadness and wanted to have solace for her.

I knew how it felt to see your loved ones suffering and as I suffered watching my mother on a wheelchair and my father's agony, I knew Veronica and her family were equally suffering with Cami. It was torturous and heartbreaking.

But that's family.

Giving support to each other at the difficult time of life.

Understanding Veronica is one hell of a thing. The woman is puzzled up with secrets and what nots but still, I couldn't help myself from falling head over heels with her again and again.

Veronica, I really love you. I hope I will soon, let you know about this.

She looked back at me raising an eyebrow and I shook my head and she came forward holding Cami's hand while Noah stood to the side staring at us perhaps thinking about what was going on.

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