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The administrative capital of South Africa. It was a lovey city. My car passed by the jacaranda trees planted in its streets, parks and gardens, I peeked through the windows towards the new place, that I was visiting.

It was my first time in Pretoria and I took my father's private jet to reach and reached Pretoria in just fourteen hours. I asked Noah to find out about Veronica and he told me that she was actually from Cape town but shifted to Pretoria a year ago and now she was in Pretoria doing her business.

I was dying to meet her again. She told me, she wouldn't message or text me until I reply and as I didn't reply she didn't text back being truthful or should I say, adamant to her words. I wonder what she must be doing right now.

"Where are we going?" I asked as I looked to my side to find Noah going through his tab.

"To the horse riding field, " he said and that made me look back at him in confusion.

"Horse riding field?"

"Apparently, I contacted Ms. Sullivan's secretary and she told me they are in the horse riding field which is owned by Ms. Sullivan herself. She loves horses and horse riding and like to spend most of her time training and being with them, " as he said that I recalled something. Last time when we were talking Veronica did tell me that she likes horse riding and she has been on a volcano trek.

Wow Ace, she told you about the things that she likes, and you it off like its nothing.

This woman surely is adventurous.

"Here we are, " I heard the driver and I looked back at Noah who was looking out of the windshield.

"You asked her secretary? That means she would have already gotten an idea that I am here, " I said thinking that he spoilt my plans.

"No, I just asked I wanted to talk to her regarding work and she told me Ms. Sullivan is actually busy and after asking too much she told me she can't be disturbed because she is in her horse camp field. After that, I searched everything on my own, " he said and formed his lips in a thin line. I was impressed by the dude

down at Veronica.

"What's this breed called?" I asked changing the topic, since she wasn't talking or showing me her face.

"Friesian, from Netherlands, " she said more like mumble and I nodded even though she couldn't see me.

"So, are you not going to talk to me or face me?" I asked and she refused to face me and didn't even bother to answer as she continued patting the horse.

"Fine, I traveled fourteen hours to meet you and since you don't look happy, I think I shall just go back taking the next possible flight, " I said and was just about to turn when all of a sudden she turned and flung her arms over me catching me off guard. She jumped on me and before I knew it I was already hugging her tight picking her up in the air.

"Can't I be a little angry with you since you didn't even take time to reply to my messages? I thought you were the one ignoring me, " I heard her muffled voice and chuckled as I inhaled her scent and caress her hair.

"Ignored you, yes. Then how could I have given you this surprise?" I asked and heard her chuckling as I put her down and looked up, grinning widely.

"I just wanted a little attention from you, " she said and that made me smile as I got hold her of chin and raised her face up "You already have my attention since a long period of time, " I said before leaning down and placing a kiss on her lips.

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