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"Sir, you have a call from Ms. Sullivan, " Noah whispered to me as I nodded and he handed me my phone. We were in the middle of a meeting and phones were not allowed. I looked at the phone screen to find thirteen missed calls from her side.

What's wrong?

After dropping her off, I went back to my house to shower and got back office, but since I took a day off, I had to finish all the pending meetings and here I was. I didn't even get time to have proper lunch let alone call Veronica.

But seeing her missed calls, I grew restless as I stopped Mr. Kim who was giving a presentation and he adjusted his suit, looking my way wanting to know why I stopped him.

"Sorry for my interruption. I have an urgent matter to look upon. Let's take a five minutes break? I will be right back, " as I said that people in the room stretched their back and set comfortably as I made my way out of the room wanting to talk to her.

The call didn't connect but as I was going to call her again, my phone buzzed and the message notifications came flooded the screen.

Hey! Are you working? Can we meet for five minutes?

Are you busy?

Ah! You are not picking up and I couldn't reach Noah, your secretary. I called you several times but you didn't pick up. I am going back to South Africa for several days, back to my company. I wanted to meet you in person before leaving, damn it!

Hey! Don't get upset. I'm not leaving or disappearing. This time, I'm letting you know. I am needed in my company and its my duty. Sorry :(

Call back when you are free?

I will be back really soon and no! I had no plan of going back, it was a sudden plan and an urgency. So, don't go nuts.

Bye :)

"What the hell?" I mumbled as I read those texts from Veronica and huffed putting the phone back in my pant pockets.

"She could've searched for me before leaving. What's the distance?" I whispered as I looked up at the ceiling. "Just some floors away, " I felt upset as I thought about her leaving. It was just getting started and here, she left already.

What's the urgency? She could've stayed a day more.

Suddenly, I was in a foul mood as I t

ld be back to you by sixteenth of this month. You did pretty well. Take a holiday for some days and she will look into your work. And we will also get to know how she is in taking responsibility of the company eh?"

"No. I had a leave a day ago and I ended up doing all the pending works and attended every single damn meetings. I can't even think of an another big holiday at the mom-" I was cut off in the middle as I saw my phone ringing in the middle of my conversation.

The caller ID displayed Veronica's name and that's when it struck me.

"Actually. I think I really need a break for sometime, " I said as I saw the phone going off but again it rung and my lips quirked up thinking about how she would be reacting with me not picking up her phone.

"Good. Your trip is on me. I will book your vacation. Just tell me the destination. How about Australia?" he asked as I picked up my phone and saw a text message from her side.

If you are ignoring me on purpose, then let me warn you, this would be my last message. I am not reaching out to you again. You didn't even call back or reply to my last messages and I still do not know if you know, I am back to South Africa.

"I have a better destination, " I said smiling to myself reading her message.


"South Africa."

Go to hell, Mr. Ace Knights.

Arrgh! Such a jerk!

Whatever, you jackass! I am never talking to you again.

Never ever!

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