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Veronica Pov

Everything was set, as I stood waiting for Ace to show up. Simon and I drove off to the resort early in the morning and to say, the amount of time, I took to persuade Simon for the trip.

Minutes later, I saw Ace walking towards us but my attention was towards the blond girl behind Ace. Chelsea Kinsley.

She seems to be tagging along Ace, just everywhere and somehow that irked me and annoyed me the most. To top of that her continuous smile. I know what expressions you should have in a profession work and her being a manager, she should possess those qualities but not every fucking time.

I thought Ace would bring his sister and I would get to meet her. I have had heard that she just graduated from Howards and it would have been great to know her in person but Chelsea was her replacement as she was out of town. I had no problem with that, but I had no idea why Chelsea sticking to Ace made me really annoyed and...possessiveness?

Yes, that was true. I had very few people around me whom I trusted and Ace was also in that. So, perhaps I was just too possessive for them.

"You can take that bed, if you want, " I said as I kept my things on the couch in the room as I looked at her going towards the bed near the balcony.

There was no way, I would like to share a bed with her, and it was I had instructed the staff to give us a room with separate single beds.

"I hope you don't mind me joining. Ace was the one who brought me here. I told him I don't want to di-"

"It's alright. If Ace chose to bring you here then I don't really mind, " I said as I sat down on the other bed and got rid of the sweater. Even though the temperature was low outside, still I felt hot as I massaged the back of my neck staring down at my phone.

"So? How did you get into this line? You were in our batch in London right?" I heard her asking me but I chose not to pay much attention to her as I simply nodded at her but still she chose to ask more questions.

"From which university did you graduate?"

"University of Pretoria, Gordon Institute of Business Science, " I replied looking down at the watch. We should start preparing for the barbeque.

"Oh! South Africa! Nice. I'm from Stanford, " she cracked up at the end which made me stare up at her.

"Still you are a manager in someone's company while I run my own business, worldwide. Got the irony?" I gave her a cold stare while she nodded, looking defeated as she turned around and walked out of the room towards the balcony.

Chelsea Kinsley, you may be able to fool Ace with your looks and behavior, but you can't dare to play with Veronica Sullivan.

I had no idea, why I was so bothered when Ace ignored me most of the times to be with Chelsea.

Why did I care?

From when did Veronica Sullivan cared if anyone gave her attention or not?

It's not just anyone, but Ace.

I have been very close and open to only person, not even my mother or father but its only Ace. So, perhaps it was natural fro me to be overprotective towards him. But still, I knew I couldn't just stick to him and keep on judging everyone around him, so why did him giving time to Chelsea bothered me?

It was none of my business what they were doing but still, I had that burning sensation within my heart as I saw them far away talking and laughing to each other.

They seemed to have grown warm to each other's company and Ace seemed to enjoy being with her. What made him take her away to have a talk which I couldn't hear? What privacy did they both had?

I got back after having a talk with the staff about the arrangements when I saw a glass of water and feeling thirsty, I picked it up to drink only to see them some distance away from us laughing and talking. It was when Chelsea stood up on her tip toe and Ace leaned backward. For the time ever, my mind went blank as I thought at the next moment that Chelsea was going to kiss him.

There it was.

I had no idea, when the glass I clutched minutes ago, crushed and the

hurt, I still couldn't feel the pain as all I could feel was rage and anger.

"I must applaud your audacity to sit here and gaze into my eyes, "

"Are you not here to pass informations to your father about each and every project that Knights Corp works on? I dare you to prove me wrong on my face!" I said as I threw the crushed can on the ground.

"How do you-"

"I shall cut some slack for you. Your father tried to manipulate each and every investors of Knights corp and guess what whom he approached? That's right, " I pointed towards my own self "Me."

"And guess what? I'm not an idiot to invest on a company only to see it sink down? I play with my mind and to top of that your father betrayed my friend. Sorry, correction, best friend and do you think I will be all happy and defenseless near you?"

"Look! I can explain. I am not with my father. I have never disclosed any information to him even though it's true I joined Knight's corp because he wanted me to. I have never thought of betraying Ace, please trust me. I have changed and I have decided to support him, no matter what!" she pleaded, and I could see her eyes teared up in the end.

"Oh I guess, it is also the reason why I'm tolerating you, Miss Kinsley and trust me, I'm waiting for the day when you are the one who tells Ace everything about this. The day you speak the truth is the day, I will think of being more modest and less hostile towards you. Until then, don't show me your face or trust me, you don't know me. I will be more vengeful than the last time, " I warned her as I pointed a finger at her and she nodded as she got up making her way back into the resort.

"Idiot!" I mumbled as I looked back at my hand. The blood was oozing out of the bandage when all of a sudden Ace was right before me keeping a plate on the bench as he got hold of my hand.

"Again? What the hell did you do Veronica? Do you not understand? Why are you always like this!" he complained while all I did was smile up at him as he continued scolding me as if I were a school kid.


It was already late in the evening as I called Simon inside the room and we made it to the balcony as we stared down and saw Chelsea and Ace sitting before the bonfire that the resort staff arranged for us.

"What do you want to say?" I heard him as I stared at Ace.

Is this what you mean when you told me, I could never be happy if I don't listen to my heart?

Well then, for the first time ever, I'm giving a chance to my heart and ignoring what my brain has to say.

My brain only speaks business and I'm tired of it.

"Let's call it off."

From now on, I want to be happy and also be in peace.

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