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The elevator pinged open and I walked out as people greeted me good morning, all I did was nod my head to acknowledge their presence and made my way into my cabin where Noah was already waiting with my day schedule.

"Good morning, sir" he said as he adjusted his glasses and looked through his tab, reading something.

"Today, we have a meeting with Jasav group's MD and he has informed we should carry out the meeting over lunch, " Noah said which made me sigh as I got rid of my suit jacket and hung it over my chair headrest.

"Then we will be visiting various sites for our new project, "

I nodded as I took my seat and switched on the laptop. It was nine in the morning and I looked out towards the window to find the weather cleared and sunny.

"Ms. Sullivan is going to accompany us to visit all this sites as well, " Noah said which made me look up at him questionably.

"She insisted to come, "

As he said that I picked up the phone ready to call her when all of a sudden my phone vibrated and the caller ID displayed her name.

"Veronica, " I spoked and all I could hear from the other end was weird noises.

"What's going on?" I asked and she spoke up after a breath.

"I was trying a wedding dress and looks like it doesn't fit me. Damn it!″ she gave out a breathy tone and soon the line went dead.

"What the.." I said as I looked at my phone but as soon as I was about to keep it down, it rung again and looking up at Noah, I found him busy in his tab, so I picked it up and all of a sudden heard Veronica yelling at someone and then she got back to me.

"Who was that?" I asked and she gasped in response. "Oh nothing, so where was I?" there was a second of silence from her side before she started talking "Yeah, we have finally decided the date. I am here looking out for a wedding dress and there is no sign of my parents showing up.I think my dad is really angry with my decision, " she said sounding out of breaths and all I did was sit there and hear her out calmly.

"Why what's going? Why are you parents not coming for your wedding? Did you not introduce your fiancé to your family?" I asked and instantly regretted why I asked that. I hope she doesn't get a bad direction to it.

Although there was a silence from her side, still I chose to talk and break the silence as I said.

"You are already coming with me to visit the sites today right?"

"Yeah, I am!"

"Alright, let's talk about this there, " I said in a tone which I thought was enough to tell her that I was going to hang up but she intervened in the middle of my speech as she spoke "But after that you are going to help me for my wedding dress and other shoppings."

My lips formed in a thin line as I thought about it. Honestly, my mind didn't even react when it heard that she was already searching for a wedding dress and was already ready to marry someone else. It was also so normal to me. Did I like not cared about it any longer?

Or am I too adamant and persistent to believe that she is going away from me day by day and this time, for ever.


"Deal!" she snapped from the other end and again for the second time the call got disconnected. She hung up.

at the road.

"See, I know that you are hiding something from me and until and unless you spill everything out and fill me with whatever you have, I can't really help you, except only sit quietly and hear you out, " I said truthfully.

"Why are your parents not showing up for their daughter's wedding?" I asked the question that I have been itching to ask.

"I don't know, " she said and pulled her cap down hiding her eyes as she looked out of the widow avoiding facing me.

Her behavior told me instantly that she was hiding something. Earlier, I was just guessing things but now I was sure.

"Okay, I'm not gonna ask you again, " I told her as I focussed on the road. She was the one who insisted on coming and wanted to talk still she is the one who keeps on avoiding questions.

There was an awkward silence between us when all of a sudden the vibration of the phone caught my attention. It was her phone.

She stared at her phone for a second before the vibration stopped and she took in a deep breath.

"The thing is Simon is a good man. I told m-"

She was interrupted by the phone's vibration and I guessed it might be from her parents but her clicking of tongue and her irritated face said something else.

"Can you please park in the sideways? I need to take this call, " she said and although I wanted to ask her about it, I restrained myself from asking as I pulled the car in the sideways and she hopped out slamming the door shut as I put my hand on the handbrake and saw her talking to someone in the phone.

It was a good two to three minutes call when all of a sudden she seemed agitated and threw her hands up in the air. Her body language told me that she was having an argument over something with someone and before I know it, I was already getting out of the car when I heard her.

"Simon, don't you dare go back from this. You said you are going to give me the land as I give you the green card. So, don't show me that I am the only one in profits. It was a deal, remember?" her voice seemed threatening as she spoke through the phone while I stood there staring at her back in disbelieve.

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