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Veronica Pov

The stairway was as usual-moist, wet and slippery. It was raining outside from past twelve hours and since, the building didn't have stairway roof constructed, the stairs were always affected by the rain hence making it slippery.

I didn't care, as I made my way up in the middle of the night, ignoring the dark old building and the weird animal noises followed by the sound of wind howling through the hallways of the dark building. I did what I liked to do, and as I made my way up to the terrace, I realised today, I was not alone.

Someone was already there sitting with a telescope and a notebook.

"Knights?" I called and all of a sudden he looked back with wide open eyes as if I had caught him off guard.

"Jesus! It's you, " he took a sigh of relief and that instantly had my attention. "What's up?" I asked as I made my way to him and looked down at him. He had his big rimmed glasses on as he adjusted it and shrugged at me.

"Stargazing, " he said with a cheeky smile as I took a seat next to him on the mat.

"But it was raining earlier, " I told him and he nodded looking at his wrist watch. "But now the clouds may clear any time. I'm here for the constellations, " he said which made me giggle.

"So, I see you have started to sneak out just like me. Are you not afraid of someone finding about your absence in your hostel wing?" I asked and he shrugged. "Done this a plenty of time, so habituated I guess!" he joked and I knew right away that he was referring that to me because I was the one who made him sneak out of the hostel most of the times.

"You? What about you?" he asked and I shoved my hand into my jacket pockets, feeling the cold breeze of the night. "As usual, wandering around, " I told him and all he did was nod his head. He was habituated with my wandering around.

"Oh the clouds are clearing up!" he said all of a sudden excited. This was the first time ever I was seeing him this excited. From the day, I met him if anything I saw in him was determination for studying. I knew his dream was to become a scientist and an astronaut but I had never really understood what fascinates him to the level that he doesn't sleep at night.

"You really want to be an astronaut, don't you?" I asked as I folded my arms over my knees and looked at him while he looked through the telescope.

"That's my dream, " he said not even his taking his eyes of the tel

hat love is, " he laughed at the end.

"But then, love became scientific for me, as I started to take interest on studying and researching more and more on things that I didn't know. I wanted to know the things that were beyond our reach and it was how I ended up choosing my path, " he told me and I nodded.

So, basically his grandfather inspired him.

"What about you? You never told me about your dreams, " he asked and all of a sudden I grew tense thinking whether to tell him or not.

"Do you want to be a doctor or an engineer?" he urged me to speak up.

Honestly, from the day I joined London school of Science, I have felt nothing but remorse. I had no interest in science and like Ace, I had also dreamt of something which seemed to getting away from me. I do have a person who has inspired me to the level, that it becomes suffocating for me to carry on with science. I wanted to be a Prosecutor in the beginning, then it changed to be what my father was. I wanted to be like him, I wanted to be a businesswoman, inspiring others, like he did.

Can I tell this to Ace?

Is it okay for me to tell this Ace, and let it out of the chest?

But then he will simply ask me why am I not going after my dreams.

How can I pursue my dreams when all I see is Revenge.

And for that I needed to stay in London school of Science, anyhow.

"Yes, I want to be a doctor, " I said burying the acidic feeling that I had inside my chest. The feeling of revenge was so powerful and intense to the extent, that I was ready to lose my dreams, my ambitions and what most importantly what I really was.

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