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Maria came back in to take the tray and she went away as she stared at the bowl, which was now empty and looked satisfied as she left.

"So, where were we?" Veronica asked as she wiped her mouth using a tissue and tossed it to the dustbin.

I stayed quiet wanting to know what was going on.

"Yeah! Marriage. No, I'm not married, " she said as she chuckled and at that moment all I wanted to do was to take a sigh of relief but stopped when she continued "yet!" smiling at me which made me confused.

"I will be in sometimes. We have just not decided the date, " she sighed as she leaned to the headboard pulling her duvet upto her chin.

"We?" I asked slowly and she nodded.

"I do have a fiancé, " she said and as she turned to her left and opened the drawer to her nightstand and brought something out. It was a ring. It was a big diamond ring and she wore it showing me her finger with the ring.

"We got engaged three months ago. But not decided the wedding date. I know what you're thinking. About this ring right? He is unbiased, " she said as she looked back at the ring and then back at me.

"You are engaged and you tell me now?" I asked slowly as I couldn't take in what I just heard. I had no idea that my hands were formed into a tight fist as I hid them from her sight.

Please tell me this is a joke.

"Hey! Don't blame me now. I tried my best to talk to you but you wouldn't listen, " she complained throwing her hands up in the air.

"But what after that? You could've told me as I started listening!"

"You be clear first! What did you want to hear from me? My vanishing out of your life or my engagement? How could I even tell you about my engagement when you wouldn't even look at my face?" she yelled which made me get up from the chair.

"Stop yelling and have some rest. You are still unwell. I need to leave now, " I said as I turned to leave.

"Ace, c'mon!" I heard her as I walked towards the door.

"Ace! Hey! Ace! Okay fine! I'm sorry, " I heard her as I left her room and out of her penthouse, taking long strides, wanting to get away.

So this is how this has to be? I have been waiting for her and imagining her like a

All the while I could see the ring on her finger, dazzling as she pressed the elevator's button and we entered standing at each corner of the elevator.

"To the canteen, " she said and I shoved my hands into my pant pockets.

"Good! I feel hungry, " I made a statement to which she just looked back at me and gave me a mischievous smile.


Never in my life, I was this surprised or astonished as the moment I was when I saw the man sitting next to the glass curtain wall. He had a cup of coffee in his hand and had a smile plastered on his face.

"Simon meet my best friend Ace, " Veronica introduced me to him as I sat there trying my best no to make a face.

The man was probably in his late 40′s and there was a moment I thought may be e was Veronica's father. But no, he came out as her fiancé. The wrinkles formed on his forehead and the side of his eyes, the dark circles, still he was good looking for his age and had few strands of grey hair, black eyes and pale skin.

What the hell Veronica?

"I know. Who doesn't know Mr. Knights here?" he said showing his white polished teeth and all I could do was stare.

"Ace, are you happy now? I made you meet my fiancé and guess what not even my family has met him. You are the first one I let Simon meet, " she said as she looked back at Simon who just gave her a small smile and then they looked back at me.

To say, my head was throbbing now, would be an understatement.

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