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The clock hit eight and I was up on my feet closing the laptop and keeping my things in the drawer. Early in the morning I had to rush back home to take a bath and then I returned back to the company and in the break I had to move out for a quick meeting but the whole day, I had Veronica in my mind as I sent Noah multiple times to her penthouse to check on her and thankfully each time he informed me that she was doing fine and her temperature went down and she was resting.

I was glad, but as the day ended I worked fast to complete my work to get back to her penthouse.

"Ace, " it was Chelsea as she walked into my cabin.

"Heading back already? Let's go out for dinner, " she asked as she put her hands on a chair and smiled at me.

"No can Kinsley, I have to be somewhere now, " I told her as I wore my suit and adjusted it, buttoning it up in the process.

"Oh, " was the only thing that I heard.

"See ya, " I said as I smiled at her and she smiled at me as I crossed her and walked out of my cabin and directly to the elevator.

The elevator door pinged open and I pressed the button to Veronica's floor. But as the elevator door was closing, I saw Chelsea standing near the glass door looking my way with a small smile on her face.


"So? How are you feeling now?" I asked as I took a seat on the same chair that I left on the same spot in the morning. She laid down on her side watching me as I looked down at her when Maria entered and went directly inside the bathroom with a bucket and cleaning mop.

"You have no idea how many time I threw up today. My throat is sore, I can hardly talk, " she exclaimed and I nodded.

"I can see that, " I said as I heard her hoarse voice and assumed Maria cleaning the whole day.

Veronica grumbled something and closed her eyes for a minute when it got me. "You know, I know that you are not feeling well. And I think, you should take some rest. We can continue our story session when you get we-"

"No! Did I even tell you that I'm not going to speak? I said I will tell you and it means I will tell you, " she snapped and that made me roll my eyes as I put my hand up in surrender. "Okay, snappy pants!" I remarked which made her scowl at me.

"We are four siblings. After I was born, my father adopted Cami, who is older than me by six years and she was actually my uncle's only daughter. But her mother died of an accident and her father drank himself to death, so my parents decided to adopt Cami when I was five and it was how she became the eldest daughter to my father. But I had more two brothers who were younger to me and we three are biological children of our parents, " Veronica mumbled but I could hear everything and I decided to remain quiet and listen to her until she finishes.

"Cami was the most intelligent, beautiful and loving of us all. She loved me the most and I was more than happy to get her as my sister." Her sentence ended up with a pause as she closed her eyes.

"Cami was not like any other girl. She was really simple,

and took the evidences from me and presented it before the cops. Everything was sorted but the court found me in wrong place and I was send to correction house for a year because of being the reason for the dean's death. I was lucky because I was underage and wasn't sentenced behind bars or my career would have been in stake but instead I was sent to the correction house, away from everyone."

"I was there for a year and then when I got back, my father kept me away from the world and let me study in South Africa as I grew up there and did my schooling and soon succeeded in whatever I was doing, " as she finished I sat their flabbergasted thinking what the hell was that.

"I know what you might be thinking. Why I didn't contact you? Well, at some point, I tried to, but as I saw you achieving so many things in your life in such a tender age while I was rotting in that correction house, I didn't find it appropriate or I didn't actually had the courage to face you all, " she chuckled as she tried to get up and then look back at me.

"And then life went on and I concentrated on my path and I got disconnected from you all until I met you in the rooftop, " she whistled "it was purely a coincident, I sure, " she laughed at her own joke and all I did was stare at the woman before me.

"So, that was it! My story. So, is this story strong enough for you not to yell at me?" she asked as slid to me and sat before me, staring into my eyes, while I was at loss of words.


"Ace?" she waved her hand before me and I caught it in between my hands as I gave it a squeeze which made her look back at me confused.

"You fool!" I snapped and she squealed as she slid back caught off guard.

"You are telling all this to me now? Now? You are just such a nonsense and an idiot woman, " I slammed my hands on the bed as I stood up and the chair tumbled back, because of the impact.

"You are just, such a fool, " I snapped and she looked up at me with wide eyes.

"Okay, " she laughed nervously.

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