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The line went end as I looked at my phone, utterly disturbed by the fact that I was given a warning to join back if I wanted to keep my post for the upcoming Mars project. I have tried my level best to persuade them to give me some time but it looks like I have finally reached the end. This Mars project would be the major role for my scientist career but I see it falling down just before my eyes.

They want my presence and I am unable to do that.

I can't leave Knights Corp at this point and I simply don't understand what to do.

It was three in the morning and I could hardly sleep. I blame no one. From the very beginning, the only thing that I had dreamt of was to be an astronaut and nothing else. At one point, yes, I did falter a little from my path but that was my choice. But right now, all I see is obstacles that are simply altering my path to mydestination.

I couldn't sleep.

There was a lot going on with me with a change in career, to Veronica back in my life. I used to get excited when I was a kid, but now I don't know. I was always busy, after the school and I dated some few girls, but all got annoyed by my workaholic attitude and ended it right there. Since then, I focussed more on my career and as time flew by I started to clear the obstacles that I had in my way.

But I couldn't forget Veronica. She was always there.

Now when she is back, I still don't know if I still liked her.

I got up from my small beanie bag that I had in my lab and made my way to the bathroom to have a nice bath. The temperature was getting down day to day and I opted for a cold shower, even after that to free the nerves in my brain.

And the cold shower, worked.


Perhaps, it didn't because before me there was a file for the investors, payment and the name at top was of Veronica. She was a venture capitalist for my company and yet she had not signed the contract to receive money as the Venture capitalist. The space was blank and it required her signature.

It was already time to pay the investors and she needed to be paid as well but she was just no cooperating. Noah told me that she didn't sign, even though he told her several times and she only insisted to sign if only I talk to her about it.

"Only as a CEO, " I heard Noah which made me scoff at him.

"Contact Ms. Sullivan, " I told him flipping her file to my next, going over to another investor's file.

"She is not receiving our calls, " he told me and that made me sigh as I looked back at him watching him try his phone again and again.

"Stop it then. She will call back when she is free, " I told him and he looked back at his phone before nodding and making his way out of my room. I looked back at her file and opened it again to read her name.

the same time, picked Veronica up and took her to her bedroom, laying her down on her bed and covering her up before placing the cold compresses over her forehead until the doctor arrived.

She was a family doctor and she checked Veronica immediately and told me that it was a flu.

To say I was worried would be a understatement. Veronica didn't open her eyes and I couldn't understand what to do.

To top of that, someone in her family should know about her condition as well but I had no idea how to contact them, so I forwarded this message to Noah and told him to contact my father regarding this. I bet my father was in contact with Veronica's father as our building's previous tenant.

The doctor gave her the meds and did her treatment before telling me about her medication routine and told me that perhaps travelling to different altitude caused Veronica, the flu.

And she could have been right. It was freezing in New York and Veronica went to South Africa, perhaps the alteration in temperature caused her the flu. I had no idea, where she went but at the moment, I was more worried about her as I waited her to wake up, immediately. I needed to know she was fine.

The lady was sleeping next to her sitting on the floor with her head next to Veronica's hand while I sat on a chair staring at her sleeping form. Her face was pale and at some point her fever even spiked up, giving me tension.

I was worried and I tried multiple times to wake her up, but as she didn't, I felt something.

An adrenaline rush and rising heartbeats of mine as I worried more for her. I felt the same thing that I used to feel, back then.

Middle of the night, and I was sitting sleepless, holding her hand in mine as I felt that rising heartbeats and came to the conclusion that Ace Knights never really forgot Veronica Sullivan.

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