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Fourteen years Later

Walking through the busy streets of Manhattan, I realised how hard it was for normal people to run across every single day to meet their month's end. It was my first time, walking down the street as somehow I had a flat tyre and I left it on the side of the road with the driver as he was busy changing the tyre and I took it the time to walk to my office building. It was actually my sister, who had taken over my father's company, Knights Corp.

The building stands tall and strong as my father and my younger sister, worked their ass off to keep the company's reputation as it was when my belated grandfather used to have the ownership. I have heard, many tried their best to take the company away from my father, but being the strong headed and stubborn guy, he never failed and showed the people that indeed he was better than his own father when it came to business. Now, it was my sister Amelia Grace Knights, who had always shown interest in our father's business and people believed she was the right person to hold the company after my father. She graduated a year ago from Harvard and has already joined the company and currently, my father is mentoring her and making her used to the world of business.

I believe in my sister. Our whole family believe in her that she will keep up her stance and be more successful than our father. While, our mother, a terrible accident three years ago has left her paralyzed below the waist. Since than she has been wheelchair bound. No doctors have succeeded in making her alright and that was the only burden my father carries around these days.

The Knights Corp

I walked into the building as the people who recognised me scooted away from me or bow down to me because I was also the shareholder of Knights Corp. And people had a misconception that I was going to take over the company after my father, Mr. Xavier Knights. But the truth was, I was far from being the one to takeover as I had hardly any interest upon the company. I had succeeded in becoming a scientist, and I had my own laboratory, where I spend my time, day and night. But usually I would show up in the company to know what was going on or I would generally show up when my presence is questioned.

The elevator's door pinged open and I walked in, with my hands shoved in my pant pockets as I nodded at the woman in the front desk who gave me a bow. "Hello Sir, Good afternoon. Ms. Amelia has been waiting for you, " she said and I nodded as I walked directly towards my sister's cabin. People in the office, gave me some way to walk by and as soon as I reached her cabin's door, I stopped in my tracks and looked back only to find everyone curiously staring at me. But as soon as I caught them staring, they looked the other way and focused on their work.

Something was odd.

The woman from the front desk who was following me took the stance to open the door and I got in. At first, I had expected only Amelia but my whole family seemed to be present as I found my father sitting

I had decided last night, that indeed I was going to ease my father's tension and I was going to take the responsibilities, temporarily until my sister is able to takeover.

Though, I have to work both the time, serving both of my professions, still I've finally made up my mind that I was going to leave my lab under my senior, who was in NASA and work day time in the Knights Corp. I hoped this would satisfy my father and he would be tension free and concentrate more on my mother.

"Alright then, " I said and have all their eyes on me.

"What do you mean?" dad asked as he adjusted his suit and looked at me in desperation. "I'm taking over now, although temporarily, " I said and immediately a hundred watt smile formed on his face and Amelian jumped in her place in excitement while my mother looked my way with a small smile in her face, because she knew in what condition, I was in and I was going to be in. Yet, she couldn't do anything to help me because she wanted to help my father at the same time and depended upon me, for my decision.

While my father and my sister, exchanged happy words between themselves, my mother looked at me with sad eyes and mouthed "Thank you, " to me.

I walked to my laboratory, ready to have this before my senior who has been waiting patiently to know my decision. He was aware of the position I was in and wanted to help from the beginning. It was time, for me to finally tell him about my decision and it was why I called him to my lab, to talk about it.

As I was going to cross the street, a car, Mercedes-AMG SLC, 43, zoomed by. But it wasn't the car or its speed that my attention but the one who was inside, driving it was the one who had my attention. It was woman with shades on, but the fact that she looked similar to the one I had last seen fourteen years ago, had me in dilemma, if I was correct on guessing the person or was it just an illusion.

Whatever it was, I hoped it was just an illusion and nothing else or god only knew, how I would behave.

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