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   Chapter 31 Epilogue

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"We brought peace. vampires are now free to roam with a few rules guiding them. The supernaturals world has been separated into factions to end dictatorship." I spoke to myself or tye tombstone rather.

Damian's tombstone in Athenrim's cemetery where his ashes laid to rest.

Matilda dropped roses on the grave and blew a kiss to the tombstone.

Her pregnancy was in the fourth month and she was due for delivery  anytime soon.

She join me on the wooden chair placed close to Damian's grace while I continued telling Damian's grave all that had happened like he was there to listen.

"Victor, that bastard ran away but he's been caught. He spends his time rotting in jail. I know! We've adopted the human

ss u have to go now. Shedrach is teaching me the Royal etiquettes."

We obliged and Kalim disappeared leaving me with Henry.

"So what do we do now?" Henry queried.

"I've always wanted to travel the world."

"Well, we'll do that."

" All my life, I've known fear. Fear of everything. Now, i know what is like to be free, immortality might be my curse but no longer will I hide, no longer will I fear because only when i do will.i truly live"

~Avery Gilbert"

The end.

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