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   Chapter 30 Ending madness

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"Help me!" Matilda sent for the hundredth time. She sounded drugged and a peek into her mind left my eyesight blurry. Strong stuff.

The mansion I knew Matilda was kept in was quiet. I broke the lock and gained entrance into the house.

There was no time to check around for whoever might still be in the house. They were all probably at the wedding and left Matilda locked up and drugged to achieve their goals.

My mind wandered to two separate places, Avery and Matilda.

I was worried about Avery's safety and even if we didn't share the mindlink anymore. She was my responsibility and i had let her slip out my hands.

The mindlink waxed stronger and I could feel I was getting closer.

Tye door in which Matilda was trapped in was locked so I has to break the lock. When this was finally done, I took a peek inside to see if Matilda was alone.

"What the hell is wrong with you? The door was locked and the house is relatively empty!" I chastised myself.

Matilda was tied to her bed with strong looking ropes with no one caring how she was faring. They all abandoned their own kind and went for a blood wedding.


I noticed Matilda's mouth was gagged with a white cloth.

If Legolas was to treat his blood like this, how much vampires whom he detested with his soul.

I moved to one end of the bed and tore the ropes off her.

"Behind you!" Matilda warned.

I turned immediately seeing something silvery slicing through the air and missing me by a second but not entirely. I got a scratch on my cheek and part of my nose which let out blood, just a little.

It didn't heal. The putrid stench of Vervian filled my sinuses. It had laced with that horrible plant' juice.

The aurburn haired faeblood sliced his swords again ad right for my neck missing since I was prepared.

"You bastard! You took her away from me!"

He kept ranting and swinging his sword back and forth in a non stop manner. He was crazy.

I knew he meant Matilda and that meant he was the"boyfriend"  Kalim had mentioned before.

He lunged at me again but this time i attacked. My bloods pumped with adrenaline and i sent him flying with a knockout punch.

The punch sent him flying and he landed on a shelf breaking it and losing grip of his sword which scattered opposite him and to my feets.

I stomped on the weapon shattering it to small pieces.

The faeblood rose refusing to lose the battle. His nose was bleeding heavily and seemed to have shifted position. To be frank, it was now crooked.

"i don't want to kill you!" I told the man warning to keep his distance. He circled me like a predator would do to it's pretty. I will with the weapons now but that did not help one bit.

uld have been mine.

All the hate I had developed for him melted immediately.

I fell on the floor and pulled him closer to me in a rushed manner and almost violently.

"Damian speak to me!" I yelled.

He was beginning to turn blue but spoke, "I'm sorry for everything. Win and live again. I never even got you to call me father." His voice was weak, his hair was deteriorating to a pale grey tone, his skin wrinkled...He was aging.

"Tell Matilda i love her and I love you Avery."

I was beyond moved. The tears were pouring out like a waterfall.

I didn't want him to live. If anything could hear me, they should save hum. I didn't care at what price.

His body suddenly burst into flames. He did not scream, he did not jerk, he only winked.


His body was gone, I could only see his ashes now. The fire died out just as quick as it had started but still hot.

I lacerated my fingers touching it. My... father's ashes.

Legolas cocked up his gun again and pointed at me.

"Too bad. You'll join him anyway."

I snapped. My pureblood's gift did not fail me this time.

A wave of golden light escaped my hands and knocked the gun right out of his hands. The gun never got to the floor. It was almost like it poofed away.

"You monster!" My voice was deep and thick, like a possessed one. It even terrified me.

"I'll show you what hell feels like!"



Avery and Legolas left the earth floating midair like a demonic force was in control. Her eyes were hollow and blood red.

Her body was slowly turning into a ball of light, like a light bulb.

The light engulfed Legolas who screamed in anguish as his skin began to melt burn off.

The light was blinding and an explosion followed.

White noise!



Deafening silence.

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