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   Chapter 29 Final confrontation

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All preparation for the wedding had been put well into place.

It was a bohemian wedding to be precise.

Bright colors everywhere to instill the witches day of celebration, wedding and Bliss.

The wedding took place in Legolas' art gallery. A simple place for one like this. It was supposed to be plain but the witches had other ideas. They had spread rainbow colored ribbons and banners of all kind. Some on the walls and blocking the paintings on the walls.

For the first time, the witches showed their nature loving sides and flowers and green shrubs were placed in vases across the room. Five at each corner. Dandelions and red roses signify Innocence turning into maturity but perhaps it had a hidden message, a tainted one.

Bohemian wedding style is best known for flower crowns, oversized bouquets and mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

It was just that. Diana was dressed In a bright pink gown and a rosette adorning her head. It was made from beautiful vanilla and toned her bright dress down.

Her bridesmaids, a four group witches of personal witches who recently lacked the source and the effect of black magic was physically marring their appearance. For the beautiful occasion, they plastered their face with Makeup. It didn't make them look any better, in fact, they looked like dragqueens. Scary ones. They all wore pink gowns although not as magnificent as Diana's whose gown was adorned with precious stones and glitter making her the centre of attraction to all eyes and flowed down the floor, mopping it. Each step making the gown sweep the ground and twirl like a dancing ballerina.

Legolas himself was dressed to impress. A Royal regalia. A clean cut Ruby red jacket with badges at the breast area. Black pants that reached knee level and with outstanding Gators. The iron worked impressively. A pair of black covered shoes. It was polished radiantly to bring out the night sky with a dim moon. It was like looking at the sky through a lake.

"Do you take this...lady as your "Rue" to be bonded by life and subject to nature?" The elders asked speaking in a creeping tone that echoed back.

"I do." Legolas stated and smiled at Diana.

"Do you..."

"I do!" Diana literally screamed in joy, irritating Meshach.

"Bind the symbol of your love together." The elders commanded.

A vine was brought in a golden bowl with a bunch of red grapes. The vine was dried, dark green and almost Leather like in feel and rough at touch. Being the husband, it was given to Legolas. Legolas took out the vine and bound his hands with them. His wife followed, a tad slow since she was new to the faeblood tradition or wedding.

The fruits were crushed by Meshach and the juice splattered in the golden bowl.

Strange writings inscribed on the bowl shimmered and the couple with their bound hands took turns to consume the s

woman wanted to talk more but Legolas drove his sword into her abdomen.

"You bitch!" Was his only statement to the shocked and impaled witch.

Witches and faebloods stared the leader they once looked up to. He was a monster in their eyes now.

The witch hugged him tightly while invoking a spell..her blood spilled to the floor from the opening in her stomach and back, painting the wooden flooring.

"You will never find peace." Her eyes went frozen almost immediately locked to Legolas' unforgiving face.

"What have you done?" The elders demanded.

I didn't think the battle would end so easy. I expected a battle and one with collosal damage.

Orvinus had ended it all for us.

"You caused it. Your religious and righteous ways." Legolas accused.

"These..." He pointed to us, "were prophesied to be the fall of faebloods rule. I wanted to stop that Madness for us. I did all those evil for us."

The elders were silent for almost a minute.

"You have disappointed your kind Legolas! You were never king! You were just a bench warmer and misused your authority. We strip of your regality and declare you guilty of unholy atrocities.

We won!

Legolas burst into a psychotic laugh. One that could make a child cringe and sounded like it came with something sinister.

"Wrong!" I noticed that mad look in his eyes. The one of ambition and power.

I still have supporters among my people. We don't need elders, ther will always be faeblood competent enough for the task."

If his words made me cringe, then the ancients had to be afraid.

What in the world was wrong with him? I examined the face of tte crowd and among them, I could make put some with the same look, insanity.

"Kalim, we have to fight."

I willed my flock to come to the open and Kalim brought out the skull.

"Kill them all!" Legolas boomed.

This was a confrontation and could as well be our last...

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