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   Chapter 28 The end comes when we least know

The pureblood series: Living By Harmonicquill Characters: 7649

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I could scent them close and it was the first place that came to my mind. I had spent half of the day tracking Avery when I could just contact her through the mindlink but I knew Avery too well. She would believe I was being proud and could not see her physically.

The cabin was just as it was last time. Abandoned and creepy. The serene was silent but under the cover of stillness, I could see crimson red eyes peering at me the an opening in the cabin.

"What are you doing here?" Avery demanded, coming out of the shed.

"I've come to warn you." I initially planned to apologize but her attitude was becoming much too difficult to bear.

" What?! About how dumb my idea is?" She sneered and I fought the urge to blow off at her.

"You need to listen Avery. Matilda something bad is going to happen..."

"We can handle that!" She spat back.

The echo of those e words resounded in my eardrums and it was almost like the girl I was knew had disappeared.

Henry got out of the cabin to see what was going on. He rested heavily at the side of the door and watched not making an attempt to separate two clashing Vampires.

I lost it!

"You think just because you get some abilities and have a league of vampires at your call that you're special! No! You're not! Under that Cover of tough, you're afraid and that why you're doing this. You're afraid."

Tears were pouring freely from her eyes and her mind was in shambles but then it all went static.

"Do you feel that Damian?" Avery quizzed, seeming to notice what just happened.

"Our link, its gone. You no longer have to act like you care. There's nothing that binds us anymore. The only thing I know of you is you are my father's last sire."

My mouth dropped. Our connection was gone. The mindlink was lost.

"Now leave Damian!"

Without waiting for an answer, Avery walked out on me.

I couldn't read her anymore but I could still feel the despair she felt.

It was all me. I was the monster!

Of I walked back just then, maybe something would have changed but no! I turned away and left.

The sinking feeling I felt could not be described, it was like a never-ending pit that had been opened up in my soul and I was falling nonstop. There was no pain, neither relief. It wa


Henry said nothing but walked up to me.

"It's you Avery. I'll always choose you."

That warmed my heart like butter in a hot pan.

I hugged him and he whispered to my ear.

"But I want you to make up with him."

I was not doing that, at least for now. Damian had really hurt me in places I could not disclose so I preoccupied my mind with the mission.

Legolas' stakeout.


The day was highly Ted as i receive gift from far and wide and other faeblood provinces. The notable one from the Plymouth section. They knew my mission and joined me to prove that faebloods were supreme over other specie.

Their gift was a small serum that had been created to burn Vampires inside out. Almost like the sun in their system. It was a glass like bullet and i knew it would shatter on impact will it's target successfully flooding their bloodstream with vervian and soon death would occur, specially made for Avery.

The door opened and I hid the bullet from sight.

It was Meshach. This man brought bad vibes everywhere he went and i wondered what he could possibly want now.

"Do you know who Kalim's mother is by chance."

No! What could have made him think about anything regarding Kalim.

Could it at least be tomorrow?

Tye old man looked very determined to know so tye best i could do was stall him.


He nodded to my response and immediately left.

My sour mood was back but I was more than reassured that all would be gone tomorrow.

It was my wedding after all.

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