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   Chapter 27 As wicked as they come

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Matilda woke up with a hangover.

What happened? She could hardly remember last night but it all came back to her in a rush.

She remembered Legolas' frightening words and it have her the strength to get up to her feets.

Her eyes spun and she felt herself being tossed around the room by a force. She was drugged and it was still working.

Matilda knew Legolas' was responsible and he only did this to keep her in check. She went for her door and tried to open it. The knob was stiff and cold. Legolas had her locked in and the key was missing even her spare which she hid under the carpet. Only the maids knew where that was...Those bastards! They were conniving with Legolas. It wasn't like they had a choice.

Matilda retreated to the window which was nailed shut likewise.

"What the fuck?" She yelled.

Her palms immediately lightened up and she threw the ball of light at the window. To her dismay, tye window remained unaffected and there wasn't even a crack to show for the effort she just put into it.

Magic! Legolas was quick with for her liking. The mindlink was static and a reminder to her that it was not working. She needed to get out of here.

Matilda collapsed on her bed and deep in thought, her eyes trying to focus on an object without feeling dizzy or the urge to throw up.

It was almost a lost cause then she spotted something. The airways in the roof were a easy escape. Even the witty Legolas had not noticed that. Matilda knew the mansion in and out and could navigate around even if she was blind. She immediately gathered objects around the room to make a ladder. Her chair and her dressing table was enough for the task and she did away with the screws keeping the ducts sealed. She carefully dropped the metal seal on her bed and used her chair to keep the door shut in case anyone got ideas.

Using her slender body, she successfully maneuvered her way through and was soon up the ducts. The air there was moist. Moist and dirty. It worsened her hangover of whatever she was drugged with but Matilda kept pushing on.

The cobwebs got into her hair but she would worry about that Later. Someone's life was in danger.

Matilda soon saw an opening. It was in the gallery. A place nobody visited except her and even at rare occasions. Using a fireball, she blasted the seal off it's hinges. It was a bit loud but she doubted anyone would notice. The space she made was big enough for her to slip through and from the gallery, she could find a window that led outside the house. She just hoped she would get to Damian and fast.


Kalim had gone as early as daybreak to the library obviously to read more about his family than move on. The  fight I had with Avery was the only thing that lingered in my mind.

What did I do wrong that made Avery lash at me like tha

a minute, i was away from the house. I could see the other faebloods questioning Matilda. The mindlink informed me what was going on. They were checking to see if Matilda had been with me or spilled their plan out.

I needed to track Avery down and to so that I needed to swallow my pride.


I called for the rogue that so happened to be my niece to receive judgement. She is so head strong and thinks she will always have her way. I was here to probe that wrong.

Matilda was brought In by a guard i immediately dismissed.

"So what's my punishment uncle for leaving the house?"

Her comment was to piss me off, the defiant beauty.

"I just wanted to thank you."

I watched the hard shell she encased herself in dissolve.

"What–d-o you-u mea-an?" She stammered.

Now I could enjoy myself. She was worried and I liked her being uncomfortable. It was best u spilled the beans before she died of anxiety.

"I wanted to you to tell Damian. Did you think I would let you ruin my plan like that?"

She was struck, unable to piece the puzzle.

"Now I'm sure Avery will come. She's the hot headed one isn't she? And Damian he's the controlling one and she doesn't like that. Just like you defy me." I revealed, relishing in pure delight that i was winning this game of cards.

"You're wrong!" Matilda spat back.

"Time will tell niece only time will tell."

Matilda said a threat under her breath and walked out on me. I was not stupid enough to let her go. She would probably find a way to converse with Damian again.

"Victor!" I called and he immediately appeared towering over Matilda.

"You?!" There was shock and disbelief in her voice. The dart went straight for a bobbing vein and Matilda fell flat losing consciousness immediately.

She might not appreciate me now but when I was done with what I had in store for my opposition, she would change.

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