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   Chapter 26 The last king

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I never knew the elders to be such chatterboxes. I had stayed glued to my seat throughout their conversation with Kalim. I was glad Kalim ran away at the right moment because of what Meshach said after.

"Poor boy! Must still be dealing with his father's death. If I may ask how did he die?"

I was silent for a brief moment staring at the other guest who were also secretly part of my mission to make the faebloods supreme head of all supernaturals. They had assisted me in creating the serum that was supposed to be used for Kalim. I pondered on when the serum had been misplaced during Donald's struggle.

" A war between the vampires. He succumbed to his wounds."

That ought to get him off my back but he only made him leech on me more.

"So you're saying you failed to do the one thing you were created for and worse, those bloodsucking bastards have seemed asylum here. Pathetic! I wonder why we even made you regent."

My blood boiled. He was reminding me that I was not the right full heir to seat on the throne.

"I have to go." I spat rudely and walked out on them.

I went straight for the throne room. An average room except it had gold spun carpets and curtains that were gifts from the fae's before they left.

I walked up to the throne. A heavily cushioned chair with pure gold armrest and legs. In the centre was a Ruby with a symbol of an eye. That stupid stone reminded me of the seer's last prophesy before I killed him for heresy. I had the full support of the elders then, not anymore though. The words of Peliel resounded in my head like yesterday even if I was only a child then.

The throne belongs to my descendants. Children of nature. The once and fated ones.

It burned my passion to end Kalim amd the other threats before the collision. Kalim was the last in the Royal bloodline and if he was gone the throne would be belong to my descendants forever and till the end of time.

The  marriage would take place. Yes! Me and Diana would get married to lure them in and this time I would not fail.

"I have good news." I yelled returning back to my side of the table.

"When you say it, it doesn't sound like good news." Meshach taunted.

"I'm getting married."

The congregation seemed shocked. Typical!

"Which house?" Shedrach voiced, his croaking voice unsettling yet soothing.

"That more. I'm getting married to a co

hey do, Legolas will be known for the monster he is.

I had to call Henry. This was beyond good.

"I don't think we should jump so fast yet. We need more information." Damian stated.

I considered it whilst dailing Henry's number.

"We can do that after."

"Avery! Listen to me!" Damian's voice rose and he grabbed the phone from me almost tossing it out from my hands.

"What's was that about?" I yelled back.

"How you're not listening. We just don't go there in high hopes. We need a plan!"

"You're doing it again. You choke me Damain! When will you let me make my own choices." I  sent, a murderous glare at him.

"I'm only looking out for you." He defended his actions only pissing me off more.

"You can't even control yourself and I'm a Shepherd. I don't need protecting not anymore."

Damian was astounded by what i just said.

"I don't like that belief Avery."

His eyes shimmered just a bit and I knew he was losing it and for the first time i was afraid of Damian, the man who had always had my back on cold nights.

"If you go against me. I won't help you." He muttered, loud enough to be heard.

"I wasn't asking for your help. I have legion's competent for the task." I shot back, taken aback by own courage.

Done conversing with Damian, I walked out on him.

"Come back! I said come back Avery!" Diam demanded, his voice slowly morphing to nothing but a growl.

I did not turn back. I was disappointed with him and more of myself.

I would have to fight this battle alone and for the first time in a long time, I felt cold and utterly alone.

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